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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #97

This girl entered my class, every girl in my class talked with her all the #@@*ing time. Every boy in my class thought she was hawt as hell, including me of course.. All this was when i was 12 years old. A year ago we started talking, hanging out etc.. 1-2 months before the summer holiday she started seeing other guys. I asked my female friend if she was in love with one of them and vice versa.. My friend is kinda emo and answered that I was without a chance, pretty much. During the holiday we hadn't talked in many weeks, my friend told me that the girl i had a crush on was in love with one of the guys mentioned earlier. I was friggin devastated, couldn't think of anything but that.

I later found out they were never lovers

And that she had a crush on me for 6 months in a row, and I didn't take advantage of that...

Now she has a boy friend, and we never speak to each other....

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