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Friday, 31 July 2009

Story #114

I think I'll share some stories (Yes I actually have 2 soap opera stories ;_;)

So back around 2 years ago I had some problems at school I had been sent to a school with a lower ''level'' of education because I suffered from a sleeping disorder the past year, and my grades dropped to below required to stay there.

So in my new school, I didn't fit in at all, I was actually much smarter then the level (I'm now at a school 2 ''levels'' higher which is quite a lot) and the kids there just weren't my kind of people at all.

I had no friends there at all, and I really didn't have anything to do in the breaks between classes.

So one time while I was sitting in the school lunch room or whatever you may call it, sitting alone at a table studying, when I loose concentration, I look over 10 meters away or so are 2 girls talking, and for some reason 1 of these girls was one of the only ones who seemed like my type and was very attractive.

So I took it upon myself to walk over and start a conversation out of nothing (I would normally never do this, but hey that school was awful I couldn't do anything else).

Short version, it ended extremely well and I got together with the girl, her close friend though seemed to hate me.

One day I went over to her house and we kinda made it official and I had quite a time at her house (not sex just kissing and cuddling, she seemed to be crazy about me at the time..) This was the first time we had really done anything.

One day later, at school I hear she doesn't want anything to do with me because her friend has spread some lies about me talking about her behind her back or something about something I don't even remember what she said, I was hardly listening to the details when I heard that.
I said that what her friend told her was completely untrue, however she replied with ''She's my best friend I've known for 11 years, I trust her more then you sorry'' and wouldn't speak a word more after that.

So, that was kinda a sad moment :( but I got over that since I got out of that school with an I.Q test 2 weeks later. (And maybe a double date 1 week later had something to do with it ^_^)

I have a second story, but I might put that up some other time, maybe in another version of the same thread. :3

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Story #113

So this girl was in the same class as me 1 year at school, and we got to know each other really fast. Turned out, she was engaged. It's ok by me, as I didn't have many female friends at the time. after a few months I was pretty much in love with her. She was my dream girl, and she still is. So this one night we were lying in her bed watching a movie, and she suddenly asks me to cuddle with her. Of course I do, and one thing leads to another and we get it on, you know. And she has a really fit body, so sexy<3 Anyway, this goes on and off since she couldn't decide between me and her fiancé. Eventually I get tired of being a second choice, so I tell it to her. Some drama follows, and I move away to study. Turns out she moved to the same city a few months after me. We get together again, being good friends and being on and off friends with benefits. At this point she has broken with her fiancé, but that didn't stop him from bugging her a lot, still. I quit school and move home, she moved home(45 minute drive from me) a few weeks after.

Anyway, she knows I love her, and I think she loves me too. She knows she can get me any time she wants. I just don't think she knows what she want. It's been 2 years since I met her, and I'm getting tired of the chasing, to be honest. I don't meet her a lot lately, since she works 3 jobs this summer, and doesn't have much free time. I just don't get it. Am I being used for my body?:( Although, she isn't like that. She's a very kind and caring person.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Story #112

I just got my own wrecked love story. GREAT huh? You're all gonna be reading this just 'cause you're bored, but hey, I REALLY need to put this down.

So, I went to a new working place, it was fun, found some friends and just fooled around with some old ones, was all great. And then , there she was, the girl I was gonna fall insanely in love with. We hung out a bit, she was into sports (slalom-roller-skating) and I myself have been practising Parkour for about 3 years. So we went to the nearby city and practised. I found myself happier then ever (I had just gotten out of a depression ... long story, so much happening that I could not take it any more..and she helped me get over it) .. And that day, was the one that I fell in love..


Everything was sooo perfect. She was all I wanted, she was the best looking girl evar, and she had the best personality I could ever wish for... And so it went on , month after month..everything going great..

Until last night, about 29 hours ago..

We were playing some guitar, which we both liked to do..And suddenly, the words pop out; "Dear..I have a problem" me, being worried something happened with her parents, as they had some problems, sat down next to her... asking her, "What's wrong ?"..
The reply I got was not what I had thought I'd get...."I love you...but I love you more as a best friend then as you know, a boyfriend.." Me shocked, was asking the typical "why?!" ... to my shock I got the reply;

"I've been thinking this for months, and lately I've gotten more sure. I feel attracted to girls, more so then boys...I think I'm lesbian...And going on with you, makes it all seem a lie..."

It left me say the least. She was my first, and worst love...

Now, we're best friends, as she wished, we watched a movie today, her lying against me, hand in hand...yet different. Afterwards, we lied down, and she lied on my shoulder...but still she said that she's really sure of what she said...

Next week we're gonna do all kinds of fun stuff , to make us forget all the hard things we need to go through. We wanna keep a good friendship.

I wrote this, and many more things, after we broke up;

I just don't know what to do
Why am I still in love with you?
I know you don't love me
And that, I guess, is the way it should be
"She loves you, and you love her"
Funny to think that's the way we were
So much love used to be there
Then, somehow, it vanished into thin air

I remember the day so long ago,
when you first caught my eye.
I remember the day so long ago,
when we first said "HI."
When we first started going out,
And when I could finally hold you in my arms,
And now, I also remember the day, so short ago,
The day you broke my heart; When it all fell apart

Some say a broken heart is like a shattered vase
Fragile pieces scattered all over the place.
As I'm Dreaming through my reflection
I wonder what has happened
What has caused this distance
We used to be together
Cuddling close to each other..

Now I smile, just to hide what's real,
To hide from you, what I can only feel,
I want to be with you, to get my mind of things,
Yet the times I cannot, Fills me with endless stings,
I'm feel like I don't want to go back to sleep at night,
So I just remain sitting here, staring endless at my bed,
'Cause I know, that it will make me see, this horrific sight,
The passing of all the things, you've said.

You wish you could say I love you
You wish you could say I'm sorry
you wish and wish with all your might
Yet I only wish, that us both together, could be right.

Thank you if you read it through..