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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #31

Okay people, I need help

Q u o t e:
Okay I suppose i could give some background info now,

I'm a tall, brown-haired 15 year old swede, male. My roots are Yugoslavian, Bosnian,Serbian and Croatian to be exact, Although I usually call myself "swede" I live in the southernmost part of Sweden.

I have a pretty good reputation @ my school, And above Average grades. My problem is that I'm always "cute", never something more... Especially the older girls seem to have something for me. My hair is pretty long, at least according to my friends :P That has earned me the nickname "The girl" >< But in the other classes I'm known as "The rocker" :P(That's also partly because I play guitar). With other words, I'm a pretty normal guy.

I rarely get angry, But when i do i totally lose my temperament and get into fights very easy

There's some info on me, added some from the original post.


I can't get my eyes off older girls

I know that girls go for older boys, But I can't help it. Today for example, i was at the bus on my way home and suddenly i see this mega-hot girl (probably somewhere between 18-21) And I just can't stop looking.

I don't find any girls 15 or below hot :/ . Anyone that can help me? Feels stupid to go for older girls since i know i don't stand a chance, even though the older girls tend to like me (As mentioned above)

MY RUINED LOVE STORY (My fault, for being a jerk :P) :

Pretty much exactly one year ago, I had a girlfriend (This may sound like it was my first one, but no, it wasn't... I've had like 5 more girlfriends since then). She looked beautiful (and still does), But there still were some things that could be improved. She wasn't really into body contact, and I try to get as much body contact as possible, her music taste sucked etc. Let's call her Girl A.

So, Here in this village there is one place where youngsters meet up at summer : The pool, Sandbybadet.

so, me and some friends head over to Sandby badet one day. After being there for about 15 min, while lying on the grass, i notice a girl (Let's call her Girl B). She has been in the same class as me for one year, but this time i was like OMFG WHEN DID SHE GET THAT FUKIN HOT!? It wasn't really love though, I just thought she was damn hot. Time goes on, we get to know each other better and better and then, the expected came


It was obvious and unavoidable, I was in love. I had no idea what to do next, Should I break up with my girlfriend? I saw no other option, I can't be together with someone that I don't love. So I broke up with her

She took it OK, But her friends got VERY pissed at me. They called me things, made fun of me and so on. I just blocked the girls (It was over MSN) And started Dissing the guy that was pissed at me. He eventually threatened me to bring his friends to my Village and kick my ass, I told him that my friends and cousins, 2-5 years older than his friends, would beat the #!!! out of him so eventually he got quiet too. Anyway back on topic.

Girl B goes on holiday for three weeks and eventually I start losing my interest(Mainly because I knew that she didn't feel the same, but i took it well, too well :P) And it's time for me to go to Croatia.


Since my parents are Yugoslavian I can speak those three languages fluently, in case anyone wonders, anyway.

I met up with my cousin there (as usual) and got to know his friend (Guy 1) that he had brought with him from Sarajevo. After that we went and talked to another friend (guy 2). We went to beach some days and then we decided to go out one day.


Guy two is a real weirdo, he loves to do crazy things. He pours ketchup all over himself and lies down on the middle of the path (Where thousands of tourists pass each hour) And screams "I'm bleeding!" with his funny dalmatian accent. And he also enjoys running around asking tourists:

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IS (Instead of Do you know what time it is, ya know).

Then, after some clock asking and fake-bleeding. We sit at one of the big benches along with three other girls. One of them has a Cola, And of course guy two goes "Hey, Gimme some" (And I love him for that). So we start chatting a little and it turns out that one of the girls is Swedish too (From Motala, to be exact) and so we get better friends. So we agree to go to the beach together.


It's somewhere between 35-40 degrees around 13, and me and my friends are waiting for them. And after about half an hour they come and i go like "OH MY GOD". Standing in front of me is something of the hottest I've ever seen(Let's call her girl 4), and after some more talking, i have to fall in love ><. And she SEEMS to have the same feelings for me(I always overrate myself). And it goes on like this for some days. We always hug and so in the water, we always lie close to each other at the beach, but then again I felt something was wrong


Her two friends were in love with me and we couldn't be together since it would break their hearts. She was also one of those that just goes for the older guys, and since she was one year older then me, it was doomed to fail before it even started. So we talk things out, and we made it clear that we can't be together. I'm usually happy when i get to come away from Croatia( Except maybe from parting with my cousin, he's a great guy). But this time I cried. A lot.

So now I'm sitting here, without any girl or love. But i don't blame myself, I like being single, it's great. But still there are sometimes that you wish that you had someone to cuddle up against

Den som gapar efter mycket mister ofta hela stycket*

Enjoy, took me at least 45 min to write :o Bet there are lots of typos here, but cba* to fix them. My fingers hurt from all teh typing.

[Editor notes:
* vague translation: "The one that tries to have too much, will often lose it all."
* can't be arsed]

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