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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #37


I thought I'd post my story here. It's not really ruined, it's only (hopefully) the beginning. Posting on a posting alt, so she can't recognize me on the forums, if she reads them.

I started on a server a while after tbc came out, I've quitted wow before but tbc made it exciting again. So, I join a RL friends guild, and I get really good friends with this girl very fast. She normally doesn't get this close to new people in her life that fast. Can imagine that's a good thing.. I hope. We talk, and talk all the time while we were levelling up, and she's such a sweet girl, the words coming from her melts my heart completely, and I often look at her picture and cry(fact!).

So after a while we exchange MSN addresses, and we begin to talk there. Though she isn't logged on msn much, because she can talk to the people she has there over wow. Every time I log online, she is the first one to greet me good day in guild chat, and lots of <3<3<3. And every time her or I log, it's a lot of *hugs/kisses* and so on. takes around 10 minutes for us to say goodnight. She gave me her phone number too!

I called her one time, and I was so nervous I thought I'm gonna *@@# myself. Suddenly my voice was all like a 14 year olds. I calmed down a little, and she just laughed in a very cute way.. She was nervous too, she said. This conversation went nice, though i ran out of stuff to talk about ( I'm not a good talker - she knows). She went on a sort of vacation recently, and a few days after she sent me a sms (I couldn't call her, she was in another country) saying she's having a really good time, and that she misses me, and that she loves me. The "love you" part I think it's just friendly..

There hasn't been a long timespan since I first met her, around 5 months. We're gonna meet up this summer (I'm driving from north of Norway to Stockholm to meet her). I hope this goes well.. I'm gonna stay at her place for a week. But honestly, I think she means this in a friendly tone! I've never fallen in love over the internet before, but I've fallen completely for this girl. I don't have words to explain how it is, because I've never felt this way before.

And I can imagine, she doesn't want a boyfriend at this time in her life, she broke up with her ex a few months ago, and it's been years since she was single. I'm 20(soon 21) and she' s 28. Her ex is 19 :o
She is all I want in this world, and I know that for certain. Whenever she says hi, or anything, I immediately get a huge smile on my face with ear wax from cheek to cheek..( metaphor)
I'm quite mature for my age, and she probably knows that after all we've talked. I've had my share of fun in my teenager years, and I'm actually ready to settle down. Get a job, house, family car and all that.

I'm so nervous for when I'm going to meet her. All I can think about is how am I gonna react when we meet, how is she gonna react, and everything. So nervous I get all sweaty only by thinking of it. I'm probably overdoing this, but it's how I feel and I can't change it.. I just hope she feels it the same way. Probably not, after my experience(yes I got low confidence).

Tips/advice would be much appreciated.

Story #36

I figure I might as well add one of my own stories into this cheerful compilation, so here goes..

(Wall of text incoming!!)

This was when I turned 18 and had just started school again. Due to me drinking and partying away the school days when I lived away from home, I had to to move back to the home town.
Now this is a real little !!#%hole of a town. Actually it's more of a village.. about 200 people living in a fairly large area. Most connected to the military in some way.

Anyway, it was my second year living home again, and the two 2nd year classes merged in a few different subjects. I'd noticed one of the girls in the other class during the previous year, but never really talked to her. Now that we were in the same class, we started talking quite a bit.

I was known as the local satanic loon (small town, small minds) and most knew my preferred music taste. Jean (which I'll call her from now on) shared my taste in music and many other things.
The more we got to talking, the more I realized that I really liked her. She was fun, had a real edge to her, and spoke her mind regardless of what others might think about it.

After some flirting and talking for a few weeks, another friend of mine noticed that I was quite interested in Jean. She encouraged me to make my move, and I did. I Invited her to join me and some friends and watch a few movies and hang out. She wanted to, but unfortunately her mother was strict as hell about those things (Jehovah witness... nuff said) Luckily, my friend (Lill from now on) was a girl and said she could sleep over at her place, so no problem there. Her mother agreed to this and Jean and Lill came to join me, a mate and his GF. Lill had to leave after a short while, so that just left me, Jean and the couple. Me and Jean decided to go for a walk, since it was a nice night and pretty warm.

