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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #32

Might as well do it...

A couple of months ago, don't know exactly (just ding'd 70 and there were no raids planned for the near future). a friend of me added me in a conversation with a girl on msn he met in the gym.
just random talk ya know how it goes... the random talk kept going for a couple of hours and I suddenly said, " I had enough of this... I'm gonna add you on msn" so blablabla kept random talking for the rest of the evening...

The day after we started talking in the evening again and it lasted the whole evening again. getting to know each other better and just fooling around (on msn though -.-)
The day after I went to the gym with my mate and she was there as well, nothing special happened though.
But met her for the first time for real and I didn't dislike it, she seemed kinda cool.

The day after we talked again (still msn) and I decided to quit wow for a while cause I was getting tired of it, just needed a break. We kept talking every night, just having a laugh and all...

Then after a day or five I told her the music addict I am, sent her a lot of songs all day long and apparently I sent her a lot of "depressing making" music, like Creed, The Cure and all songs which are a bit mellow. she went incredibly "emo" that evening and it didn't cheer me up either... so she kinda took me in trust and told me her "problem"...

She's been in love with a guy for some months, they made out a couple of times while he had a girlfriend... and he said he'd dump his current girlfriend for her... but he didn't .... for months.
I kinda understand how "my" girl must have felt for those months, feeling like !*%@e every day. Being really depressed every evening and I bothered a bit too much than that's good for me so I wasn't all too happy either during that period... I went to visit guildies in Sweden for a week and I really needed to get out of it all for a week, the visit in Sweden has been such an important thing in my life, it was a huge confident boost for me and I kinda changed since then.

When I was back I started talking to her again and she still felt like !*%@...
I told her: "I'm gonna be really honest with you now... you gotta excuse me for it but I have to say it...that guy is being a total jerk atm, he's hurting you every day more and more and he will eventually hurt the girl he is with now, I hope he loses both you and his girlfriend so he will take a lesson out of it"
she agreed somehow and said that he's done so much for her in the passed... but still, look what he's doing now...

but ok, I asked her out a couple of times and she did a couple of times as well, just went for a walk, watched a movie etc etc...

and that's where it never got any further, I came to a point where I started seeing a relationship coming up but then the guy dumped his girlfriend and they got together (happened 4 weeks ago or something)

I didn't really type this like there was a sparkle between us but there was, we're made for each other ... (maybe that's just my mind trying to force but I doubt it)
she said stuff that really caught me... dunno how to explain it but it made me feel good.

I sometimes talk to her on a regular basis and she seems really happy, I'm happy for her because she doesn't deserve any more than what she has gone through, she is a great person.

But I still sit here thinking about it a lot. "and I'm feeling so disgusted, how pathetic can I possibly be" hehe the lyrics from "Limp Bizkit - It'll be ok" fit so well for this.

so now I bumped your thread mister Doomhamma, this thread was a great idea and I'm happy I told this on a gamesforum :P

a lot more details in this btw but no point in telling it all, you know the headlines :)

as a conclusion, I've been a person that she trusts and that was/is there for her, I'm happy to have her as a friend so it's not all of a total loss :)

and for something different, <3 to you all in here and K's thread, we're emo teens and will turn out ok eventually :D

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