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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Story #69


Here is my story..

It all started a half year back or something when I met this awesome girl. We started talking and it seemed to me like we clicked which is really special for me since I'm not really good in meeting new people and all. So at the end we exchanged msn and phone number. I was one happy guy back than.

During the next two month or so we talked on msn a lot and I was really falling in love. In one of our conversations I mentioned I'm really shy and normally not so open to girls. she reacted really kind and gave me all kind of tips to get more confident. A few days later she even asked me to hang out with her some day. so, of course I said yes and we had a great time... so far, so good.

Now, I still want to ask her out cause I'm just really crazy about her.. but, here's the thing. When I get online on msn she is always the one starting the conversation, so after the "Hi, how are you" thing I normally ask her how her day was etc. But she never shows interest back, she never asked how my day was for example.

This lack of interest in me, is that a sign she doesn't like me the way I like her, or should I still give it a shot and ask her out. I really hate it to get turned down so that's problem the reason why I haven't asked her out yet and I never will if I know she isn't interested in me

Story #68

Meet the Uber-GALRITPOG!

Every time I get close to a girl and I actually start to like her or date her for a while I f*ck up. A few years ago I really liked this girl, but didn't seem to get any reaction (not that I did anything to make something happen). After a few months I kinda lost interest in her, and BAM! one evening she starts kissing me, telling me how great I am. But I told her in all honesty that I did not feel the same way any more, I told her that it was mutual a few months ago and so was like "why didn't you say so" and I was like "DOH!".

A few years later I meet another girl on holiday and I really liked her, but she had a boyfriend, and I backed off a bit. A few weeks after I came back I got a text saying that she broke up with her boyfriend en really wanted to meet me. So I went to her place but -again- it didn't feel the same any more. We kept talking for a few weeks and then it kinda died.

Sometime ago there was this other girl, which I met on WoW. First we talked a lot on WoW and MSN, later we started skyping en exchanging pictures. But as it is she still had a boyfriend, but KEPT giving me hints and stuff. So after a few months she invited me to her country, I need to say I had a blast of a time and even some stuff happened that shouldn't have happened (not proud of it). When I came back I was totally in love but she seemed different, felt like she was pushing me away. So after being sad for a while I decided to stop talking to her en kick her out of MSN and everything else. After a while I forgot about her. Then one day I get a text from her telling me how much she misses me. I decided not to react, afraid to feel sad again.

Now I am back on the market having fun and not falling in love so fast any more.

So I say again, Meet the Uber-GALRITPOG!

Story #67

Ugh bit depressing to do this at my age but nevertheless...

I'm 18 and a student currently, my problem is my friends ex-girlfriend who I've got pretty strong feels for. Now the thing is we've known each other for only a few months but been through some tough !@%! together and we've both been there for each other which is great.

Now I'm very comfortable with her which is a bit strange after only knowing her for a short time I mean - we've seen each other naked at parties and the like and are together most of the time, thing is I think my feelings are getting too deep just to be friends with her.

Now the only thing that's stopping me from going for it is my friend(her ex) now he considers me as his best mate but the feeling isn't mutual mainly because he's a pleb but a decent lad when he wants to be, anyway my mate and her had a period of time where they just kept their distance from each other - fair enough, but now they're starting to get close again and all he wants with her is to use her as some kind of intermission because he got cheated on by the girl he's crazy about and i can't stand to see her hurt again.

Another thing that holds up me and Stef getting together is that I've slept with her best mate, at Stef's party in her bed and I've no idea how her friend feels about me but as far as I was concerned just a drunken one-nighter.

Anyway any advice on how to read the situation better with her or when I should go for it is greatly appreciated.

Story #66

Saw this topic and thought I'd post the story about my impossible love...

See, there's this girl. She happens to be one of my best friends, I've known her since I was like 3 years old (I am 16 now by the way, so is she). We're very good friends and can talk about anything really... But recently I've began to develop more feelings for her, and I am now convinced that I have fallen in love with this fantastic girl...

Now, that's all good and well, except the fact that I can't tell her. You hear about friendships being f*ked up by stuff like this, and I really really don't want that to happen. I'm not sure how she would react, but I'm afraid to risk our friendship...

She may like me as well, although it could just be friend stuff... Lately, when we've hugged (as I assume most close friends do), it's been like... well, I'm not sure how to say it English, but more tightly, if you understand... We've held hands several times, actually had a quite romantic moment with her on New Year's Eve... We held hands and watched the stars for a couple of minutes... then we were brutally brought back to the real world by fireworks exploding nearby lol.

She's also said that the next time she's going to have a BF, is when she finds someone who can really knock her off her feet... While she wasn't talking to me, she was looking at me when saying this, I dunno if there's a hidden message there or if it was a coincidence.

I'm just so confused at the moment, I feel like I simply cannot tell her because I may risk losing her as a friend, but at the same time it's tearing me apart. I'd like some serious opinions on what I should do, please. I just can't figure it out :(((

Story #65

Back when I was in still at school I was a bit of a geeky kid... had long hair and played guitar, like to spend my time playing FF7 and Res Evil..etc. The only one in the whole school with long hair... apart from the girls heh.. for years I got the crap kicked out of me and put in bins and that. There were plenty of times I found myself really liking a girl and made a complete fool of myself over and over again haha.

When everyone started turning 15/16 all of a sudden they all started to learn how to play instruments, and it became very 'cool'. It was all punk power chord bands.. I got passed over cos I'd been the geeky kid for way too long! I was kinda the loner still.. loving my old school rock. Hanging around in ripped jeans and still had really long hair.. still having almost no luck with the ladies!

A few more years pass, and everyone is about 18. Last year at school before Uni. At this point I'd already been on tour with my metal band, the punk phase has passed and stuff is getting a bit more competent (not that good punk bands aren't! but you know what I mean..) Prom time comes around, and all the guys thought it would be great to get a big band together to play at the party! They finally ask me if I wanna get up and play on a song.. blatantly thought that I would make a fool of myself and that by doing so they would make themselves look fantastic.

Prom night comes round... everyone else in their suits and that. Not me.. jeans ftw! First song of the evening, good old Sweet Child of Mine heh. I ripped it up and the whole place kicked off! For the next 2 hours everyone was asking me to get up on stage again.. and I refused! Until the very last song... played a pacey blues number.. went down a treat!

After I left school I went on to play kinda semi pro.. only have to work part time and get to do what I love most weekends. Good lord I could tell you some stories... heh

My point here ladies and gents.. is that even if you don't have much luck in school and your a bit of a geek and that... Better times are coming. Stay true to what you love and believe in, the rest will follow... including teh girlez!!

..just had to post something in this epic thread heh :)

Story #64

Hey :) Well I kind of have no idea why I'm desperate, but I'll just post it here :) I'm 14 years old, I'm about 1m 70 and I weigh only about 48 kg ( a problem in my tummy :D can't explain it in English ).

So, last year I had a short flirt with a girl, let's call her Anna, and after I broke up with her Start of July ( we got together in May ) we didn't speak a lot.
But turns out she came to my school cause she didn't pass in hers. And she brought along her girlfriend.


Her girlfriend was dazzling, I really liked her, and she added me, mainly because my ex wanted to hook up with me.

Let's call her Lisa.

Now there's the third girl, who plays a minor role, but quite important, let's call her Sarah. she's a friend of both girls and me, and she lives close by, and both Lisa and Anna drop by there often on Fridays.

Now, I started talking to this girl a lot, Lisa, while keeping contact with Anna, to obviously but not so really exploit that Lisa is Anna's best friend.

So we play a game of "Who do you like ?" other friends have long since told me that she likes me, but I'm to shy, so nothing said.

Now Anna finds out.

Anna is a little teeny weenie depressive girl now, and she offends her best friend, Lisa, calling her a slu*t, and a %*@!%, and that she hates her. Now, Lisa is afraid of meeting up with me, cause she's afraid of losing her best friend Anna, who is treating her poorly, because she's confused.

Anna still has feelings for me though.

So now, Thursday, Lisa is a bit distant, and won't talk to me really, and Anna is being a bit better, cause I talked to her for long, and she might glue it all together, by saying Lisa she's sorry.

But Anna is unpredictable, so let's not count on it. Lisa is not shy at all when Anna is not around, and here's the problem.

Tomorrow ( Friday ) dear Lisa will be coming over to Sarah, and they will visit me.

Guess is, they arrive around 10 pm, leave at about 1-2 or we take walks.

Now, problem is, I have to keep telling Anna I won't drop her out once I really "go out" with Lisa, and it's a problem kinda :/ but anyway, help plx! :D

Story #63

The story I am about to tell you is some years old already at this point, but it is still worth a few good laughs and most certainly a true GALRITPOG-kind of event.

On to the show:
The story starts at the age of 13(turned 14 midway through). I had known this one girl for 6 years or so at the time, and we had been fooling around for at least a year or two.
She liked me and I liked her, but I sort of rejected her because she was not popular at school(while I sort of was). Anyway, thanks to some heavy encouragement from my friends we almost ended up together - very close to it, would most likely have gone on if it wasn't for the silly stuff that is about to come..
The summer that year we somehow ended up in bed together, and worse yet, we had to cancel operation halfway through because we got interrupted and almost busted by mentioned friends(don't ask me how we even ended up there, both 13-14 years, no doubt illegal and also totally clueless).
We didn't meet/talk again at all that summer, and the next schoolyear we parted ways.

Today I am 20 years old, and I still haven't talked to her. And not much to any other female either, for that matter. Think the whole thing gave me a bit of a shock, I did really not expect that. :p
I still think about her every now and then, though I have no idea where she is or how she's doing.