After walking for about 30 mins, with me babbling on and on like a nervous git trying to get enough guts to make a move, she suddenly stopped me, pulled me close and started kissing me. (Still remember the time and date. 21st sept. at 21:30. ) Of course, I was more then happy to return the favour, so we stood there making out for a while.. After a while she grinned and said "Couldn't be bothered waiting any longer." Fair enough, I wasn't gonna argue about that. ^^

When we got back to my mate's, he and his gf went upstairs after a while, leaving us in the basement were things very quickly got passionate. Rather then being caught with our pants down, we decided to go to my place. My mate was busy with his gf so he didn't mind.
To cut it short, that was the start of a really passionate relationship. She came over whenever she could and we spent almost any free time we had together. Passion quickly turned into love, and things looked really good. There were a few bumps of course, but that happens in all relationships.

Then in January, I got the worst news I've ever got... My dad had died.
Needless to say, I was absolutely crushed. I fell into a depression, but luckily Jean was there to support and comfort me when she could. The only problem was that she rarely had time.. She had other duties, like school and several horses she had to take care of. On top of that, I'd always been the supporting one.

She had troubles at home or was stressed, and I was there to comfort her. At first it was enough for me just to be close to her, so my mind could focus on other things.. But eventually I needed to talk things out with someone and discuss how I felt.

Unfortunately this coincided with her having some doubts about us and being extremely stressed.
So less then 2 weeks after I got the news, I got an sms from her asking if I was gonna be at school on Monday. She wanted to talk to me... being the negative bastard that I am, I assumed that it was about her having doubts and wanting to break up... And I was right. She broke up, leaving me even more crushed and with no one to support me when I needed it most. The same week I had to go to not only one, but two funerals (one for each side of the family).

How did I end up?
Drunk for 9 months straight. (longest sober streak was 2-3 days)
Can't really blame Jean for breaking up. She felt it was more honest then staying with me when she didn't want to. But her timing was crap! :P
But we're still friends and she is now living with one of my best friends. :)

Anyway, that one of my stories.

Story #35

I'm late, but nevertheless

So I've been the usual 'shy, bullied wuss' for the first years of my puberty, however, this year that took an overhaul as i got into a new class. Nobody bullied anyone else, there were some real 'geeks' (ye, worse than me) that people would look down more on, I got a bunch of friends, got out more etc.

Now, there's been this girl I had my eye on, she was a sorta Gnome irl (I got something with smaller women...), about more than a head smaller then me. She was the extremely shy, she would talk to nobody but the few friends she had and usually shut down when people asked her things. In the mornings you could always find her alone at the stairs with nobody with her

After I managed to get a talk with her during class I just thought, heck, I'll go for it. And started having small talks with her about every morning. She was showing interest in me, starting to tell me more personal things and such, I was planning to ask her out soon after that...

...However, then one of the 'geek' types starts hanging around her, he's mentally a bit behind, and has this annoying girlie voice, he cant walk properly and is standard annoying to everyone overall. At first I just thought I would leave them, she'd just get another of the few friends she had.

However, she started showing more interested in him, I got sort of insecure what to do now, but I asked her out nevertheless a week after. She agreed, but as we set a date for it I noted the other guys name in her diary, i just decided to ignore it, as she already decided to go out with me

Days passed, i could rarely see her because this guy was always following her, I was afraid she wouldn't show up on the day...

...she did show up, i was relieved by that time. We'd hang around a bit, go to her place, she lives at a farm so I helped around a bit, we watched a movie together after. And near the end...she confessed to me, I couldn't have been happier at that time.

Shame it went downhill after

We settled to meet again next week, I was preparing for her to be stalked again by this other guy, and yes she was. He probably knew, i was hoping he'd leave her alone a bit more or she would tell him that at least. I was wrong, however, she'd seek me out sometime, and we could spend a bit of time together.

The week passed, since we had some exams coming up we decided to go out some time later, which happened to be my birthday. During this times the same usually happened, I barely got to speak or meet her beside MSN, i couldn't get along with this guy, I rarely walked up to her when he was around, and since he was always around. well...even if I did one of us ended up being totally ignored by her anyhow. And every time i told her it was bothering me I just got the triple dot from her, every time.

Then it was the last week before we met again, and when she was out of class once and her diary was on the table, i let my curiosity let the better of me and looked up in it. I stopped in the week we were in. On my birthday my name was written with a big hearth beside it but.....

His name was there too, with the time '19:30' written next to it, you don't know how you should feel, it's just horrible. The worst part is, when we met on MSN again she had to explain to me why she had to leave early, according to her she went to a 'girl party' all night for 'girl thingies'. I knew that Saturday was the last time we'd be together.

