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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #21

Ok guys, story time! Or an almost ruined love story!

It all started at a party about 2 weeks ago, where I was drunk and she was as well, and she cheated on her boyfriend with me. However two days later she dumped him because she didn't feel for him like she thought she did. So I thought, time for me to make my move, and I did, we spent a lot of time together, however it was mainly physical and we didn't really get to know each other very well.

Unfortunately this girl has a history of being with guys for a short amount of time and then chucking them. So, I thought to myself, best not get to attached, and I didn't. A few more days past, I got to know her and her family a little better and we still remained quite physical.

Therefore I thought it was time to take it further and ask her to be my girlfriend, and I did, and she said yes, unsurprising this was for me. So we spent the day together, it was ok, nothing much changed. That evening however, when I got home and was on the phone to her, she realised that there wasn't really anything between us, we still didn't really know each other and it was going way to fast.

So we had the relationship talk, which, like every other man I fucked up. And thus we decided we weren't going out anymore, it is something that she made up, we were a kinda lesser version of boyfriend and girlfriend, I am very confused about all of this, thinking wtf is going on? And now I am going to see her on Friday and take it slower!

To be continued....

Maybe keep it going for a month or so and then ask her out. =O

Advice welcome! =)

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