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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #27

I'm not really used to the forums, I just hope I pressed the right button to submit my love problems..

Anyway, about three years ago I met a girl. We became friends, and I made a lot of other new friends as well. I fell in love with her, but was then turned down. I got over it, and we began to rebuild our friendship. Now, about three years later, I fell in love with her again. And I fell hard.

At the same time, she started to show some interest, or that's what I think, being a guy I cannot see these things clearly enough. Earlier, we've been doing things with our other friends, but recently, we've started doing things on our own, only the two of us. Things have been advancing, slowly, but steadily.

But then the problems started. The Friday two weeks ago we were together with all our friends, and she was hardly saying anything. She avoided the seat next to me, a seat she's always been taking, and she was sending messages with her phone the whole night. It didn't bother me until we got alone, and I asked who it was. "Oh, it's only a guy named Björn". It turns out that the previous weekend she had been to a meeting for Djurens Rätt, an organization that she's very involved in, and met this guy then. This rocked the ground I was standing on pretty hard.

This did however cease during the week, or so I thought, as she returned to her old self, being happy when she saw me, and smiling with her eyes when looking into mine. I felt happy again, and things started to advance again, still slowly, still steadily.

But this Friday again we got together with all our friends, and guess what. Messages all night again, to the same guy, but not as much as the last time, as she actually still kept close to me, and did that smile-thing with her eyes. Things suddenly went were unsure. I did not know what to think, I was confused beyond sanity.

Yesterday, Saturday, I talked to her again, and as if confusion beyond sanity was not enough, she started acting very strange, confusing me even more. I could not get the reason of this out of her until just a few minutes ago. She told me that she was very unsure about this guy, sometimes she felt good, and sometimes she felt very bad about him, him living so far away. I tried to explain things to her, in a very discrete manner, but it don't seem as if she got it.

I really need your help guys, I really do. I love her to death. She's the reason I stopped eating meat, she's the reason I got out of a depression a while ago, she's the reason to everything! Again, I need your help. Please, what should I do?

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