I treated her as I would normally, but she was back holding a lot on things we did before (no pr0n), at the end I brought her to a place where she would find her way to the 'party' herself, and we said goodbye, for the last time.

I felt bad, of course as the next weeks started, I didn't pay attention to her, she probably knew I knew, she didn't walk up to me anymore nor even spoke a word to me, and I ignored her as well.
I talked a lot to a few of my friends who gave me support, and eventually I got over her

They're still together now, that year he gave up everything to be with her, and she did the same, everyone thought bad of them and sympathized with me instead.

I'm Imhunterbot, and i got dumped for a geek.

Story #34

I thought I would never have to post here...(although it ain't over)

Since me and my bf seemed to be the perfect match...sharing the same interests...

until I noticed that he has interests in d-cup t!tties and teenage girls...

This morning at 7am I caught him surfing on the web ...on porn sites. (very first time ever after 1.5 years)

Also he was sitting in a very odd position....while hanging on his manager seat.

I failed to pretend I was cool with it.

I failed miserably.....

The way he was sitting in his manager seat kinda freaked me out though...
Kinda seemed like he was sort of dry-@#!@ing his chair in a way.

I simply failed to stay pretend i was cool with it...
I freaked out...said every bad thing that was even possible.

Feel relieved though.


yeah but you know it's very walking into your parents room and you catch them having sex.

Kinda gave me the same feeling just 3x as worse.

I was speechless...and like always everything happened in slow motion. (like it always does when bad things happen)

And I'm thinking " god...pretend it didn't happen.....god I wish I wasn't wearing my contacts right now"

But the image of him kinda hanging over his manager seat while watching big t.tties...

I tried to stay cool with it...I TRIED !

I simply couldn't let this beautiful moment pass by... to make plenty of sarcastic comments.

I tried and I tried...

Till he said the reason why...'because I'm bored'...

So that was pretty much an invitation for sarcasm and grabbed it with my two hands.

Fired away the most nasty but funny comments possible...(kinda enjoyed it though)


Well he says he doesn't really "pick" anything's not on his hard drive...he surfs on random sites.

Told him to stop being so surprised when his computer freezes up , cause we both know why that is now...

Well I wouldn't mind the porno if it wasn't in combination of a quite inactive sex life.

I'm currently not feeling so very confident in this relationship.
Not really feelin' sexy....

It's one of things girls ask themselves when they catch their bf surfing the web for porno
"am I not attractive enough..that he has to look for other visual stuff"
"does he thing about this stuff while he's having sex with me?"

My first question to myself was "point is breast are too small...he wants large breast and I don't have"


Well it's not just that...he wanks off on porn quite frequently it seems.

But it's been 2 months since we had sex. (yes MONTHS)

I tried twice last weekend , but he refused me twice.

i don't get is usually a boost.
But it's killing my sex life.

He says he's going to move out....tonight. (I hope he's bluffing)

As for "my advice"... I doubt my advice is worth anything...
But anyways , just tell me when you're on and I'll log into aggramar.

As you see I'm not an expert in "successful" relationships.
I'm an expert in 'ruined' and 'dead sex life' relationships.

Had the same freakin' problem with my ex...had to force to @!*!er to have sex with me ONCE a week.

So you can imagine how I feel right now...EXTREMELY UGLY.

I'm so doomed.


I dunno...his mom says he's bluffing.

He claims he didn't go to work today and found a studio..;and he's picking up his clothing tonight.

His mom is on my side.

I really don't have problems with the porn...
We did watch some porn together sometimes.

And sure I used to watch porn too...when I was 16....out of curiosity.
But I never visited porn sites daily , or even weekly or monthly.

But I never imaged that I would be replaced by a rough hand and some pics of some sl.t on the web.

I told him 10.000 times to get his act together , that I want to rejuvenate my sex life.

I have needs too...I'm not asking much...
Just some attention and some sex at least once a week.

It's totally depressing if you think we used to have sex 3-4 times a week when we first dated each other for 3 years...even after 3 years the sex was still great.

I know lately he was asking really weird stuff... Which I knew are 'typical' porn things.
But I pretty much allowed everything...

I had 3 sexual partners...3 of them said I was a demon in the sack.

So I don't understand why I'm being refused.
I'm way better then a rough hand and some pics of some stupid b.tch on the net.

If he isn't bluffing about moving out...then I got a serious problem...
Cause my small wage isn't enough to pay all the bills with...
Hell I have to take care of my two cats and provide them with food as well.