At least there's some "comfort" in knowing that I lost my virginity in a laughable way before I went GALR. :p

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Story #62

Okay so I've got another story for you guys, and I'm gonna need loads of help on this one. I'll try to make it short.

So I just got to know a freaking hot girl in the ninth grade (one year older than me, that is), she's single, and we've known each other for some days. We're becoming very good friends, and it's going fast. Think i have to tell her what I think about her to prevent getting stuck in the friends zone, but I'm afraid that I already know that answer.

She has been together with a guy in my class, so I doubt that she has got anything against younger "men" :D. She's really hot, and one of the most mature girls I've ever met. And really friendly. When I added her(We didn't know each other), She didn't just turn me down like any other girl would have done, instead she asked questions and seemed just as interested as I was. Even though she claimed she had never noticed me in school :P And I got a hug the day after we talked for the very first time O_o

She's currently on Prao (Dunno what it's called in English, anyway, students get to "taste" real life as they are sent out in the city to work for 2 weeks), with other words, we won't see each other for 2 weeks. We're keeping in touch through MSN. Better tell her that I like her before I get "Friendzoned", Just dunno where, when and how? And what else should I do? Next week I'm going to a Swedish island called Öland with school, so i won't be able to get on MSN for 5 days (Although I'll bring a Cellphone)

If anyone needs more details, I'll gladly tell ya

Story #61

Hey everyone!

I didn't think I was going to post this but what the hell.

***Whoa... I wrote a long story lol, hope you are immune to Wall of Text crits ^_^

The story starts when I was 17 (I am 20 now). I used to be very shy and didn't have much friends. Low self-confidence, depressed. In a way I am not doing much better these days but I did work on my "social skills", and things are looking better for me.

I had no problems in primary school, had lot friends and so on. Then came the high school. And things started to get wrong. I didn't have many friends (I blame myself for that because I didn't even tried to get them - and when I realized this it was already too late I guess).

Anyway, there was this girl in our class. I noticed her the first day of school and she was very pretty, smart and nice. But I didn't really had any "love at first sight" feelings for her. It was at the beginning of the third year that I started to be in love with her. She was just a girl like no other. Not only she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw, she was smart, funny, intelligent, friendly, she went out a lot, and her lovely voice! (I could listen to her for 10 days straight) - basically she was perfect in every way.

In this third year in school we had to choose few subjects and there were smaller groups at each. Anyway I was in same group as her - everywhere. And I was just so in love. Almost every morning she came to school at about same time as me (maybe a few minutes before others) and we saw each other in the hallway. And I said: "Hi" and she didn't say "Hi" back but she just looked at me and smiled - and it was something about this smile, it was just so real and pristine, it's hard to explain it with words, but at that moment time just stopped for a few moments. It was just me, and her, and we looked at each other and she was smiling just for me. I wish that moment would last forever. And almost every morning the exacly same thing happened. And every time her smile was just so honest and real.

If she had to read something during the classes I was just listening to her voice, didn't even know what she was actually saying. I was looking at her as much as I could - I tried not to stare at her. And here and then our eyes met and time stopped again for me. I was just so in love it's hard to explain.

Anyway one day the class was over and few of us are about to go home. Everyone in their own direction. And somehow I went in same way as her. I had to visit the library to borrow some book. And she said: "Oh you going this way?". And I said "Yep, I'm going to to library to rent a book". And she was so happy that she didn't need to walk to home alone. So we walked, and talked about things - and those 10-15 minutes were just one of the best moments in my life. When we got there, we said goodbye to each other, she went home. I rented a book and went back to school and to bus station.

The next day after class was finished I was about to go to bus and home. And she said "Hey you going this way?". And was like "Yea". And I didn't actually needed to go there. I only said "Yes" to her so I could spend another 10 minutes with her. She asked me why am I going this way because I usually take the bus. And I made up a story that I wait my dad at library and that he picked me up on his way from work. Well, so I walked her home like 2-3 times a week, for almost 2 school years. And every time we walked for like 10 minutes and when she left, I had to walk 15 minutes back to a bus station. Funny thing is that she never found out that I was actually walking all the way back to bus every time when she left. We talked about many things on these walks and I found out a lot of things about her. She was really an "open" person, she told me a lot of things about herself...

She had the best marks in our class. She passed practically every exam with an A+. And sometimes when she said that some exam was pretty hard, friends of hers said to her like "Why are you complaining? You are going to pass it anyway, hehe."

... she said to me how he hates that people have so high expectations for her. And that they take it for granted that she is doing so good at school, without knowing how much hard work is there behind all of it. She told me a lot of things like this.

I on the other hand wanted to tell her how much I love her every time we walked "home". But I was just to shy and to afraid. I was even rather good looking. But still, I had no friends, no social life and even she knew that. So I was just quiet. And never told her how I feel about her. But it was so painful... to stand so close to the person you love the most in the whole world and knowing that she doesn't know that.

Time went by fast and soon there was the prom. I wanted to ask her if she would like to dance with me, but I hesitated for too long and missed my chance. Anyway, after there came the prom and we had a party afterwards. We kind of split up in few groups and went to different places, I got pretty drunk. Eventually around 5 AM me and like 5-6 others came to this disco where we said we are all going to meet.

And there she was. Looking as beautiful as never before. And when I came in the room my glasses became all foggy (was really cold outside). She saw that and walked to me and wiped the fog from my glasses with her hand. And she looked at me with those pretty eyes and smiled. And I smiled back. And at that moment I realized that she was also in love with me. I just knew it somehow. And this group that I came in with we all sat down and we were just so cold because we were walking for like 3 hours at like 0°C. And she came to us and she asked if anyone wanted to dance. And she kind of tried to pull them up but nobody wasn't really in the mood. So she comes to me and grabs my hand and she says "Come, let's go dance"..... And I wanted to go and dance with her more than anything in the world... But somehow I didn't stand up. And eventually she went back on the dance floor alone............................................................................... :((

This was the biggest mistake in my life. I don't know WHY THE @/#" I didn't say "YES". I ask myself this question every single day. For more than a year now. Every day. And I just know that if I would say yes to her, and we would go dancing I would tell her that I love her. I was drunk enough to be brave, and no too much so I knew exactly what was going on. And I just knew that she loved me too back then.

So school ended. And I haven't seen her since. We went to different Uni's. We are in the same city - but it's a big city. I meet a school friend from time to time. But it is never her.

Few weeks ago we had this high school reunion party. And at first I didn't wanted to go, because like I said I didn't have many friends among them. But I forced myself to go, because she might be there - I mean she always went to these sort of parties. And when I got there, I found out that she was on seaside. And that she won't be coming.

So here I am. Still in love with her (I love her for more than 3 years now - and I never told her). And I am pretty depressed a lot of times. And I am asking myself why didn't I go dance with her? Why was I so stupid? And I think about what would happen if I would told her that I love her that night. We could be together. I could be with her.

I don't know when we will meet again. I hope we will someday soon. But it's already been 14 months since I saw her. So she probably have a boyfriend already. And it might be to late for me.

Whatever the case, no matter what happens, she will ALWAYS be in my heart.

Story #60

This weekend I was on a park party, it was pretty nice, loads of my friends where there and some nice girls. After like an hour, a nice girl settles down beside me, asks me what my name is etc, I was pretty drunk by that time and it didn't take long time before we where making out, we went away from the rest of the crowd and settled down in some bushes. we kept kissing for a while, then she asks me if I want to have sex, and i was like "yeeah sure" and moved my hands down her panties...

AND THEN, her telephone rang... it was her dad who said that he was waiting for her in the parking and that she had to go home.

I was disappointed :(

Anyway I got her number and I guess I'm gonna call her next time I'm going out to a party

Story #59

Wall of text inc

Hey all GALRITPOG people,

Now this isn't the first time I've posted in this epic thread, it is however the first time I post with this alt. Don't know why I do that, but I have a feeling it will be better in the long run. My story isn't about the same girl as before either. She was really nice but that just didn't work out. OK, here it goes *sigh*.

As many other people I still think that meeting girls over the internet and falling in love with them is, well, a bit weird I guess. But about 2-3 months ago I found a story on this forum of a girl that needed a bit of help. I'm a nice guy so I replied to her and after a bit of talk I gave her my MSN so we could talk further. That night I went to bed at 06.00 in the morning. This girl is great, she's funny, smart, she plays Wow and so much other stuff...

Well, in that week I talked to her about 3 times, always in the evening, and it always continued past 04.00. I found my self falling in love with her. I hadn't seen her, so I felt all this just from her personality. At the end of the week she sends me a picture of herself. I open the file and the first thing in my mind is: HOLY SH*T, she plays WoW??!?!? She looks great in every way I like. I send her a picture of me, something I normally never do..., and she thinks that I look great, which is a huge confidence boost for me at the time. Because even though I'm 18 and not bad looking, no girl ever showed interest in me.But the next week I went on vacation, to somewhere I didn't have access to internet for an entire month. Now in that time I discover that I love her. I mean really love her. Not because I now know that she looks good( not that I'm complaining :D ), but because of how we can talk and have fun etc.

During that month I also grow insecure. I mean, what if she doesn't like me anymore, or never liked me anyway??? I'm quite used to rejection, but I've gotten my hopes up and well. as another topic says atm. Rejection's a %#$%. I couldn't stop thinking about her, it stopped me from having any fun in my vacation!
The only good things for me were that the day of my return was coming closer every day and that I stocked up on love songs on my mp3...

The day came on which I arrived home. It was really late( 6.00 in the morning again) but I still had a little hope of speaking to her that time. Too bad, she wasn't on MSN. But the next day she was!! When I saw her come online, I got a strange feeling of fear. Fear of talking to her and being rejected. Now I'm not a really confident guy and if it would've been stronger than that feeling would have stopped me... Thank god I didn't listen to it. The conversation that followed was just as good as all the talks I had with her till then. It made me feel great.

