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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #25

Hmm.. ok. I dunno if the story is sad or just pathetic from my side but O.o

Well the whole thing started in 7th grade 3 years ago when I first started falling in love with her. At first everything went quite good. I was kinda shy so all I did was hang around her and her friend. I was with the two without talking very much to them just following them around. ( Ye, I know..) From time to time I was lucky enough to get a hug and I was so happy :p When we got to the end of the year we were having a maths exam thingy.. nothing important, but.. Well she asked me if she could come to my house and study with her friend.. And of course I was to stupid to think about this as a sign or anything. Not sure still but I think she liked me a tiny bit then. Well the day went by and I didn't make a move I just tried to help her.

After this I didn't hang around her very much anymore. Don't know what happened but I didn't follow them around as much either. I was really embarrassed being around her. Even more then before.
Then we got into middle/high school (dunno what it's called after elementary) and we started hanging out a little again. I'd heard she was going to take French class so I had applied for it to be with her more.
About halfway through the year she started looking back at me a little. (I was always looking at her, she didn't always notice) When I think of it later I think she kinda liked me back, but haven't asked her about it.. Well in French class she gave me her number one day.. Didn't happen very much then either.. I was either to shy or to stupid to get the sign and just smsed her a couple of times. Didn't really chat very much with her on the phone.

Gonna jump to next year now.. This year she was maturing (or whatever you call it) a lot and she started getting the most beautiful body I'd ever seen, BUT she also started hanging out with the popular kids which kinda put a stop to us being together as I was definitely not one of them. On valentines day and her birthday that year I gave her two cute teddy bears for valentines day and a really big bucket of roses for her birthday. Didn't get more then a hug though, but I was very happy with that. Next valentines day I gave her a couple of roses and a poem and I got another hug. A few days later I told her I was really in love with her, but I could sense she wasn't that interested anymore. During those two years every time I even got close to her I got all warm and fuzzy inside and if she touched me I just smiled broadly like a complete idiot and I was in another world for the rest of the day. Last summer she got a boyfriend though. damn pretty boy I hate him so much!! May he die and rot in hell and.. sorry.. >.>

I know I really really suck at telling stories.. and I'm a pathetic loser >.<
After that summer I completely shut myself away from the social world and started with MMORPGs and a lot more computer games then I used to do.

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