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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #03

I'll contribute something too, i posted it somewhere else but it didn't get much attention.
(for the benefit of those who read the thread where this began, it was before I realised I was still crazy about hot kinky girl, but after the initial relationship with kinkygirl)

Back when I was innocent, i was taken advantage of by a girl, she managed to milk me for about £200 (not all at once, obviously).

I am currently 16, at this time I was halfway through my 15th year - and i was still the person that liked to assume the best of people until proven otherwise. She'd make me believe that she liked me by constantly talking about sex in my presence, hugging me constantly all day, and a variety of other methods. At first I reciprocated, after all, she was good looking, and had a nice personality (at least, that's what I thought). It didn't matter to me that she wasn't very intelligent, as long as she could tell her arse (her fine arse) from her elbow then that was enough for me.

She started asking me to go out shopping with her - of course i expected it to be a pleasant affair; look in some shops, have lunch out (in a proper place, show her I'm not just a fast food addicted sociopath) and maybe I'd ask her out properly.

I never brag or openly state how much money i have, but for the prupose of this post; i have alot, especially for my age - i have around £16,000 in the bank. Anyway - she wanted to buy a top, but didnt have enough money, she went to leave when i offered to go halves with her - she was estatic and very thankfull - but i believe it was this that led her to realise that i could be used. Over the course of our next few trips, she would begin to openly ask me for money.

Now, I'm a man (or boy, as I'm still quite young) with a strong moral code and have strong feelings about being rude and being polite. Obviously, I believed that it was extremely rude to actually ask someone for money, or to ask someone to buy something for you directly - it's ok the think about it or to hope for it, but i would never ask.

I felt a bit annoyed, but she had asked nicely, and so I bought it for her (it was a top/dress, costing £35).

After this, however, she really started badgering me and expected me to pay for everything. Unfortunatley, my brain was fooled by her displays of femininity and open "attraction" to me (she used to, and still does, literally shove herself into my view, and even attempts to make me focus my veiw on her breasts).

Freedom finally came one day when my best female friend informed me that the girl whom I was infatuated with, had a history of using men for money - and that she (lets call the one I like Girl A, and my best friend Girl B) [Girl B] had questioned herself morally over not warning me earlier - Girl B is however a very close friend of Girl A, and again, didn't like the implication of going behind her back to sabotage a relationship.

I have purposely avoided Girl A for a while now; I am still nice to her when I see her, but she still tries to manipulate me; and being a hormonal male, I must admit that I find it very hard sometimes to resist her.

I am, in my mind, infuriated with her - but my heart (or, to put it less eloquently, my Schlong) is still attracted to her. I try to speak to her about it but I always fail to get the words out; I'm a very meek and shy individual at times.

So, at the moment, I have a rather attractive girl essentially forcing herself upon me, and trying to make me buy her things and spend money on her. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do. To be honest, I just wanted to get this out in the open, even if it is on a forum whilst I'm surrounded by strangers.

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