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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #01

Hello there fellow up-late-guys, I just read the other Thread "I'm Bored" where this started. And I'll jump into the conversation here. Let me explain my problem.

I think I'm in love with 2 girls... very frustrating yeah...
Some info about em:

The first one: She's a year younger then me, she is at the same school as me, we both go a special Theatre thing there. so once a week we meet at this class (and we meet in the corridors and speaks on MSN). She got the worlds most beautiful smile and she is always so happy and positive (I'm very optimistic and positive myself). I've moving really slow and steady forward and so far it's going good. Some days ago I asked her if she wanted to do something, like watch a movie or something. She said she gladly would do that (at this point I started to laugh out of happiness) but at a later point she asked if she but after some complications with family etc she were unable to. And that's how far I've got with her.

The second one: She is perfect, in every possible way (except music style, but she don't like music so ^^) I've known her for like a year this summer. The only problem is... she lives in Minneapolis... USA.... though I'm not fully sure I'm in love with her as I've never meet her RL.

My problem is, who shall I concentrate on?

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