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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #29

Everybody I know knows my story, and as stupid as it might be sharing it with people over the internet, I might as well contribute to this.

24 months ago in the seventh grade I was told that there were new people coming to my school, I thought that was pretty sucky, since that meant all the classes would be mixed together, to improve the chances of the new people getting friends.

So the day came, and we were meeting the new people, and of course the first thing i did, was looking for some hot girl, I didn't find any - or so I thought.

But one girl was different, she caught my attention, she had freckles all over her face, which I found pretty ugly at the time, but her ass was damn fine, I thought. But nothing additional happened that day, except for picking up her name from a friend.

So the classes got mixed together, and a good friend of mine ended up in the same class as her. One day me and him were sitting in a computer room, and she was present too. She stood up and walked out of the room, and instantly my head followed to her ass (yeah yeah, I'm a boy :> ), and my friend noticed, and he looks at me rather surprised and says: "You like *******?" and I looked at him and clearly denied it right away, but he caught me lying. So he looked at me and smiled, and threw away his char and ran after her, and I could her him yelling for her: "*******! come here, that guy in there thinks you're hot!".

So later I came home, and on my phone (yep, she had gotten my phone number) was an SMS saying: "So you were looking at me huh ? well, that's weird" And I replied to her that I had been looking at her ass, and unlike most girls, she found that kinda funny. So we got to chat and she was really nice i thought, and started spending all my time chatting with her, not doing anything official though, that came later.

So over a couple of months it was all just text messages and no real life talking, but when I found myself becoming pretty crazy about this girl I said to myself, that if I really liked her, I couldn't love her until I had actually gotten to know her IRL, so we decided it was time to be together IRL. It went nice, it was a bit awkward, but it was fun and cosy.

We became friends, best friends. And as we were more and more often together, the more I started loving her. But I was wondering that she had never shown any feelings else than just wanting to be friends. So when I briefed my heart to her, she was surprised, very surprised. But she said she couldn't return me those feelings.

I was soon to find out, she isn't into boys. Neither is she into girls though. She finds body contact disgusting and wrong.
So here I am, 24 months later, deeply in love with my best friend, who finds body contact disgusting.
Everybody tells you to move on, but it just is never that simple, even though I rather often wished it was.

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