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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #11

The Start...
So, I'm a 17 years old psychology student, I can call myself very social, I play guitar and I'm better then average looking I've heard. At the start of this year we heard about some exchange project we were going to have. We were going to have a Czech exchange partner here for a week and visa versa.

We received the exchange files and I started chatting with my Czech dude. After some chatting, he seemed a very nice guy and stuff so we got good friends... But well, this isn't a gay story about him. He sent me his class photo so I could see who was going to come here and from the moment I saw that picture... I saw this one girl and really, I knew it...

The day after I showed the picture to my class and they didn't have much to say. They didn't notice 'her' or anyone else. But for me she was so special?! Couldn't they see it?! CMON!!

Vrooom, the Czech-bus has arrived.
We started planning trips for the exchange week, we were all pretty nervous and stuff, and well... On Saturday afternoon they were there :) a bus full of Czech hippies we had never seen before :D
Of course social me went to give them all a good greeting and the week started of.

That night we all went to the pub but no sign of the girl yet... :)

The second night; "Czech-girl".
Same pub, sitting with the group in the pub. Of course me and my exchange guy were first in the pub, like 3 hours before the rest because... we're both in love with beer. We did some water pipe (hookah) and talked a bit; about the girl. Seemed she's a bit crazy. Nice!
So, people started arriving and before I knew, she was sitting right across of me :-O Social me... died! I couldn't speak, I couldn't do my perfect sentences anymore... she skinned me. She started looking, I looked back, you know the drill :) after a while I took my balls from the floor and walked to her and started failing.

I failed. Hard. I was so stupid. She liked it. She's crazy. I'm crazy. We're 1.

The week
Building up the love. I just was myself all the time and she liked it a lot. I liked her too, really, she had this magical thing going on, I can't describe :) it was a great week, I kissed her on Wednesday and Friday when they left, we were both pretty broken. :) But no phear, in 28 I would see her in Czech

Czecko republico
After lots of chatting and building things up, we both figured out that we were kinda made for each other. I was the first person who liked her for who she is. Same deal :) Lots of kissing, lots of loving, lots of other things hands and mouths can do. (For those who wonder, no sex ;))

The going back to Belgium was even worse. Terrible. Kaput. Doodgaan.

... story goes on
So, now I'm sitting here :) planning my summer holiday trip to Czech, to the Czech girl. I don't really know what future holds... I wonder if I should go on with this or drop it?
I don't know... I would regret dropping her when I get old...

I love her.
I love Czech.


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