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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #09

At first I didn't want to post the breakup I experienced 6 years ago because only a few people know about it and its rather painful even now O_o but, what the heck, its just the internet :P

6 years ago, i was just a 17 year old noob back then. Inexperienced in love, never had a relationship, still trying to find myself, shy like hell, hated my body (yes guys can have that as well) ,never went out to party's or whatever, and not knowing how in the nine hells to act around girls. Sounds familiar? ...I hope so else I'll go bang my head against a wall.

I was in school and at the start of a new year a girl entered my class. And she was the only girl in class! A real girl! With breasts and a v-a-gina and everything. (I double-checked)

She was very shy like me and not very outgoing, again like me. She had long black hair ending halfway her down her back, beautiful blue eyes and a good figure, not super tight but a tiny bit of 'junk-in-the-trunk'. She looked amazingly similar to Amy Lee, the singer of Evanescence.
She seemed very romantic, she liked rock and metal music, wrote some poems every once in a while and was a very sweet and friendly girl.
Her parents however were a different matter. They were often away from home the entire day or sometimes days in a row, leaving her alone in the house since she was the only child they had.

As luck would have it she and i were partners for the first subject we had that school year and we became a 'team' on all other subjects that involved 2 people working together, which was quite a lot. I started to like her a lot and the subjects where we worked together were the subjects i looked forward to! She sometimes seemed a bit sad and nervous and i would make some dry or sarcastic jokes to try and make her smile.

One day i made a little joke and when she didn't immediately laugh I used my index fingers to drag the corners of her mouth up to make her smile while looking at her with the biggest puppy dog eyes and biggest pouting lips I could put up and ask her to please laugh. And she laughed, a wonderful smile and I felt my heart jump....I made her happy even if it was just for a few minutes. That's when I fell in love.

The following 2 months we both started enjoying each others company more and more and one day she invited me over to her house to finish a report we had to make because she forgot to bring it to college.
At her place i could no longer take it and I told her I was in love with her, I didn't plan to say it but I just blurted it out. (how romantic..NOT!!!) Her response was a deep kiss and her telling me she was also in love with me but was too scared to tell me before.

For 4 months she and I were a couple and it almost seemed too good to be true...and it was -_-

In those 4 months she asked me not to tell anyone about our relationship, the only times we saw each other was at school and after school at her place, but only if her parents were not home.
(funny little note: we once had sex in her bed when her mom got home, I ducked behind her bed a few seconds before her mom got in the bedroom, she didn't notice my clothes on the floor.... O_o girlfriend pretended to be sick)
People at school slowly started to figure it out though. The last month of our relationship she slowly started to talk to some of the other boys and in the last week we barely spoke other then about our assignments for school. She also became more @*!!%y and cold.

And then one morning in class i asked her if there was something wrong because she seemed so cold and distant. Then she said out loud so everyone could hear it: I don't want you anymore you romantic nerd!. < Insert a whole bunch of laughing from the class >

Two days later she was French-kissing the 'hunky tough guy' in our class, right in front of me. Going to school became a nightmare, guys making stupid jokes at my expense, even a %@*-dude asking me if I could write a poem for him.

I spend 2 weeks being 'sick' at home. Couldn't eat, didn't sleep, grades went down over the next couple of months and because of that and a bunch of other problems I faced, I dropped out of school to work and get myself and my family out of financial trouble so we would still have a roof over our heads.

I never was 'romantic' or interested in finding a relationship for 6 years, until I met a girl on the internet that forced her way into my heart. (see a couple pages back[Story #07], that's her)

Looking back I think I should have 'gotten back on the horse' much sooner but some people bounce right back up while others like me are pretty much devastated after being dumped like that.

Now I'm 23, a bit tougher and more relaxed then when I was 17 and not as nerdy. But still a big ol' softie on the inside. And that's when I met the two girls i mentioned a few pages back. The first made me realise what i was missing. And the second one...well...only time will tell....


PS: Venting feels good O_o

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