The following month we slowly grew closer to each other. Throwing on web cams and sending more pictures. And one day she says that she likes me...even loves me ... My heart jumps up and I reply that I liked her that much ever since I gotten to know her. Having said this to each other, it seemed like all the boundaries that were still there were broken and we continuously say that we love each other and that we wish that we were together... Not even for the sex ( hey, I'm an 18 year old boy, what else should I be thinking about?). No, I just want to hold her in my arms and hug her....

Now this is the real problem here. You see, she lives in a little country called Norway, and I live in the great kingdom of Holland... I'm a busy guy and I have no time now or in the next few months to go there. And she has little time for such a thing either. Now the feeling that I have for her is starting to hurt me, I need to get to her!!

My school just started, do you think it's just to skip it for say , a week, to go and meet her? Or, she is going to another country for a month. She passes Holland and she said she'd really like to stop here and stay for about a week. Only her parents don't approve of it. Should I encourage her plans?

Plox help me. I have fallen in love with a girl before. But never like this and it's really ripping my heart out. If the GALRITPOG can't help me, I don't know what can...

Story #58

Hi, my problem isn't big compared to some of you, but I'd like to ask advice. :) (Another girl problem)

I'm just turning 16 and started high school recently, playing WoW in free time and sometimes doing some boring stuff with friends. Me in a nutshell.

There is this girl in the school i used to go in. The girl is just nothing like I've ever seen previously, intelligent, smart, cute, funny etc... So, as foolish and shy as I was, i never made any effort to get to know her. Now that I'm in a different school I'm always very happy when i get so see her in the previous school as i sometimes visit there.

So at times it looked like she was smiling at me, looking at me and all that. I did the same in return but neither of us had the guts to step up and start talking. (The girl is 2 years younger so it's not a wonder why she never came over to talk.)
Last time I visited the school she was eating with her friends a few tables away and her friend saw me coming and immediately whispered something to the girl I liked, and the girl turned her head and looked at me.
But what if I'm just paranoid or something?? :s In that tiny little black hole of my brains i have that feeling saying; "she doesn't like you, you're not good enough for her, she was just looking at some of your mates. you are being paranoid, stop dreaming" And the other half says "Yes she was looking at you and probably wants you to go over and talk to her, do it." And every time some rich pretty boy walks past me I get this voice telling "wtf, you are an ugly guy, look at the guy that passed you, he has more money, looks, everything" and then I just lose all hope. :S

What should I do?? What if she doesn't like me and doesn't even know I'm around? If I go over to talk to her, maybe she will be like "ewww go away you pervert, 2 years older and all! what a pathetic loser" and hey, it's not that I'm afraid of getting rejected but I don't want to put her in an uncomfortable situation :s

P.S. My family is pretty poor.. So everything is depending on me and my future job, my dad really wants me to success in money business (mind me, I'm pretty badass when it comes to money and doing business ^^) I'd just some day want to tell my dad "hey, I've got enough money to buy you a new car" or something :)
So could a girl affect this?? My mother is always like "go go get a girlfriend and have fun" and my dad is "go on boy do more work and get more money" I also do martial arts :D
There's been some real horror stories about studying and girls not going hand in hand...

Phew long story, thanks for any replies :)

Story #57

Anyways, on to my story, it'll probably help me get on with my life....

Ok, so like some of you might remember, I'm just an average, maybe a bit too nerdy boy at the age of 14, almost 15, mind you, age is unfortunately essential for this story...
I live in Denmark, but that's not very relevant.

Ok, it all started with me being a boy scout. So this holiday I went to this big big scout camp called the World Scout Jamboree in Essex, England. I was going with 40 other scouts from Copenhagen, where I live, and 40 thousand other scouts from the rest of the world.

So on the day of our departure, just as I arrive at the airport, I notice this girl that I'm gonna be journeying with for the three weeks of the camp. She turns out to be a very nice person, apart from her fantastic looks. We become very close friends, closer than I've ever been to a girl before. I feel like she might actually like me, something that sounds to good to be true to someone like me, the guy that the girls always laugh of...

Turns out it is=( She stops, for some reason completely unknown to me, to talk to me, me starting to be nervous and afraid to start a conversation with her. Then I decide to find out what she actually thinks about me by telling her how much I like her.

But when I've started the conversation with something like "Hey [Girl]....." I suddenly grow dizzy, and completely dumb. She looks at me, smiles and tells me she thinks I'm acting weird, something that makes me even more nervous. So we decide that I make another go the next evening. Now, I'm quite sure she already figured out what I wanted to say, so it annoyed me a little that she still wanted me to say it...

But that may just be the way of girls... as if I'll ever get to understand them... So I try again the next day, finally manage to tell her, but.... Well, she refuses, saying that she doesn't feel right about me being 14 and her being 16.... and also that she's got someone at home..... Later I find out that that's not the entire truth.....

Anyways, from that moment she ignores me even more, actually she does that until the very last evening of the camp, then I find out she's been thinking I'm angry with her for not wanting to be with her, because she thinks I'm talking roughly to her. Here I make a mistake, telling her "that might just be the way I am" which is not quite true, but I was tired at that time, sad that the camp was over. So from that point she seems to have become angry with me for saying that, dunno why.... hasn't actually expressed it verbally, but I feel it.

So here I am, having lost my first chance of a relationship, and on the way I also lost a very good friend. I feel so attracted to her, and I thought she thought so about me to. Me, the person everybody laughs of, except for my few friends, bless them. I feel miserable, weak and I have been having problems sleeping quite a few times since that. Please help me guys, I'm getting desperate=(

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Story #56

Suppose I could post my story here as well, mainly to give this thread more life :P

Just came back from Croatia, and i had a brand new story ( Which I would need some help with) for the GALRITPOG thread. Just to notice that it's dead and that I'm not a necromancer. Anyway I still need some help, so I'll write the story here :D

If you can't be arsed to read the entire story, read the last sentence

Okay, as some people know I've been away to Croatia for some weeks. There i met the most beautiful girl ever. She even had good humour! Her music taste was crap but that's changeable :D It all started one typical night

Me, my 12 year old cousin and my 13 year old friend were walking back to the rest of our "gang". Then my friend tells us to wait here while he runs away to talk to some girls. They are four, and since I am in that age, I have to check if there's anyone hot. I notice one VERY hot girl, and she looks my age too! I stood and waited until he came back, then we started talking (Me = M, Friend = F)
M = Who's that blonde girl?
F = Her name is Jane (Not really :D), She's Swedish
M = Very funny mate (Since I am Swedish, i though he was making fun of me :D)
F= I'm dead serious
M= Really? Can she speak Swedish?
F= Yeah, she has lived her entire life in Sweden
M= Cool, how old is she?
F= Dunno, want me to ask?
M= Yeah, do that

Then he runs over and asks, and returns 15 seconds later

F= She's 15, turning 16 in august

I though "Wtf? She's 2 years older and a head shorter than me :o" I was pretty sure she was my age, apparently she wasn't.

M= Damn, we'll I'll have to make something up then (Since girls usually like older guys, not younger. Especially not two years). Let's go and find her.

And so we did, we started to walk against the village centre, and soon we found them sitting on a stone bench. I started talking to her immediately ( In Swedish of course)

M= Hey, what's your name? (I know I already knew it, but it felt wrong to start in a different way)
J= Jane...... Yours?
M= Martin, Where are you from?
J = Karlskoga, you? (8 hours away from me, yippie)
M = Lund. Karlskoga, ain't that in Blekinge? (A place close to me, mixed karlskoga up with Karlskrona)
J = No *giggle & silence* How old are you?
M= turning 17 in 8 days (And I was turning 14 in 8 days for real :P), you?
J= * looks at me with a suspicious look* okay, I'm 15, turning 16..

After that they said they had to go, and I didn't see her more that night. Saw her next day at the beach though, we talked a little, not too much though. Wish I wasn't that shy :/. Anyway, The evening was far more interesting, Was out with the same cousin & friend, + our new female friends. Jane had already found out that I was interested in her, not that it mattered though.

By the time I had told all my friends that, if she asked, tell her that I was 16, soon 17. It was pretty obvious that she didn't believe me though, since she asked pretty much everyone she saw. Everyone said 16, until the only girl I had to informed came walking by, and Jane asked of course, and got the answer 13. First she took it good, she said "I knew it!" and laughed. The rest of the evening (Which only lasted for 20 min, thank god) the only things she said was "hmm,ok,dunno,maybe,yeah". When I asked her why she said she was tired. We said goodnight to each other, and i hoped the next day would be better. and it was, much better.

The first thing i did when i saw her was walk up to her and ask :
M: Are you mad at me?
J: No..
M: Not at all?
J: Nope
M: Okay, all your friends say tha-
j: Martin, I'm not angry *smile* Just tell me why
M: Well, girls don't usually like younger guys *smile*
J: I do, well, 1 year ain't that much, but two..

And then our conversation was interrupted by Jane's 9-year old friend who wanted to play Volleyball with her. He invited me and the friend from the first night (Let's call him Tom) to join. It was me and the 9-year old against Jane and Tom. We pwned them rather hard, 30-15 or so when we stopped playing, the sand was too warm, So we jumped in to the sea instead. First she and Tom talked about something that i could not hear, then after they had talked for 10 minutes, Tom left and Jane told me to come.
M: Hey, what is it?
J: Hey, I'll go directly to the point. I know you like me Martin, and you have to know that I like you too a little, but there's another guy i like too. I can't really decide
M: Okay, I understand
j: No you don't! I feel like an idiot
M: Don't say that...... Who's this other guy then?
J Not telling

Then I tried to convince her for some minutes, no success, and I gave up. Then
J: I have to go, Cya tonight!
M: Yeah, Cya
J: Please don't be sad
M: I'm not sad *grin* It was better than I expected. Just tell me when you decide.

