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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #26

Hi there!

Figured that I might as well have some outside opinions on this.

I like a girl who I haven't met IRL yet, but she lives very close to me. She's 16, I just turned 15 yesterday. We talk a lot via MSN (mainly 'cause I hate phone conversations :/) and I've mentioned the prospect of meeting (cinema, shopping trip) but she claims to be busy. Obviously, I can't prove or disprove this, but it had me thinking.

I really enjoy spending time with her, and we always have a great time when we have our MSN conversations. We've become very close friends, and I'm considering trying to take it to the next level, ie ask her out. However, I don't know how to 'break' this kind of question to her; being turned down sucks, ruins your chances with her and knocks apart your friendship.

Oh, yeah, in terms of looks...well, not 'Blow me freaking away' mega-uber-hot, but she's very good-looking, intelligent, and we do have a fair few things in common.

Halp plz. =(

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