I really really really hope we get out of this problem.
But it isn't looking good for the moment.

I hope this is 'call my bluff'.
I really hate bluffing... I never do it myself.
Causes more trouble and heartache then it solves problems.

[Later again]

He just sent a text message , that he's not leaving...his own apartment.

I wish he came with a manual.

What the hell did he tried to reach with bluffing?

That I would say "yes baby it's ok...just jerk off on some porn everyday... I'll just grow myself a new piece of virgin skin"

LOL he wishes...
I want my fair share.

I don't care whatever he does behind his desk...he just has to make sure I don't see it.
it's f.cking disgusts me knowing , that I clean his desk....and he eats at his desk as well.
F.cking hate that look on his face when he's watching porn...never saw him look at me like that.

My sadness is starting to turn back to anger...

because until today I thought he was only looking...until he confessed that he touched himself while watching porn.

He makes me feel like I'm too demanding.

Story #33

Gonna hit myself in the head later for this, but here it goes!

Two years ago when I was a simple newb who just came on high school, I was like... freaking shy and stuff, back then I was also a Photoshopper people were talking about me, friends to other friends to other friends, suddenly this girl came to me and I was like, almost drooling but I kept my head cool and stayed quiet.

Days and months passed we spoke a several times and smiled, she came to me and asked me a favour to do in photoshop, as well other people on the school. I was all right, sure why not.. Few days later she asks me to go out with her friend, as well with other people I got friends with.

So 3 dude's and 3 girls, we went out and took the bus and went to the cinema, I was like listening to my mp3 and stuff looking out of the window with the ''I don't care'' looking back at her now and then smiling, starting a small conversation.

When we arrived, I was still silent when we were watching the movie she was sitting next to a friend, and I was looking at the movie enjoying it. Suddenly she asks, Hey Wing (My RL Nick name I pref to be called that, sue me.) What would you say... if I asked you for a relationship? (or start one, anyway she just asked that) I was just quiet for a moment, my brain went conflicting each other and I just didn't wanted to move or talk. Few moments later i finally said: Who knows, maybe but I said it like I wanted to say yes.

Movie over, we talked, smiled and went back home, in the bus she said I was quiet and shy, stuff she found me nice and I really liked her but I was shy.

School again I talked to her but after a few weeks... i don't know why but I didn't greet her or anything just being quiet and walking through school, almost looking through her not caring anymore..

Till the day of today when I see her, I just smile at her and keep on walking.

I still don't know if I should have said yes or no, her friends told me she already had a several boyfriends in the past and I didn't wanted to get hurt myself.


First wall of text zomg, I'm probably getting laughed at this.

Edit: I was around 13-14 around that time now i'm 15. :[

Edit2: Also I expect TLDR D:

Story #32

Might as well do it...

A couple of months ago, don't know exactly (just ding'd 70 and there were no raids planned for the near future). a friend of me added me in a conversation with a girl on msn he met in the gym.
just random talk ya know how it goes... the random talk kept going for a couple of hours and I suddenly said, " I had enough of this... I'm gonna add you on msn" so blablabla kept random talking for the rest of the evening...

The day after we started talking in the evening again and it lasted the whole evening again. getting to know each other better and just fooling around (on msn though -.-)
The day after I went to the gym with my mate and she was there as well, nothing special happened though.
But met her for the first time for real and I didn't dislike it, she seemed kinda cool.

The day after we talked again (still msn) and I decided to quit wow for a while cause I was getting tired of it, just needed a break. We kept talking every night, just having a laugh and all...

Then after a day or five I told her the music addict I am, sent her a lot of songs all day long and apparently I sent her a lot of "depressing making" music, like Creed, The Cure and all songs which are a bit mellow. she went incredibly "emo" that evening and it didn't cheer me up either... so she kinda took me in trust and told me her "problem"...

She's been in love with a guy for some months, they made out a couple of times while he had a girlfriend... and he said he'd dump his current girlfriend for her... but he didn't .... for months.
I kinda understand how "my" girl must have felt for those months, feeling like !*%@e every day. Being really depressed every evening and I bothered a bit too much than that's good for me so I wasn't all too happy either during that period... I went to visit guildies in Sweden for a week and I really needed to get out of it all for a week, the visit in Sweden has been such an important thing in my life, it was a huge confident boost for me and I kinda changed since then.