And so another evening came, and I was a little bit late. I took a seat far away from her for some reason, don't remember really why. I wasn't angry or something though. Then after two minutes she and her female-friends walked away,
M: Where are you going?
J: Does it matter, you don't talk to me anyway *grin*

Some would have said that the thing she said was bad, I found it inspiring though. Since it was obvious that she wanted me to talk to her, perhaps she had chosen? When she returned, I walked up to her and asked, she said no. Nothing more interesting happened that evening, we talked about school and such. And everyday was pretty much the same (Not that i did complain though :D) until the last day

I only had 15 min at the beach that day, and i was happy because I thought "Since I an only be 15 min, I bet Jane will spend all her time with me". But god how wrong I was. When me and my cousin got there, they weren't on the beach so they had to be in the sea. I looked and spotted her beautiful blonde hair immediately, so we swam out to them. She and one of her friends were standing and looking at three guys, all in Jane's age, throwing a ball to each other. And man she couldn't get her eyes of them. And she was particularly looking at one of the guys, and it was pretty obvious who her other love was. I can tell you i wasn't very happy after the beach visit, but I don't regret it. And then, nightfall.

I arrived first with my cousins as usual, and we had to wait 10 minutes before my love came. I told her I knew who the other one was and told her his name, and she denied it immediately. Anyway, our entire "gang" went to buy some cola, and all of a sudden they started to run away from us. Jane wasn't very happy with them, I was overjoyed. Got about an hour alone with her, just talking about stuff, I was ever so happy. Then we met the rest again, and we sat down for a moment, Jane went and talked to one of my friends (Not Tom, another guy) for 5-10 minutes. Then after that he came running to me and said "I've talked to Jane, and she says that she wants to give you a chance to kiss her" I didn't believe him, but he promised and swore and everything.

I went back to Jane and we started walking up on the pier, and i got the idea that my boat would be a good place for a first kiss, so I decided to take her there. It was a pain to get her on the boat though, I had to say that if she didn't jump on, i would drive away now and never come back (350 horsepowers :D). She didn't believe me until I started the engines and untied 1 knot. So she jumped on, and there we sat, looking at people walking by (One of them even threatened to call the police, but i told him to go ahead since it's my boat) and talked. Just as I thought about giving her the kiss, she asked me what the friend had told me, and I told her. Unsurprisingly that was not true at all. Then her mum called, she was waiting for her to come to the parking place, about 150m away.

We walked really slow, and I was really sad. these last 10 minutes would be the last I would see of her for one year. I almost started crying when she hugged me goodbye. Almost getting tears in my eyes now when I think about it. This is not really the end of the story though.

The next day, when I was walking to my usual evening meeting, I was SMS:ing with Jane, and I sent her a message and said that I knew who she loved all along, and she answered with this

Hehe yeah you were right, but I was really stupid! How could i ever take him over you? You're a 100 times better than he'll ever be!

I was overjoyed, and replied " IS there a chance that we can be together next year then?", She answered "Probably ;)". To bad I've lost all my messages from her now, nerf cellphone-stealing gypsies with knives :/. I still have a picture of my sweetheart though :). Now, my question is, how shall i do to keep her interested in me an entire year? Help a brother in need

Story #55

Okay since the thread needs bumping I will post my little idiot story :)

Normally I know what to do, but now i really need help hehe. I'm 15 years old and my parents don't live together.

So, my father found this new girlfriend. I got a little angry but agreed to go with him, just to see her and such. On the way he told me that she has a daughter that's 14 and another one that's 10 (One for him, one for me and one for my little brother haha xD).
We entered their flat and of course I was little shy/angry and I saw that so was the girl that's 14, but went a little outside to play some football.. damn I love athletic girls. Slowly we lowered our "defenses" and started to talk. We talked and I made some jokes where she laughed and she started to like me. At that point I didnt realise how hot she was, but we became very good friends in 1 day.
Then me and my father went home, and the moment we were out their door she started writing smses. She just spammed me with all those "<3, sweety, honey, etc" and I could clearly see she liked me very much.

Then the next day I got her msn and we chatted and chatted, but since I was still angry at her mother and was very stupid I made the biggest mistake I ever made with a girl. Icecold I wrote something like "I don't want to be together with you!"(LOL CAKE HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT??!?) because she was really showing interest in me and I was getting little annoyed. Clearly she got angry and disappointed, and ignored me. Ever since it hasn't been the same doh.

Our parents still were in love so they visited us a few times and my relationship got little better with her, and suddenly I realised I had feelings for her! Grrrr how stupid and idiotic I was to turn her away like that! From that point i started I tried to get her, but I fear its to late. Every time we are together we have fun, but I think she lost interest in me. I'm always the one starting the conversations on msn, and I lost her phone number. What should I do to make her interested again? :_(

Sorry for my bad English.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Story #54

Very nice thread <3

I'll tell my story :P

I'm kinda silent boy/man (16) and very shy when it comes to girls. I have a friend who is really good when it comes to girls, he has like 10 girls he could choose from right now ^^
But anyway, about year ago when this friend was on a party again looking for chicks (me playing WoW home at that time) he managed to find this new girl and wanted me to meet her, I didn't know why but I agreed eventually. So well I was like "mmhhh ok" when I met this girl, didn't feel any "love in first sight" or anything... Just added the girl on msn and we just talked about random stuff, eventually she ended up having web cam on, just showing around what her home looked like and stuff.
But after a while she started to do "oil" her legs in front of the cam, and other stuff like that. And well, of course I fell for her... -_-

After a while we ended up going on date, and after that ended up together. But as I had never been with a girl before, I couldn't really measure if it was "love" or not.. But if it was love, then love is most definitely overrated :F

Well... I found out that she had had 2 boyfriends before me, dumping the other boy because of the other one... (probably dumping the latter for me) and I wasn't very pleased to hear this. I also found out that the girl didn't have almost any friends.

After being together for like a month, she already started to hook up with other boys, and intentionally trying to make me jealous and all that. At Christmas she finally dumped me for another boy (who had been in touch with the police for five times, drank, smoked, didn't go to school and all that) I didn't do any of that stuff (expect school of course), and well I came up with the conclusion that I wasn't "tough" enough for the girl...

So we didn't speak anymore in over 6 months, I just wanted to forget her, deleted her msn, phone number and all that.
Until 4 days ago she saw me at town, and started to talk to me again on msn, and we became friends again. But she has already taken a control of me once again, talking all soft and stuff like that...

I fear that she is still the same as she was, but in the meantime, I feel sorry for her because she doesn't have any friends or anyone to support her, and generally her life isn't very good (she has her left arm full of scars from cutting. Emo yes I know). And now I don't know what to do :s

I fear that if I say "no, we are only friends" she will get mad and go cut herself or something and I don't want that she hurts herself.

What should I do?? :o

Story #53

Q u o t e:
You know, they say love blinds.. I think I prefer my sight the way it is <.<

[Author of Story #2

"My greatest fear is becoming blind. Can you imagine a more horrible fate for a hacker?"
I have no idea what the books name in English is, but in Norway it's named the Death Trap - Dødsfellen.

Anyhow, I'm coming home from Turkey this Wednesday - Time to get back to watching anime.

Oh, right, I might write here what've happened around here the last three weeks. We're basically Love Hina here, with 3 guys and 11 gurlz. I'll tell about random stuff that have happened: 10 of the girls left together with the other guys back to Norway this Saturday.

I'm staying here until Wednesday. One of the girls also stayed and I heard she'd been asking for me and asked her dad the multimillionaire about if she could stay until Wednesday like me. She even asked my family if she could join me both in the apartment I live, if she could join the same plane and even if she could stay at my house when she got back until her father would pick her up (They live some hours away).

Now, I hardly knew she didn't hate me, so that was a shock. And to top it off she didn't even tell ME! All I learned was through the others around, and my mother was obviously itching in the VISA-muscles as pushed me on like "Godowntohergotodowntohergodowntoher".

Then she left on Sunday.

Sooo, now I'm the only one left, and what do I do? Get my hair bleached once again just for the hell of it and sit at iCafes just to see that it takes an hour to load 1/3 of a bleach episode.

Story #52

Well, I don't know if any of you remember me but I posted in this thread before. (around page 9 or so)

There is this girl I'm in love with and over the past 2/3 months I have been talking to her almost daily. I have helped her with a few problems and she told me she is happier now thanks to my help. She also made me happier by bringing a huge smile on my face when we talk.

The problem is, I entered the friends zone. She said she no longer has any romantic interest in me and considers me one of her best friends. All hope for a relationship between us is now gone.

This isn't the first time this happened to me, the same happened in high school, when I was like 15, when I talked and helped out a girl that was unhappy with herself. This girl was very chubby and everyone bullied and teased her about it. I convinced her to start exercising and eating/drinking right. It started to work and she was slowly losing weight and getting in shape.

I fell in love with her (first love actually) and she started to feel happier and was more cheerful and she said it was because of me. A wonderful thing to see.
But when I asked her out on a date she told me she considered me a friend and didn't want to try to take it further. We slowly lost contact and only mailed each other from then on and she broke contact completely after she send me a e-mail telling me about this wonderful guy she met and she was dating, even though she KNEW i was still in love with her. (hello, torture...)

Three years ago i met her and her boyfriend (same guy as in e-mail) and I tell you: SHE WAS HOT! She introduced me to her boyfriend as 'the guy who turned me from a ugly duck into what I am now'.

The girl I'm currently in love with and TRYING to get over with told me she would not be so happy as she is now if it wasn't for me.

