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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #15

[author of Story #10]

So, its Tuesday now, and I'm feeling... Sad, tired and... Weird =/
But I feel a bit happy as well, though it may seem like there's nothing to happy about.

It was Monday yesterday (surprise!) and I got the girls number as I wrote on page 11, where I also said I promised to call her. And I didn't forget that! I stood in 10 min trying to pick up my balls and call her. And I did call her! How I cool am I?

It all seems happy and good now as we talked in around 45 min. So I asked her, and I quote "Be the way, I was wondering if you want to go catch a movie or something, at some point? That would be great, right?" Then she said, and I quote once again! "It would be great! But (at this time i thought oh crap) I have this thing going with another guy i met a couple of days ago. Its not that you aren't sweet or good looking, because you are! I just got this thing going with someone else..."

Now you know why I'm a bit down. She insisted that we kept on talking in the future, as she didn't wanna "throw me away" as a very good friend. Feeling like a backup plan atm tbh.

So I couldn't sleep and i was kinda... Mad? But right now, I'm happy. I realized that its possible for me to get a girls number and talk to her so she aren't losing interest. That gave me a lot of confidence (sc?) which is great. I said to myself "Pick yourself up dude. Cant run around and be sad all the time! Pull yourself together. There's a lot of fish in the sea. And its nearly summer!"

So now I'm still kinda down, of course I didn't tell her that, but I will get over it. Happiness > sadness. It's stupid to look so bad at all things. Remember that! If you take a chance you might as well get hurt! "Always look on the bright side of life" =)

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