When I was back I started talking to her again and she still felt like !*%@...
I told her: "I'm gonna be really honest with you now... you gotta excuse me for it but I have to say it...that guy is being a total jerk atm, he's hurting you every day more and more and he will eventually hurt the girl he is with now, I hope he loses both you and his girlfriend so he will take a lesson out of it"
she agreed somehow and said that he's done so much for her in the passed... but still, look what he's doing now...

but ok, I asked her out a couple of times and she did a couple of times as well, just went for a walk, watched a movie etc etc...

and that's where it never got any further, I came to a point where I started seeing a relationship coming up but then the guy dumped his girlfriend and they got together (happened 4 weeks ago or something)

I didn't really type this like there was a sparkle between us but there was, we're made for each other ... (maybe that's just my mind trying to force but I doubt it)
she said stuff that really caught me... dunno how to explain it but it made me feel good.

I sometimes talk to her on a regular basis and she seems really happy, I'm happy for her because she doesn't deserve any more than what she has gone through, she is a great person.

But I still sit here thinking about it a lot. "and I'm feeling so disgusted, how pathetic can I possibly be" hehe the lyrics from "Limp Bizkit - It'll be ok" fit so well for this.

so now I bumped your thread mister Doomhamma, this thread was a great idea and I'm happy I told this on a gamesforum :P

a lot more details in this btw but no point in telling it all, you know the headlines :)

as a conclusion, I've been a person that she trusts and that was/is there for her, I'm happy to have her as a friend so it's not all of a total loss :)

and for something different, <3 to you all in here and K's thread, we're emo teens and will turn out ok eventually :D

Story #31

Okay people, I need help

Q u o t e:
Okay I suppose i could give some background info now,

I'm a tall, brown-haired 15 year old swede, male. My roots are Yugoslavian, Bosnian,Serbian and Croatian to be exact, Although I usually call myself "swede" I live in the southernmost part of Sweden.

I have a pretty good reputation @ my school, And above Average grades. My problem is that I'm always "cute", never something more... Especially the older girls seem to have something for me. My hair is pretty long, at least according to my friends :P That has earned me the nickname "The girl" >< But in the other classes I'm known as "The rocker" :P(That's also partly because I play guitar). With other words, I'm a pretty normal guy.

I rarely get angry, But when i do i totally lose my temperament and get into fights very easy

There's some info on me, added some from the original post.


I can't get my eyes off older girls

I know that girls go for older boys, But I can't help it. Today for example, i was at the bus on my way home and suddenly i see this mega-hot girl (probably somewhere between 18-21) And I just can't stop looking.

I don't find any girls 15 or below hot :/ . Anyone that can help me? Feels stupid to go for older girls since i know i don't stand a chance, even though the older girls tend to like me (As mentioned above)

MY RUINED LOVE STORY (My fault, for being a jerk :P) :

Pretty much exactly one year ago, I had a girlfriend (This may sound like it was my first one, but no, it wasn't... I've had like 5 more girlfriends since then). She looked beautiful (and still does), But there still were some things that could be improved. She wasn't really into body contact, and I try to get as much body contact as possible, her music taste sucked etc. Let's call her Girl A.

So, Here in this village there is one place where youngsters meet up at summer : The pool, Sandbybadet.

so, me and some friends head over to Sandby badet one day. After being there for about 15 min, while lying on the grass, i notice a girl (Let's call her Girl B). She has been in the same class as me for one year, but this time i was like OMFG WHEN DID SHE GET THAT FUKIN HOT!? It wasn't really love though, I just thought she was damn hot. Time goes on, we get to know each other better and better and then, the expected came


It was obvious and unavoidable, I was in love. I had no idea what to do next, Should I break up with my girlfriend? I saw no other option, I can't be together with someone that I don't love. So I broke up with her

She took it OK, But her friends got VERY pissed at me. They called me things, made fun of me and so on. I just blocked the girls (It was over MSN) And started Dissing the guy that was pissed at me. He eventually threatened me to bring his friends to my Village and kick my ass, I told him that my friends and cousins, 2-5 years older than his friends, would beat the #!!! out of him so eventually he got quiet too. Anyway back on topic.

Girl B goes on holiday for three weeks and eventually I start losing my interest(Mainly because I knew that she didn't feel the same, but i took it well, too well :P) And it's time for me to go to Croatia.


Since my parents are Yugoslavian I can speak those three languages fluently, in case anyone wonders, anyway.