So now I'm proud that I have once again been able to act like a 'knight-in-shiny-armour' and help a 'damsel-in-distress'.
But I'm FRACKING pissed off at myself and very sad that I'm again left empty-handed. Yeah okay, I got a very close friend now which is awesome of course.
But that wont heal my broken heart or take away the loneliness.

I think I'm gonna cry myself to sleep tonight. -_-'


Well, she told me there was no hope.
At the moment I'm confused, sad, angry and lonely.
I have been acting like a True Retard today, at one point getting annoyed at her and also becoming irritated at a joke she made at my expense. At the moment I'm chatting to her again normally though. :P I think she understands that I'm upset and confused so she understands I'm acting a bit weird and dramatic....wait....I always act weird and dramatic so she must be used to it by now. :P

Do I HOPE things will evolve? Yeah I do, this girl is amazing. I want to keep being her best friend and not abandon her. Its a promise i made to her when I just met her and being the 'honourable' idiot I am I plan to stick by that promise no matter if I get hurt. She thrusts me with her problems and considered me her 'best friend'. Even though we never even freaking met! HELLO SCARYTIME!

I was shocked to see I was so deep into the friends zone and how much I actually did for her since she didn't REALLY let me fully know what effect I had on her until yesterday / today. I had to fight back a tear or two when she told me how happy she has become because I bursted in her online life with my overly romantic / dramatic "Knight in shiny armour" attitude. ^_^ (my words btw, she sadly never called me that /sniff)

What hurts even more is that she used to be romantically interested in me, but that faded away completely according to her. Pain, hurt, misery, agony. -_-

Now, I will try to get over her of course and attempt to 'act normal' (which ain't working today I tell ya) and be there for her. Should she in the future show a interest in me (unlikely) and I'm still single (VERY likely) then I have no doubt my feelings for her will flare up again pretty quickly.

Hell, if that girl i talked about that i helped in high school was single now and had same personality then id probably fall in love with her again after seeing her for awhile. I NORMALLY don't develop feelings for a girl that fast (except for this one...) and my feelings for girls just don't die completely unless they back stab me like my ex-GF, who I hope gets brutally maimed by a bear...twice.

I never met her, which is scary and very odd that i could feel so much for someone I never saw IRL. O_o She is completely different IRL i understand that but even if she is I still care deeply for her as a friend and well, as a love-struck fool who is trying to get over her. ;)

I'm trying to be proud but at the moment the feeling of sadness and loneliness is overwhelming.

..."Love is Sacrifice"

EDIT: Id just wanted to add that its not her fault it became like this. The girl has to be true to her feelings. Anyone saying otherwise please leave your RL adress and ill come 'clarify' things for you. Capice?

Story #51


I need to vent a bit so I thought, here we go...

You might remember my story a couple of pages back, to sum it up, she's in love with a guy who's been an utter ass to her, they're together now and along the road I came into her life...

I've been ok with it for a month or two now, had in mind we were gonna marry in a year or 10 or so :P

But ok... she's happy cause she's with the guy that she loves badly, every thing's perfect and then she has exams which she has to study real hard for... kinda normal you'd say but her boyfriend didn't think that way...
she's been through @@## with her exams and her boyfriend that's a total ass to her and is "talking" with his mates... so she was the "@%@!%%*" in all of their eyes.

They broke up in some kind of way and she said it's all her fault...
She told me the whole story and I told her not to bother with what other people say etc etc... It's totally not her fault, come on you gotta study for your exams.
Ok, she realised, she cheered up, told her not to sod about it too much 'cause there are people who've got it lots worse than us, just a pep talk, ya know :)
But the talks lasted for days again...

So now I'm here, more in love with her than ever, I dreamed about us starting a relationship last night, couldn't be a better start and it seemed heaven, of course, till I woke up .. :P

Yesterday we had a really serious chat and I wanted to message her when we were in bed (not the same, mind you :)) that I love her, it seemed like the perfect moment to be honest... but I didn't, I don't want to tell her that, she's been through so much @@## in her life, she doesn't need something like this on top of it all, she deserves to be happy. and that's what I want her to be, I'm badly in love yeah but she comes in first place, the @@!#er has messed so much with her in the past, even lately again and it makes my blood boil, you just don't mess with people, not like that.

I'm normally the positive and none violence guy but just now... :( I'm keeping myself strong but I want to tell her that I love her

She's afraid to give it all up, her whole family knows how she's in love with the guy, the whole family knows him etc... I think she doesn't want to give it up, even though us both fit perfect together.

And me giving her all the advice to not be down and look at life in a positive way...


Gonna revive this one once more, so it's chapter 3 already :)

since Sunday the girl got dumped by her boyfriend, he said to her his feelings are gone but he's spreading to his friends he still loves her badly, hmm maybe he's just so childish that he wants to blame her, I don't care and it wouldn't surprise me cause... not going to talk about him :)

Since I love this girl really badly, it hurts me also to see her heartbroken, and she's devastated.
I said to her (on msn) that she's gotta be with the people that love her and care about her, stay strong and believe in the heart, she will get over it.

One hour ago, I grabbed my bike, drove to her street and I messaged her on the cellphone that I wanted to talk to her, she came out, I told her that I care about her and that I'm there for her, we talked a bit, I said my opinion about the whole situation, and that she really should move on and I dare to say I saw a smile at the end of the chat, so it was worth it :)

I'm glad she got rid of the guy, he's hurt her too much, all the way and I'm glad I did this tonight, a small step but hope she appreciates it.

And yes, I'm very emotional tonight, hehe, Rod Stewart ftw.

thanks for letting me vent and for reading, catch ya on the flipside


Story #50

I just want to say that I'm not a geek, I was told quite a lot that I look good, and I'm pretty good with girls. =]

Okay I'm 15, and there's this girl that I know for around 2 years, now in the first year we weren't really friends or something but in the start of this year we started coming closer, and around a month ago I realised that i was in love with her.

In the last 2 weeks or so we started coming to each others place without the rest of our friends, so around a week ago when only the two of us were in my place, we played on my Xbox and I told her that I love her, she told me that she loves me too, then there was that awkward silence, a minute passed and we finally kissed, after that we pretty much became a couple, after an hour or so of talking we decided to go to all of our friends houses and tell them we are together.

This is the first time I actually have feelings for a girl! Wish me luck!

Story #49

Well, 4 years ago this girl and me were together, broke up and she's been in love with me and I haven't in her... and I've had a lot of girlfriends past these years and after the last girl I had, I was a little down.. now this chick who was in love with me ( dunno if she is now, that's the problem) comforted me and was there for me and stuff like that. Now, I started to get feelings for her. And it seemed liked she had for me too. So we went to a party together and everything went great, we fooled around made out and had sex, so... I think that !**@! used me because of me kinda not having feelings for her the past 4 years. And she seems totally uninterested in me now. Before the party she was like totally on to me, after, not interested...

And don't you dare telling me she ain't interested in me anymore coz I'm bad in bed, coz I ain't. ;p

What do you think? Did she use me or should I wait and see?

Story #48

All right, so this was last school year when I was 16 or was it 15...

Anyway! I had little self-confidence, easily nervous etc etc you get the darn point.

So my first German class (with one of my friends) we told everyone about our interests etc..

And this girl (Lets call her L) came to me asking if I had read this book (and so on lala), as we had more German classes we talked more and I started developing feelings for her (during this time she was the only motivation I had for being at the German classes), after some uneasy feelings in my stomach I realized that I was in love with her.

Oh well, as time progressed I got more and more ..

interested in her as a person or something, I don't really recall accurately. Anyway, after a long time I finally (after getting some encouragement from a good friend of mine) decided to tell L about me being in love with her, over sms because I was (and maybe still am) a darn shy coward. So as I was waiting in my bedroom feeling REALLY uneasy and ... dare I say it, frightened?

When her reply came back, saying that she didn't feel the same and that she wanted us to still be friends, it felt like the weight of the world came off my shoulders. I actually felt relief at the rejection, because I felt so ... scared down to my core, was like having acid in my stomach 24/7.

Everything thing she did/didn't produced some stirring in me, I actually felt jealous when I didn't get a hug first, but when I did the logical and cold part of me thought "Wtf are you being jealous about? Drop it, kill it now! Don't ever be jealous again!"

Anyway, back to the rejection.

One of my main thoughts was that now I didn't have to worry about trying show her my feelings. I could go back to normal knowing that I actually had dared to tell her at least how I felt. Nor did I need to go around with my "acid".

L wanted us to continue being friends and kep things from getting awkward, but I must admit, I sensed a lot of times that she felt quite awkward about a certain situation whilst I did not.

At the end of the school year there was this girl in my class that said out loud that she was in love with me, I panicked '-.- I just meekly laughed and tried to ignore it. HOW I REGRET BEING A BLOODY TWAT! OH FOR #**!S SAKE! >_<

And considering how long it has been since she announced her love, I think it is too late to tell her I am sorry I was like a totally twat.


Now I hope you're happy now... Bastards!

Story #47

All righty.. I need some attention now, about a girl of course! Originally posted on Kaeryl's topic, I hope no-one will accuse me of being an attention whore.

I'm not sure whether I need help with anything, but please give me some tips if things I say don't seem realistic. It's a long post so if I'll appreciate it if you read!

I have many things to look forward to at the moment. Things I don't look forward to as well...

The biggest thing however, is the trip to Sweden I plan on taking. I'm travelling there with a friend, we're both 16 years old and Norwegian. No older people are going with us, so it's bound to be fun! We'll be staying at a camping place (not sure what the English word for it is), and rent a cabin.

The main reason we're going there, is that I met a girl on wow and she asked me to come see her in our vacation :-) She's really sweet and interesting, great to talk with and stunningly beautiful. It's hard to believe that girls as pretty as she plays wow. She's a little younger than me, which makes it even weirder.

