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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #08

Ok here's mine,

At the age of 22 I met possibly the most amazing girl you can imagine, beautiful, funny intelligent and well interested in me :D

I met her in an outward bound centre where we both worked teaching kids of differing ages canoeing, archery etc. We got together briefly (as in drunken smooches) but then a close friend of mine started going out with her. Nonetheless we still got on great and of course I never tried anything.

Following summer we met up again for the same job, she had since broken up with my friend and the flirting commenced. Cut along story short we got together for about 5 weeks of total bliss ending in an amicable break up as she headed back to Uni in Ireland and me in Scotland. But I think as we broke up I realised i was kinda falling for her.

We kept up contact through the year with long weekly phone calls, Just before we went back to the summer job a mutual friend of ours told me she definitely didn't want a repeat of last year :(

The summer was pretty miserable for me at the start, I got together with a girl I really shouldn't have, she got together with a guy I despised and we kinda stopped talking. 3 weeks before she was due to leave a few of my friends cornered me and essentially told me to stop mucking around and admit I loved her.

Her new boyfriend was away on a trip and so finally I plucked up the courage and told her.....I kid you not my hands were shaking and I even stuttered a bit. Thankfully she felt the same way and things started again.

Over the next free weeks i had pretty much the most happy time of my life culminating in her telling me she loved me :D

After she left i was on the phone every night to her planning things. we talked about me moving over near her after I finished my course, we planned an awesome trip away together at the end of august.

Perhaps my happiness got the better of me and I got careless but 2 days before we were due to meet up I was in the back of a mates car being driven to town for supplies for my trip....not wearing a seatbelt as I was leaning forward to listen to a story being told. We hit the other car at about 45mph, not enough to hurt anyone but me. I bounced up whacked my head on the roof crushing my spine in 2 places.

Over the next 6 months she was of course amazing, flying over to see me at every possible time. As the injuries set and braces came off it was apparent I had lost most of the movement in my hands and all sensation and movement from the arms down.

Eventually I ended it, part of me could not bare the idea of such a wonderful girl being stuck looking after what I was. We still talk occasionally and even though its 4 years since then, I still love her.

Not exactly the most funny of situations but apparently its better to have loved and lost....

Anyway if if you read all thanks(!). Great idea for a thread I feel much better after venting:D

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