I met up with my cousin there (as usual) and got to know his friend (Guy 1) that he had brought with him from Sarajevo. After that we went and talked to another friend (guy 2). We went to beach some days and then we decided to go out one day.


Guy two is a real weirdo, he loves to do crazy things. He pours ketchup all over himself and lies down on the middle of the path (Where thousands of tourists pass each hour) And screams "I'm bleeding!" with his funny dalmatian accent. And he also enjoys running around asking tourists:

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IS (Instead of Do you know what time it is, ya know).

Then, after some clock asking and fake-bleeding. We sit at one of the big benches along with three other girls. One of them has a Cola, And of course guy two goes "Hey, Gimme some" (And I love him for that). So we start chatting a little and it turns out that one of the girls is Swedish too (From Motala, to be exact) and so we get better friends. So we agree to go to the beach together.


It's somewhere between 35-40 degrees around 13, and me and my friends are waiting for them. And after about half an hour they come and i go like "OH MY GOD". Standing in front of me is something of the hottest I've ever seen(Let's call her girl 4), and after some more talking, i have to fall in love ><. And she SEEMS to have the same feelings for me(I always overrate myself). And it goes on like this for some days. We always hug and so in the water, we always lie close to each other at the beach, but then again I felt something was wrong


Her two friends were in love with me and we couldn't be together since it would break their hearts. She was also one of those that just goes for the older guys, and since she was one year older then me, it was doomed to fail before it even started. So we talk things out, and we made it clear that we can't be together. I'm usually happy when i get to come away from Croatia( Except maybe from parting with my cousin, he's a great guy). But this time I cried. A lot.

So now I'm sitting here, without any girl or love. But i don't blame myself, I like being single, it's great. But still there are sometimes that you wish that you had someone to cuddle up against

Den som gapar efter mycket mister ofta hela stycket*

Enjoy, took me at least 45 min to write :o Bet there are lots of typos here, but cba* to fix them. My fingers hurt from all teh typing.

[Editor notes:
* vague translation: "The one that tries to have too much, will often lose it all."
* can't be arsed]

Story #30

Been reading this thread for about half an hour so now its my turn.

I've known this girl for a really long time, but only realised my feelings for her about two months ago. I'm quite a confident guy so I told some of my friends I had feelings for her, we talked about it for a while. We're both very interested in listening to, and playing music. We are in the same Music theory class. About a month ago I added her on myspace and messaged her for her MSN. She gave it to me and we chatted for a bout a week, I then proceeded to ask her for her number so we could chat by text. At this point let it be noted that even though we have talked in real life, its quite a sparse occurrence. However, looks are often exchanged and I know for a fact that she realised this, I know she's not stupid.

So I got her number, we texted a bit, I got a bit drunk at a show in London and admitted that I had feelings for her, she texted me back and told me she didn't see that coming and was very surprised. At this point I was surprised that she was surprised. So we continued to text, almost as though nothing had happened for the rest of the evening. The next morning she sent me a text message saying she was sorry about the way she acted last night (However, I didn't realise this message until later, after I'd started speaking to her on MSN). She told me on MSN that she felt the same way. I was really happy!

We carried on talking for a while, and I asked her if she wanted to meet up at some point in the week. She agreed. However, the week passed and I didn't make further plans. STUPID! I KNOW! So we're still texting/chatting on MSN, and I've entered my exam period. She knows I'm very busy at the moment and I don't really have the chance to see her for a couple of weeks.

What I really don't want to happen is for us to drift apart, after making such a good start, whilst I'm doing my exams.

She refers to me and her as 'us', and she asked me if it was ok if she could tell her friends about us, this seemed like a pretty good sign, that she was proud to be with me, and that she acknowledged we were together, but I'm relatively unsure, because we haven't officially gone out alone yet.

At the moment, I've been trying to downplay my personality at the moment, I tend to say my mind when I shouldn't, and that's got me in a lot of difficult situations and fights. She's a year and a half younger than me, she's a bit naive I guess. I drink and sometimes smoke weed on a regular basis, and I'm out with my mates a lot! I don't do much school work and my grades have been failing. She's clever, and she does well at school. She's a lot better behaved than any girls I've previously dated. However, I find that an attractive feature, guess it appeals to me, that she wouldn't have to deal with %%@* I do.

Too a certain extent, I've been trying to hide that area of my life from her, I don't want her to think I'm a bad guy, because I'm not, I mean come on.. I play World of Warcraft!