During the first weeks that we spoke on MSN, (Couple of weeks after me met on wow) she was getting really edgy with her comments... She would send me funny songs going "I want to have sex with you", etc. I played along with her for a while, knowing she wasn't being very serious. One day though, I decided to ask her whether she was serious. I knew she wasn't, it was just to put her in a bit of an awkward position and then have a laugh about it afterwards.

As expected, she wasn't very serious, she's never had sex with anyone before, she just likes teasing. I smiled at her and blinked in the web cam as she asked me the same question. I was joking too of course, just wanted to tease her back a little. We both laughed about it and forgot the whole conversation soon after. Or so I thought.

It's been around 2 months since I got her MSN now, I've noticed that she likes me a lot, I like her too. I really hope I'm not attracted to her because it's over the internet or something, I think I heard someone discuss something like that. Ah well.

I'm trying not to have a shallow relationship with her, so after I knew she liked me, I began showing some softer sides of myself. She did the same, by letting me watch her without her make-up on the web cam. I felt this was a breakthrough, because she can wear a lot of make-up sometimes. Although she thought she was rather hideous without it on, I told her she was naturally good looking and that I admire her braveness. (Wasn't lying at all, I hope I seemed believable when I told her)

We've also talked about deeper things, problems with her and my friends, some really dramatic events. I feel like she trusts me. I've tried not to become a best friend like I've been advised by countless posts. :-) I know I've succeeded.

The reason for me writing the whole post is coming now. We were talking earlier this evening, not about anything particular, just chit chat. We both had our web cams on, I had taken my shirt of. (Nothing special, been doing it for her a long time) At one point, she began messing up her hair which is long and blond. It looked as if she had been fooling around with someone and I told her it was sexy and that I liked it. While I was writing the "Your hair looks good" message, she told me that she was going to bed. I didn't like it, but I replied as best I could, trying not to make her see I didn't want her to go.

She then said, that if I was a good boy, she'd let me sleep with her in her bed. Seeing as we live in different countries, I knew it was impossible. Nevertheless, I replied "I'm a really good boy "

She then said something really naughty, that made me gasp. I don't think I should say exactly what it was, but it involved us being intimate. With details. First idea I had was that it was another joke, but I'm quite sure she was serious. We had already agreed not to make jokes like that, seeing as I was coming to visit her. Another thing that made me think she was serious, was the serious, yet DAMN sexy look she gave me.

I couldn't keep my "cool composure" anymore, and I smiled broadly. She smiled back and blushed a little. We didn't say anything, we just exchanged looks the next 15 seconds. She then told me Good night, I said "sweet dreams;)" or something like that, and she logged off.

Now. I really want to get intimate with her. We had previously talked about how we'd bathe in the nearby lake together and how she and one of her friends would set up a tent near our cabin. I also know they wanted my friend and me to spend a night with them in that tent.

There are a lot more things I could write down, but seriously, I'm not trying to prove that she wants me. I'm not asking you to point out things that might indicate that she does not want to be intimate either.

Try and help me come up with an approach rather :p I'm not that experienced with flirting etc.
I was thinking about getting something to drink for us one evening, I can pass for 18 I think, I'm over 1.85 and I've got fairly developed muscles. Not planing on getting her drunk so I can make my move, I'm really not like that. It's more of a way to loosen up the atmosphere so we can get comfy. Know this though, I've been careful not to try being someone else, she likes me for who I am and that's really relaxing.

This is not a ruined love story, I am aware of that... Please help me so it doesn't end up like one.

Thanks a lot if you read my post, I hope it was entertaining :-) It's somewhat different from the other longs posts and replies I write, they normally make people reply "emo!" or /wrists :-)

- Doveego, Dragonblight (My own account is banned for trolling:-))

Story #46

Warning: Love story inc.

It was a really *#%@ty tip, but I used to be really shy before, and my current gf was even more shy :P
I actually looked at her for like 4 years before we finally got together, though we both had some things going on with other people, but that was really nothing big :P So we had these periods where we talked a lot on msn (msn helped me a lot here, since I was so god damned shy), and we had these periods where we never talked to each other.

After a year or so, I started playing wow, and it was kinda good for me, because then I really didn't give a *#%@ about anything :P (she lost interest, but I wasn't interested in girls at all then anyway)
I played wow for 9 months hardcore (grinding lock to rank13 ftl), but in the end I got kinda depressed because I finally saw how much time I had lost, and how much fun my other friends had, so I quit and pulled myself together.

One night my mate asked if I wanted to come over to his place and watch a movie with some friend. Of course I said 'yeah ok' because my friends never asked me out because they knew I would just say 'busy, playing wow', so that was kinda new to me, and I figured out would be good to just do something else for once.

So when I got there, I saw the girl I've been talking about. I started to tease her a bit (randomly), just hitting her in a friendly way :P, and then I suddenly went 'o*#%@' (no, it was not an erection, but I realized my feelings for her was growing again :P.

After that I just tried to talk to her as much as possible on MSN, and at school, but not too much, because that would have been really obvious, and I was kinda scared :P
Things worked nicely and I talked to her friend about it, and got some info (use her friends!)

When I was hitting on her etc, I thought 'well, I'll just be myself, if she don't like it I'll just have to bite the pain). And it worked, even though I often told her that she didn't have the right to her own opinion since she was a woman etc :P (just for fun ofc), but she just laughed and slapped me in the face.
We've been together for 5 months now :P and everything is going fantastic.

So my tip is: Be yourself 100% because acting up just ruins the entire thing in the end, don't be afraid to say or do anything (asking for buttseckhs the first time you talk might not be the smartest thing, but you catch my drift)
Being open towards her, listen to her, and discuss with her (don't agree on everything she says), she will probably like that you actually have your own opinions!

And when you get the chance, be offensive! You're just a human anyway, everyone fails sometimes, and everyone wins sometimes!

Good luck :)

Story #45

Phew, took quite some time to read 62 pages.... Anyway, really enjoyed it, a lot of nice advice, and it also strengthened my self-confidence quite a lot.... dunno why...

Anyway, now it's time for my own story:

Right, I'm a 14 year-old boy living in Copenhagen, the mighty capital of Denmark. I'm tall and skinny, though I wouldn't say I'm ugly. More like average... I'm kinda old fashioned, worship Bob Marley and The Beatles, though Oasis is cool as well.

Anyways, once upon a time I was just a normal little cute boy of about 5th grade, had a normal life, no problems at that time.... But then it all started to go wrong. Apparently my male classmates seemed to think I was quite funny to tease, so they started to be quite rude to me (it's called "mobbing" in Danish, don't remember the English word). I still got one or two friends, one of them being a girl which I soon realised I was in love with.

At some time I pulled myself together and told her my feelings. Of course I was rejected. Two days after the whole class knew about it and started the real rough teasing that eventually made me leave for another school. I told myself that now everything should become different.

I was right. I did get some good friends, nerdy ass hell just like me. They made me start playing WoW, and we have really had some nice ties together. The girls though found out what a nerd I was and apparently lost interest for me at that same moment. Though there is one girl (I'll change to present tense because we've reached that point now). On the outside she's just one of the others. Though there is one difference: she looks like..... man, lets just say I love her looks. She also seems like a very nice person to me.

With this said, I haven't managed to even talk to her yet. Most girls find me just as sexually interesting as the chicken sandwiches they eat for lunch. I'm absolutely desperate, have no clue what to do now. How do I make contact with her?? Help me, oh mighty GALRITPOGers!!!!

Story #44

Well, guess the time for me to post has finally come.. after readign to most of the posts here, I feel like I don't really fit in here though.. but maybe that's just me.

Me in a nutshell? 16 years old, live in the Netherlands. I'm in the 4th Dutch grade of the VWO, the 'highest' school type of Dutch middle school. I play guitar, game and swim as hobby's. I've got lots of friends, both male and female, and pretty happy with my life. I've had 6 girlfriends in the past 3 years, dating one 1 atm.. really happy with her.

BUT... One of those loves I've had, let's call her J. at the moment. She was my third real GF in my life, we had known each other for a while.. Go's to the same school as me. She really really liked me, which I didn't really notice at the time. We where close, lot's of hugging and stuff. I was her big brother, she was my little sister, as we saw it. then one day, I was talking to her.. we got to the subject of 'verkering' as we dutchies call it, like to become GF and BF.. I didn't even get the fact she wanted me..

I just said things like 'No we shouldn't get verkering, if we'd break up our friendship would die etc.' But all of the sudden her friend says: 'Aah you idiot, just ask her verkering!' So I did, and those where happy weeks.. lot's of love, although I didn't see how much.

Then I had to go on holiday, to France. We sms-ed every day.. When suddenly she got all weird.. It scared me, I had been dumped 2 times before, I don't like the feeling.. But then suddenly she was like I'm sorry about how I acted it's all right I love you etc. After which I replied.. THE MOST STUPID THING I EVER SAID IN MY SHORT LIFE... It's oke, I love you too.. want to be with you. (ran out of inspiration then, so I asked around what to put in the rest of the message, when someone joked 'you *@@#%!' Please don't ask me why, I don't know, I regret it EVERY SINGLE DAY.. But I put it in there.. You *@@#%! Haha, just kidding;) LY! Xx. <3 After which I got lots of angry messages, me apologising, she breaking up, me devastated.

