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Geeks Acting Like Retards In The Presence Of Girls

This blog is a collection for all the ruined love stories told by geeks.

>>>Welcome to GALRITPOG<<<

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Welcome to GALRITPOG


Geeks Acting Like Retards In The Presence Of Girls/Guys.

Original thread



Our anthem is "White and Nerdy" by "Weird Al" Yankovic

Purpose of this blog, is to simply keep the stories complied.

Some of the stories have been edited to fix spelling and simply make it easier to read.

Hello everyone, seeing as our beloved founder of GALRITPOG, Grand Retard Doomhamma, is no longer on these forums, it has fallen upon me to take up the mantle of responsibility when it comes to handling this wonderful thread.

A short introduction about me, and GALRITPOG in general.

My original name on this forum was Velsharoon, due to several reasons (one of them being I no longer go under that name. I've been on this forum for quite some time, and seen many lovely topics come and go.

One of these threads was, yeah you guessed it, GALRITPOG, a thread that went beyond 60 pages and probably still is one of the threads with the highest ratio of posts versus views. Seeing as the thread is highly unlikely to be unlocked, I've under certain (peer) pressure made up my mind to recreate this beloved relic of Off-Topic.

With respect towards Grand Retard Doomhamma, I will not take upon his most holy position, but rather have the rank below him.

"The Fool" Archeth/Velsharoon/Yelenna.

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