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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #18

My short story

when I was a little younger (about 2 years ago now)
I met my first GF I was liek <3 obviously and we got along great, the love was flowing, she was really romantic and I was learning and it was awesome

Valentines day approaches and i give her a present(early cause I couldn't see her on the day cause she was on a family trip) she seemed pretty happy. she gives me a book I wanted and its a lovely day

I go home and start reading book

valentines day hits and I sign into MSN to say hi and thanks for the book.

she dumps me after informing me she had been seeing my best-friend for a week

to make matters worse I get half way through the book and a love note falls out from her D: D: D:

skip forward 2 years and I've been with my current GF for over a year now!! wooo!

<3 to azraethea the holy disc priest (lvl 62 and counting dear ;) )

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