After vacation, she was ignoring me.. i got close with another girl.. when all of the sudden J. messaged me: I'm sorry, I miss you... SO HERE COMES THE SECOND MOST STUPID THING I EVER DID IN MY LIFE.. I told here about the other girl.. she was devastated, ignored me again. Think she thought I was having an affair or something.. Months went on, every time I saw here my heart jumped up. The all of the sudden we got close again for about a week, after which she suddenly turned to ignoring me for no apparent reason. Me being devastated again, though less then previous times. that was the last real connection between us.. I just focused on other girls.. Had verkering with only two since then though, on of which I'm still with atm.. :)

BUT! Every single time I saw her, my heart still jumped! Then suddenly I started thinking about her more, and more, and more... so I told her.. on msn, that I missed her, a lot. She said she had lost all interest in me.. So now it's present day.. I think I still love her, with every fibre in my body.. Even though I have a very sweet girlfriend, which I also love a lot.. But I don't dream about my GF, I dream about J...

And yes, I know how ironic my sig looks under this text.. most people see me like that, they don't know all this which I wrote..

Lot's of OT-love, Lcø

Advice from a GALRITPOG member #3

I got one really good tip for all you folks out there that have problems on the social level (iaw talking to strangers/girls)

Get a job in the Horeca!
this may sound pretty dumb, but even a job at McDonalds ups your social level by a lot
because in this sector you are forced to talk to strangers and even the most shy persons if seen there where transformed to social creatures.

simply because the border of being shy and not much of a talker is one that will be removed, you MUST talk to strangers, you're forced to, though you can keep it strictly business at first,
(can I have your order please, are you satisfied etc etc) you will soon start some random conversation.(even if you don't want it, customers who had a nice day will talk to you about random stuff. ) and you will see how easy it is to make contact and have a little chat.

You have a natural sex appeal that comes with the job!
Believe it or not, as a waiter or something in that line that u will be surprised by the amount of boys/girls that show interest in you, just because you work there! it's excellent training for your flirting skills.

I mean, when you go out, you always check out the personnel right? and you do flirt with them, even if there not that attractive.
Hell I work in the Horeca, there's always groups of giggly girls that flirt, asking for the check and my number, ordering me on a plate etc etc.
I'm not even that good looking, though I got a good sense of humour and I'm in for a joke. I just laugh and flirt back. But hey, I don't need to explain in a foreign language, just trust me :D

besides that, your co-workers are most likely the same age and hey.. something like 70% of all couples met at work....

just for the sake of the rollerduck: I was once a social monster to, shy like hell and a complete retard with girls (ended with a bunch of painful *best friends* girls which I'll tell about some other time)

Extra free tip; DON'T go for the friendly thing, keep it exiting and be slightly (to) naughty, else you just end up with another friend).

But after 3 years of this work, my colleagues are now my best friends and I met my GF at work.
I can recommend it to all of you. (pays good to ;p)

..jeeez I have no idea why I wrote all of that :D

Story #43

I.. thought about this for a long time. Whether I should write here or not I mean. As I'm typing this, I am still not quite sure about it. But I am typing. I guess that's some kind of progress.

I would like to start off by telling you something about myself. Perhaps that would make you see what kind of girls I like. And why it ended that way.

I am seventeen years old, though my questionable behaviour could be the equivalent to a 30 year-old I guess. I say questionable, because although I act like a grown-up, I am kind of.. strange. First off I have an error in my speech, making me unable to talk fluently. It is called "stuttering" in English I think. I also show some signs of social dysfunction, almost schizophrenic. So my self-esteem is pretty low indeed. I am also antisocial.

So that's me. Furthermore I have pretty high ambitions when it comes to education. I want good grades in everything. I hate people who slack at school, I don't see the point.

I thought there was no girl that could match up with me. I really did.

I first met this girl at an LAN party last summer. She dropped by to talk with one of the guys I hung out with there. The first thing she asked us was if we were in Molten Core, and she was actually being excited about it. I ended up just staring at her. How the hell could a girl know what Molten Core was? It was strange. And funny. She noticed I was staring at her after a while, so I went back to WoW. We didn't speak or anything.

Second time I met her was the first day at Senior High. I didn't speak to her now either. She just.. existed. It went on like this for a while, until I realized that this was actually a quite bright, up going girl. She seemed to be very shy as well. Didn't make much out of herself. Unlike most girls at my age. She also did pretty well at school.

The sixth of December, last year, I decided to chat her up.. On MSN of course. /facepalm. And it went surprisingly well. I don't think she ever noticed that I am actually one of the most geeky persons in the world. To her, I seemed like a cool, smart guy who could talk all day. At this point, I fell for her. In addition to being bright and sensible, I figured she was quite charming as well. And good looking. Too good looking for my league. That didn't stop me. I was in love. First time actually. It felt very weird.

Happiness didn't last for long though. Here's what happened after Christmas.

My ex best friend (he's not anymore because of this) decided to make a move on her. After I confessed to him that I was in love with her. While he was making a move, she confessed to a complete other boy that she liked him, and had been liking him for over a year. In the middle of all this, she talks to me about how sad she is because she can't seem to get the boy she likes. I gave her comfort. I was there for her. And on the top of that, she later said to me that she could not bind herself to anyone. Her feelings went nuts when she did so.

This was about the time I started to ignore her. Spontaneously. I didn't answer her on MSN. Not on Mail. I avoided her IRL, and I planned a fight with her, just to make her hate me. I did pretty well. She hasn't spoke with me for a couple of months now.

Imagine, meeting the first girl that ever showed interest in you. She said that WoW was pretty cool. She admired me for what I was. She thought I was funny, and interesting. Everyone else just look at me and say "oh, that's the guy who's so skilled in mathematics, writing etcetc". They don't talk to me. They don't want to know me. This girl did.

I have been ignoring all the sadness I should have felt back then. Until yesterday night where I broke down completely. It's a funny thing actually, I have been a bastard to her. Without feeling sad about it. I know how people work. I know how to make them happy, and angry. Just because I don't talk with them does not mean I don't understand them. I set up a fight with her on purpose just to make her hate me. It's alarming that I think of this as a sort of strategy game. But that's the way I think. And one of the last things she said to me was that she had grown very fond of me. And that she cared about me a lot. First person that ever told me that.

According to quantum physics, there exists no such thing as "free will". That's quite a relieving thought at the moment. At least it wasn't my own fault I threw away my life's chance. It was either set up from the beginning, or totally random. Depends on what theorems you support.

I'm off to sleep.

Story #42

had that happen to me too.

Except the discussion always went well, andgodsamnit they never showed up at the bus site again (no i didn't scare them).

Cause you kinda need to meet a woman more than once to get her phone number...

Well, %%*@ outta luck for me.

Or that time I decided, nervosity be damned, I am actually going to hit on the receptionist of my gym (sweet little girl by the looks of it; and the way she acted too). And godamn if I wasn't making progress. We looked deep in eachothers eyes while we did just some small talk after I had worked out and was on my way out; and me racking my brain trying to figure out if that means she's attracted and not too shy or if it means she sees me as just another custome -- so that looking into my eyes wasn't such a big deal, VS getting shy and dodeing whenever eye contact is being done --.

And then, BOOM, second time I do small talk I pull a king-hell stunt of cocky&funny on her just as I leave.

And man, if she wasn't beaming next time she saw me...but then one day I went and asked her friend receptionist and she told me no, no use trying, she's got a boyfriend from waaaay back. And I kinda left it at that, and felt really really bad because I liked the girl and it was obvious she liked me too. But the other receptionist I asked must have told her best friend of this conversation. So every time I went to that gym for the next two weeks or so, I had to supress a powerful urge to just turn around and walk back home before going through check-in. But neuroses are to be conquered, so I felt the fear and did it anyway.

Tough luck I guess. Luck and I aren't really on speaking terms.

Story #41

I was waiting for the bus and a a lot of people were waiting including several gurlz! (omG!!!!!) anyway it was snowing and the stupid bus didn't show up (had a sort of exam for my school) .. I was like: 'oh my why that bus doesn't ride with only a 3centimetre snow layer?!!!' and then she replied and so on, we kinda talked while in the bus, met her afterwards another time, she then told she was going with the bus because her Scooter was broken and that she had a bf.... which made me cry in my heart :(

And she was kind and stuff, very friendly :(

Story #40

Ok, I said I was going to post my story, so here it is.


I'll start at I was about 10 years old, when I was in 4th or 5th grade. I was very shy and naive at that time (still is to an extent, tbh..) so I didn't have much contact with people at all. But there was 2 girls in my class that had started to shown interest in me, but it was more that they was picking on me. I got confused; were they interested in me or were they just being mean to me? I didn't think much more about it though, and am still not sure.

Fast forward to 7th grade. New school, new class. I told myself that I shouldn't be the same as I was before; being shy and insecure, and not taking contact with girls. Some of the people in my class were from my old school, but most were new. I took interest in one girl in particular, that I will call Ann from now on. Ann was the tallest one in the class, and good looking at that time. But, I was still insecure like hell so I didn't say anything about it. Time passed, things went on an usual. But one day when I was chemistry class, doodling in my text book like usual of how I was in love with her, I had to go to the bathroom. When I came back, everyone laughed at me, and I realized what happened: someone had opened my textbook and shown my doodling. I felt like the laughing stock of the year.

8th grade, same class. One day when I was walking back to school from gym class I had a chat with some classmates, and someone asked me "Who are you in love with?". As Ann wasn't actual at that time, I was thinking of someone else, who I will call Marie. I hadn't actually taken notice of Marie earlier, but now I saw that she really was good looking. I took more interest in Marie, we spent some time at school just hanging out outside the classrooms and stuff, and after school I was chatting with her. One day when I was chatting with her, she asked me "Are you in love with me?". As I was surprised by the answer, I just replied "YES!" and closed the chat window, but just moments later I told her that's what I meant and asked her to not tell anyone about it, and she promised me she wouldn't. But the day later at school, my classmates asked me what me and Marie was talking about. I got confused, since she wasn't going to tell anyone about it. I didn't think any much about it though, and went on. We had a media project later on where we were in the same group, and we made a great video together with two other classmates. I haven't heard from her since we graduated.

