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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #22

Ow well, I'll tell it like, really short since I'm way to lazy to write a book about it xD

About 2 years ago, I was out in a club and met a pretty nice person as I thought back then at least, then the night went and we spoke a bit, we left, but forgot to exchange phone numbers so we both kinda spent some time looking for each other and the different clubs aand after a month or so we met each other again at the same club (how ironic) then we spoke a bit more, exchanged phone number etc. and we started to talk a lot, and it slowly got into some love etc. (indeed I'm explaining it fast rofl) then he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend and of course I couldn't make myself say no since he was such a nice and understanding guy then we were together for about 2 months then suddenly I started to notice some stuff that he slowly stopped talking to me, he didn't even look at me anymore then one day I asked what's wrong then he said "oh its nothing I just haven't been able to look at anyone these past days but its all right now I guess" and hell, there was a pretty good reason for why he didn't want to look at me at that time, the bastard had been sleeping with 2 girls behind my back and he didn't show any trace of it at all he didn't even tell me or anything, not before a friend of his came and told me he admitted it.

And now he asks if he could get an extra chance at me and I have no idea what to say since I still kinda like him. He said he changed but I have a hard time trusting guys sometimes.
Would be awesome if somebody could tell me if its possible that he changed from such and ass hole.. :<

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