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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #02

I'll go then.

I went with my parents to a house of a family my parents know, and it turns out they have a girl one year older than me. I spent the evening in her room, talking to her, and I got her phone number.

The day after I get strange SMS-es about me as if they were supposed to be sent to one of her friends and not me. I, of course, didn't realize that it was a tactic of hers to let me know she liked me, (Hence Grand Retard) and I continued spamming FoL in MC, getting Lawbringer.

I got into touch with her on SMS, and we decided to go to a place called.. Ehm.. "The Sense Department" would be directly translated <.<. However, it was closed due to snowfall, and we went home to me instead. There we were alone, talking and having fun (Not in that way, you pervert), but I never once realized she liked me o.O. When she left, I walked her to the bus-station, and she says "Isn't the snow beautiful?" and looks at me.
I answer "I bet I think about it in a different way than you. I think how it is amazing that the light from the road lights hit each and every snowflake and is redirected into my eyes where it is registered as colour."
Just before she got on the bus, we hugged. I still didn't realize she was in love with me, I just thought "Girls are weird."

Then, about two months later, after going to the cinema, I were in my cottage with my family, and she called me. Then she told me that she weren't in love with me anymore, and I replied "I understand".
But in reality it somehow crushed me and I wept myself to sleep that night.

Now she lives in Oslo and won't even respond to messages or mail.

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