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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Story #118

So here's my story:

About 4-5 days ago I think I may have missed the opportunity.


I was mountaineering in the Alps ticking off 4000m peaks when I managed to injure my Achilles Tendon. The result of this was that on the final day I had to sit out on when my dad and our guide were climbing the Holograt of the Allalinhorn. There was a mountain restaurant/viewing a few hundred meters below the peak with a vernacular railway for skiers and such. (It was near the Saas Fe ski resort popular with the national snowboarding and skiing teams because of it's glacier skiing. The plan was that we would get up early and then take the railway up where it could stop halfway. At this point my dad and the guide got out and walked up the glacier and the mountain. I took it the rest of the way to the restaurant to wait for them at lunch time (Mountaineering has to be done in the morning).

So basically I sat around for a while, read a book, a newspaper etc and waited until they arrived back. Now soon after I arrived at the restaurant all the ski-brats from the national teams arrived and started getting up so I hid upstairs on the veranda.

So a few hours past... I got horrendously sunburnt without realising it despite my generous lathering of factor 50 cream on my face.... then we got to the moment of importance.

Thanks to my sunburn I had decided to sit in a more public spot where there was a bit more shade. This was basically a park bench and I sat on one side and put my rucksack on the seat next to me. A few hours passed as I got into quite a good book but eventually one of the snowboarders came up from the glacier and sat on the bench opposite me. She had obviously injured her leg or something and started taking off her gear and putting ice while making a lot of groans of pain. Occasionally we would exchange looks but she basically carried on with her business and I carried on with mine. Unfortunately I was a little distracted and quickly got bored of my book and took out the newspaper and then the ipod but I could not concentrate.

At this point I had no idea how to initiate conversation because you see when you are in Switzerland where there are lots of national teams you don't know whether you should address them in any number of languages. I think she had seen what I was reading so she probably knew I spoke English but I wasn't entirely sure. I then heard a bit of her music as she turned her head (these snowboarders and their personal mp3 players) and heard loud hip-hop in the English language. This greatly increased the probability but I still could not be sure.

Then she got her lunch out and kinda looked at me a bit but I still wasn't saying anything. In fact at this point my social anxiety and the high altitude had kinda started to make me shake a little with fear and anxiety. I just carried on reading and she put her lunch away again. She then stood up took a long hard look at me and walked (well hobbled) away.

I just sat there shaking unable to control myself and then packed up my things and went for a walk around to try and calm down. A few hours later my dad finished his climb and I told him that my time had been uneventful.

In discussion with a friend I have decided that I missed out on a golden opportunity to meet someone interesting and athletic... what would you have done in this position?

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Story #117

About 7 months ago I met this girl over msn. She was from my town. We started chatting A LOT, which soon turned into often, 1 hour phone conversations. I was nuts for her, and we spend most of the day chatting or talking. Soon we started going out. She knew how I felt and she said she felt the same.
Then, on Christmas Eve, she tells me she's going to start dating her ex again. After about a month I started talking again, and after 5 months I stopped obsessing and being depressed over her. A few days ago, 7 months later, I saw her. It all came back, all the sadness and anger.

That's my ruined love story.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Story #116

Ah yes, it was in the long long long ago time, when WotLK had just opened and I came back to wow to see new people in my guild.

Among them was a young girl named Elannor.
we started off with talking and some light flirting, the way things are, mostly just for funtiems to make the levelling go faster.

One day some1 makes a silly comment about big dicks to which Elannor replies: "The bigger they are the more I like them!" to which I responded: "Hell you'd love me then." "Pic or it didn't happen!" next thing I know I have her added on MSN, and am standing nude in my room taking a picture of my penis.....
(FYI her answer to said picture was: O.O You weren't lying!)
From there on we kept talking whenever we where on WoW, and on MSN whenever we weren't, did instances and quests and stuff together and having fun.

I started feeling something that was suspiciously much more then just friendship for this midget of a mage.
I realised for sure what I was feeling when I got in my car to drive home from work and the foremost thought in my head was: "I cant wait to get home to talk to Elannor!"

At the same time the guild was planning an IRL meet among the officers.
So I figured I'd wait until then to tell her what I was feeling, thinking it would be more special IRL.

But, on January 18th we where sitting up late talking and both having a few drinks each, we just hit it off so well and had so much fun that night (including me beating the crap out of her snotty #*%**!% of an ex in duels up and down through Elwynn for several hours as he refused to surrender.)
I just couldn't hold it in any more and finally told her what I felt, and she seemed to fall silent for the longest time and I thought: "#!##... Now I've overplayed my hand!"

Then the answer came, and it was so much more perfect then anything I could ever imagine:
"Do you have any idea how happy I am now? I have been hoping for so long you'd say that, and I've been wanting to say it to you too for so long, but I was afraid to act without having any hint of whether you felt the same or if it was still just playful flirting. I Love You Too."

Story #115

Weeell my first relationship was with some 18 year old friend I had a crush on, over the internet (I was 15 at the time). He'd just rebounded when he broke up with his girlfriend 'cause she cheated on him or something (Funny, he cheated on her plenty of times ¬¬), aaand it only lasted nine days. He dumped me through my best friend (As in got her to send the bad news it was over) and I was upset about it for maybe a month.

Then he hooked up with a tranny who beat him, durrhurr.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Story #114

I think I'll share some stories (Yes I actually have 2 soap opera stories ;_;)

So back around 2 years ago I had some problems at school I had been sent to a school with a lower ''level'' of education because I suffered from a sleeping disorder the past year, and my grades dropped to below required to stay there.

So in my new school, I didn't fit in at all, I was actually much smarter then the level (I'm now at a school 2 ''levels'' higher which is quite a lot) and the kids there just weren't my kind of people at all.

I had no friends there at all, and I really didn't have anything to do in the breaks between classes.

So one time while I was sitting in the school lunch room or whatever you may call it, sitting alone at a table studying, when I loose concentration, I look over 10 meters away or so are 2 girls talking, and for some reason 1 of these girls was one of the only ones who seemed like my type and was very attractive.

So I took it upon myself to walk over and start a conversation out of nothing (I would normally never do this, but hey that school was awful I couldn't do anything else).

Short version, it ended extremely well and I got together with the girl, her close friend though seemed to hate me.

One day I went over to her house and we kinda made it official and I had quite a time at her house (not sex just kissing and cuddling, she seemed to be crazy about me at the time..) This was the first time we had really done anything.

One day later, at school I hear she doesn't want anything to do with me because her friend has spread some lies about me talking about her behind her back or something about something I don't even remember what she said, I was hardly listening to the details when I heard that.
I said that what her friend told her was completely untrue, however she replied with ''She's my best friend I've known for 11 years, I trust her more then you sorry'' and wouldn't speak a word more after that.

So, that was kinda a sad moment :( but I got over that since I got out of that school with an I.Q test 2 weeks later. (And maybe a double date 1 week later had something to do with it ^_^)

I have a second story, but I might put that up some other time, maybe in another version of the same thread. :3