Even more forward, to college. Due to my failures of trying to get together with someone the years before, I decided I would go straight on, trying to get together with someone. So I set sight to this girl in my class, which I will call Liz. I talked a lot with Liz in the beginning of term, and we had fun together, but later on found out that she already had a boyfriend. So I lost confidence again and forgot about it. We still stayed friends though, and hanged out after school, studying together. Although it wasn't much studying, just having fun. Several times I tried to make a move on her, but damn was I still too shy to do it This kept on going until one year before we graduated, where I realized it was just a waste of time.

During second year of college, I got contacted by a girl (that I will call Louise) on a community site for singles. We sent messages to each other, and chatted, and it felt like it was going along really good with her. But one day she told me that she had a boyfriend, which I was really surprised to hear. We still stayed friends, and we messaged each other, but nothing more than that happened. Shortly after Christmas, she asked me if we could have a night out at town, and we were to bring both a friend with us. I was fine with that, and brought along my best friend to come.

We four had a great time together, just messing around in town and having fun, and I couldn't help to notice that my friend and her talked a lot. I didn't think much more than that about it, and just went on with my life. But, on Valentine's day later that year, he told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend and they two were now a couple. With that in mind, together with the fact I was still single and it was Valentine's Day, I got completely heartbroken. Although I was a bit mad that he had taken the opportunity and not me, I got over it and just went along with my life. We three are still friends.

Third year of college. I am still single, and I'm still on the community, when a girl is messaging me too. Now this girl was something really special, we messaged each other like mad about all kinds of stuff, like what we were going to do in the future, and it felt like we were already a couple. She was going with her family to our town a couple of weeks after, and we decided to meet up. But I chickened out just a few days before that. I don't know why I did that, but I guess I was too afraid of commitment.

And since I graduated from third year of college, most of the contact I've had has been over the internet, having shut myself in after all the hard things that happened in the past. But it doesn't make things better, especially if you're shy and insecure like me. Since then it's been just small talks with girls, telling each other stuff, feeling that it could be something, just to get that crushed. If there's something in my body that is completely broken, that would be my heart.

Story #39

So my ban finally ended some minutes ago. Yay for me!

I've been banned for two weeks, and that's what stopped me from posting what I've been wanting to post here for a couple of days right now. As some of you might remember (which I highly doubt) I was posting about my soon-to-be-GF a few weeks ago. I was really excited and happy and all, and I could tell that she was really in love with me (and the vice versa situation happened some time later, I fell in love with her. Though it should be said, after some doubts in my mind). I was happy, too, because this was my first shot at any type of ‘relation’ other then standard friendship with a girl. But, just take a look at the title of the thread. Of course no such thing happened.

What DID happen is the following. We continued talking etc, and it was all nice and dandy at first (that makes it sound evil, doesn’t it?). Until I noticed a rather steep decline in her attention to me. Her replies became shorter, less enthusiastic, and also I noticed she stopped referring to me in her screen-name on MSN. I desperately tried to keep up the conversation, but it needs to be said I’m no genius at making up stuff to talk about. I decided to give up and let her talk to me if she wanted to, but that I wouldn’t be the conversation-opener anymore. And thus it happened that she logged on, and I waited for her to start saying something. As you might guess, nothing... nothing at all...

Not too long ago, however, she seemed in a little more talkative mood. The conversation started out nicely, until it fell dead, nothing left to say. I wait a while, only to see nothing will happen.

This is when I decide to tell her what I think. I started off by telling her I’ve been feeling quite sucky the last couple of days, and I apologised to her because I was probably just worrying too much again (as I usually do). All I got from her is “Nah it’s all right, don’t apologise.” This, somehow, made me snap. It made me throw out what had been bugging me all at once, in complete honesty. I told her I thought she seemed so uninterested in me, and that it seemed as though she didn’t want to talk to me anymore. I told her that in all my life, I hadn’t had nearly as much attention I had had over the last couple of weeks, and that now all of a sudden it had stopped. Lastly, I told her I’m just a stupid dude, who didn’t understand it, and that that’s why I kept wondering why she kept ‘ignoring me’. This, I feel, is when she started becoming honest.

First she said something along the lines of “I don’t know either”, but when I asked her to explain, she gave me the following reply (not exactly ofc, it was in Dutch): “I don’t know... We think too much (referring to a bit of conversation we'’ had before). But so much has happened recently... and I’m putting the fact that I’m in love aside. I need to study for school really hard (something like exams), and first I could get this feeling back, but now I’ve “lost it”.”

I proceeded to tell her that this was exactly the reply I’d been fearing, and that it sucked to me because I kept falling in love more, while I noticed the opposite happened to her. She told me it made her feel dreary, and that she’s got the feeling that, and I quote, she’s “afraid to be in love”. She somehow can’t do it, she puts it away.
Of course I asked her why she thinks this. She explains to me that in her surrounding, she sees many friends having BF/GFs. And she also sees that these people ‘abandon’ the rest of their friends, and that she’s really scared to become like that herself.

I told her she didn’t have to worry about it. I think she’s too... I dunno... “smart” to start behaving like this, and I told her that if she did, I’d tell her. I’d keep a watch out for her. I tried to comfort her by telling that I know this dude, and he’s got a GF, but that he’s never ‘left us’ (us being his friends).

She told me she’d want to find out if she would start behaving like this before she started anything serious. I asked her how she intended to do that, and she didn’t know. I admitted to her that I could think of only one way to find out, and that is to try it.

I do believe she has to pass school first. There is a tremendous pressure on her right now. We have agreed to take a break, and after it’s all over see what we’ll do. But I’m still afraid of what will happen. I’m afraid she’ll run off with someone else, or something like that.

Just thought I’d drop by here and post my story. Please tell me what you think.

Story #38

[Author of Story #20]

Guess who's back in this thread? For those that can't bother reading, I'll just say - we still haven't been together.

Now, if anyone still remembers my story, I applaud your memory. If not, just use the search function and find my post(s) in this thread, if you can't be arsed about it. So anyhow, here it goes - what's been happening lately.

Firstly, some geography, but let's keep it simple. I'll call the town where I live "place A", village (~5km away) she lives in "place B", and the village my best friend lives (another ~1km away) "place C".

Last Friday, me and my friend were bored, so we decided to go out in his village (place C). We got to a pub there, had a few drinks, some other friends came there, etc. We were generally enjoying ourselves. But suddenly, I saw her (and a friend of hers) walk into the pub. I greeted her and called her to sit by our table, and she came and sat next to me.

We talked a little (It was boring in place B so she decided to come here, etc.), I bought her and her friend a drink (although she was a little tipsy by then, but I was even more), talked some more, but then I chickened out. I knew I had a chance there - if I only told her I love her, or tried to kiss her, or anything, and see if anything can come out of it -, and I was being an idiot not to try. And alas, I didn't.

Eventually, some more people arrived so we were no longer sitting next to each other and the chance was lost. Some times passed, we were near each other but not as near as I wanted us to be. Before I noticed, it was 02:00, and she had to go home. And apparently, the person who was supposed to drive her home didn't arrive.

So me and my best friend convinced a cousin of his (one of the rare people there sober) to give all of us a lift to place B, to a pub her friend's (the one she came with) parents run. When we got there, she stayed with us for some twenty minutes, but then she really had to go home. The rest of the night isn't really interesting (or at least it has nothing to do with this story). Thing that annoys me the most about this second part (first part is me being coward) is that I didn't remember to ask her to walk her home (not that she lives too far, but at least to talk to her a few minutes' privately).

Hmm... wall of text, anyone? Anyhow, the next day (Saturday) also doesn't have much with this story, except that she was supposed to come to Place A, and I was determined to try this time, but she didn't come. Oh well, I would've chickened out anyhow.

So anyhow, I today me and a friend (not best friend, that guy was sick today) went to have a coffee in the city during our German language class, and we had a talk. We talked about various things, but she (friend) also did mention that she noticed how the girl I have a crush on is being more friendly with me than before just a few months ago, and looking back, I'd have to agree with it.

It's not that we didn't communicate before, we did, but much less IRL than now, and more through e-mails. During the class breaks we almost never talked (in fact, in school we mostly talked when we sat next to each other when people we usually sit next to are sick or something, and even then we mostly get separated for being too loud) to each other, she goes with a few friends of hers to a bench, we go near a school wall that keeps the sunlight off us (IT BURNS! :p), but lately she's been coming near me and starting conversations, and I did that a few times' also.

Oh, and another thing, not so big, but still. That Friday at school a friend of hers made a joke about me being in love with her, so now pretty much everyone in class knows it (before that it was a closely-guarded secret, meaning only half of the class knew it.) but since that was the last hour that day, no one got the chance to make any fun of it (I don't know how she reacted to the comment, since I was busy for the rest of that hour trying not to look anywhere near her general direction), and as it seems, everyone forgot about it by Monday.

Also (just remembered something) - I didn't pay attention when I read that post at the blog of hers in which she said she's still in love with her ex -When I sent a mail to the person that gave me address of her blog, asking why (s)he sent me it, I got a reply to carefully read the post, so I once again got there, read the post and understood what I got wrong. She admitted she still has some feeling for him, but she knows she'll never love him again (I basically read only the first line first time), so I got my hopes back up.

I noticed a strange thing also. When it's only me and her, I can talk normally - if we're walking to somewhere, talking by mail or we're sitting next to each other in school - with her and we have fun. But if there's only a third person nearby (especially if it's a person that knows I'm in love with her), I basically shut down. It's pretty annoying.

Now, I did say a big post was coming up, didn't I?