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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #33

Gonna hit myself in the head later for this, but here it goes!

Two years ago when I was a simple newb who just came on high school, I was like... freaking shy and stuff, back then I was also a Photoshopper people were talking about me, friends to other friends to other friends, suddenly this girl came to me and I was like, almost drooling but I kept my head cool and stayed quiet.

Days and months passed we spoke a several times and smiled, she came to me and asked me a favour to do in photoshop, as well other people on the school. I was all right, sure why not.. Few days later she asks me to go out with her friend, as well with other people I got friends with.

So 3 dude's and 3 girls, we went out and took the bus and went to the cinema, I was like listening to my mp3 and stuff looking out of the window with the ''I don't care'' looking back at her now and then smiling, starting a small conversation.

When we arrived, I was still silent when we were watching the movie she was sitting next to a friend, and I was looking at the movie enjoying it. Suddenly she asks, Hey Wing (My RL Nick name I pref to be called that, sue me.) What would you say... if I asked you for a relationship? (or start one, anyway she just asked that) I was just quiet for a moment, my brain went conflicting each other and I just didn't wanted to move or talk. Few moments later i finally said: Who knows, maybe but I said it like I wanted to say yes.

Movie over, we talked, smiled and went back home, in the bus she said I was quiet and shy, stuff she found me nice and I really liked her but I was shy.

School again I talked to her but after a few weeks... i don't know why but I didn't greet her or anything just being quiet and walking through school, almost looking through her not caring anymore..

Till the day of today when I see her, I just smile at her and keep on walking.

I still don't know if I should have said yes or no, her friends told me she already had a several boyfriends in the past and I didn't wanted to get hurt myself.


First wall of text zomg, I'm probably getting laughed at this.

Edit: I was around 13-14 around that time now i'm 15. :[

Edit2: Also I expect TLDR D:

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