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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #30

Been reading this thread for about half an hour so now its my turn.

I've known this girl for a really long time, but only realised my feelings for her about two months ago. I'm quite a confident guy so I told some of my friends I had feelings for her, we talked about it for a while. We're both very interested in listening to, and playing music. We are in the same Music theory class. About a month ago I added her on myspace and messaged her for her MSN. She gave it to me and we chatted for a bout a week, I then proceeded to ask her for her number so we could chat by text. At this point let it be noted that even though we have talked in real life, its quite a sparse occurrence. However, looks are often exchanged and I know for a fact that she realised this, I know she's not stupid.

So I got her number, we texted a bit, I got a bit drunk at a show in London and admitted that I had feelings for her, she texted me back and told me she didn't see that coming and was very surprised. At this point I was surprised that she was surprised. So we continued to text, almost as though nothing had happened for the rest of the evening. The next morning she sent me a text message saying she was sorry about the way she acted last night (However, I didn't realise this message until later, after I'd started speaking to her on MSN). She told me on MSN that she felt the same way. I was really happy!

We carried on talking for a while, and I asked her if she wanted to meet up at some point in the week. She agreed. However, the week passed and I didn't make further plans. STUPID! I KNOW! So we're still texting/chatting on MSN, and I've entered my exam period. She knows I'm very busy at the moment and I don't really have the chance to see her for a couple of weeks.

What I really don't want to happen is for us to drift apart, after making such a good start, whilst I'm doing my exams.

She refers to me and her as 'us', and she asked me if it was ok if she could tell her friends about us, this seemed like a pretty good sign, that she was proud to be with me, and that she acknowledged we were together, but I'm relatively unsure, because we haven't officially gone out alone yet.

At the moment, I've been trying to downplay my personality at the moment, I tend to say my mind when I shouldn't, and that's got me in a lot of difficult situations and fights. She's a year and a half younger than me, she's a bit naive I guess. I drink and sometimes smoke weed on a regular basis, and I'm out with my mates a lot! I don't do much school work and my grades have been failing. She's clever, and she does well at school. She's a lot better behaved than any girls I've previously dated. However, I find that an attractive feature, guess it appeals to me, that she wouldn't have to deal with %%@* I do.

Too a certain extent, I've been trying to hide that area of my life from her, I don't want her to think I'm a bad guy, because I'm not, I mean come on.. I play World of Warcraft!

One of my mates is having her 16th birthday party pretty soon, and I asked her if I could bring someone, she agreed and I've asked the girl in question if she wants to go. I warned her that she wouldn't know many people and she said she'd think about it. It would be a really good opportunity for us to get to know each other, and for her to get to know my friends.

I have really strong feelings for her. She's very attractive, clever and funny. Perfect girlfriend material. I would definitely not be ashamed to call her my own.

About six months ago I came out of a year long relationship, this still slightly haunts me as I haven't lost touch with my previous girlfriend.

I guess I'm just venting at the moment, but I really hope everything goes well with this girl.

Any opinions? All welcomed, apart from flamers.. obviously.

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