One of my mates is having her 16th birthday party pretty soon, and I asked her if I could bring someone, she agreed and I've asked the girl in question if she wants to go. I warned her that she wouldn't know many people and she said she'd think about it. It would be a really good opportunity for us to get to know each other, and for her to get to know my friends.

I have really strong feelings for her. She's very attractive, clever and funny. Perfect girlfriend material. I would definitely not be ashamed to call her my own.

About six months ago I came out of a year long relationship, this still slightly haunts me as I haven't lost touch with my previous girlfriend.

I guess I'm just venting at the moment, but I really hope everything goes well with this girl.

Any opinions? All welcomed, apart from flamers.. obviously.

Story #29

Everybody I know knows my story, and as stupid as it might be sharing it with people over the internet, I might as well contribute to this.

24 months ago in the seventh grade I was told that there were new people coming to my school, I thought that was pretty sucky, since that meant all the classes would be mixed together, to improve the chances of the new people getting friends.

So the day came, and we were meeting the new people, and of course the first thing i did, was looking for some hot girl, I didn't find any - or so I thought.

But one girl was different, she caught my attention, she had freckles all over her face, which I found pretty ugly at the time, but her ass was damn fine, I thought. But nothing additional happened that day, except for picking up her name from a friend.

So the classes got mixed together, and a good friend of mine ended up in the same class as her. One day me and him were sitting in a computer room, and she was present too. She stood up and walked out of the room, and instantly my head followed to her ass (yeah yeah, I'm a boy :> ), and my friend noticed, and he looks at me rather surprised and says: "You like *******?" and I looked at him and clearly denied it right away, but he caught me lying. So he looked at me and smiled, and threw away his char and ran after her, and I could her him yelling for her: "*******! come here, that guy in there thinks you're hot!".

So later I came home, and on my phone (yep, she had gotten my phone number) was an SMS saying: "So you were looking at me huh ? well, that's weird" And I replied to her that I had been looking at her ass, and unlike most girls, she found that kinda funny. So we got to chat and she was really nice i thought, and started spending all my time chatting with her, not doing anything official though, that came later.

So over a couple of months it was all just text messages and no real life talking, but when I found myself becoming pretty crazy about this girl I said to myself, that if I really liked her, I couldn't love her until I had actually gotten to know her IRL, so we decided it was time to be together IRL. It went nice, it was a bit awkward, but it was fun and cosy.

We became friends, best friends. And as we were more and more often together, the more I started loving her. But I was wondering that she had never shown any feelings else than just wanting to be friends. So when I briefed my heart to her, she was surprised, very surprised. But she said she couldn't return me those feelings.

I was soon to find out, she isn't into boys. Neither is she into girls though. She finds body contact disgusting and wrong.
So here I am, 24 months later, deeply in love with my best friend, who finds body contact disgusting.
Everybody tells you to move on, but it just is never that simple, even though I rather often wished it was.

Story #28

Read all the stories up to page 12 and knew my story and I would be safe here on the Internet, since other people have experienced the same thing.

However, before I post mine, I would like to say that I feel amazed that so many nice people can get $%^&ed over, and hope life works out for you in the most perfect way you want it to.

Edit: Just edited the start part as it was very unclear about how old I am, 15, and how old I was when the story started, 10.

My story:

I WAS 10 (TEN) years old, it's the second day after the first half term of the year. A new girl joins my class and I notice her straight away, which is strange because I'm a later developer, and she was the first girl I ever felt like that for, purely in an aesthetic way. She’s beautiful in a way that I couldn’t imagine. Her hair shimmers in the light, her eyes are vibrant and her face is the most perfect shape. (Obviously, she had no ‘goods’ she was 10, also.)

Skip to after Christmas Holidays:

I’ve decided I love her, I’m now 11 and the classroom has a new seating plan. I’m now almost opposite her, only one to the right. I gradually make a few moves, try and catch her eye in the way a naïve 11 year old does, by saying jokes that came probably from Penguin wrappers. She fakes laughing and I felt a ‘Click’. We start to hang out, she also makes friends who are daughters of my mother’s friends – big bonus since my mother would approve of her.

I stop playing with my friends and hang around with her. We pretend to be in the army, we do Hawaiian style dancing and we play hopscotch.

Zoom past two years
In this time we’ve matured and know we both love each other. She’s asked me out many times, but me being shy said no every time. I %^&*ing hate myself for this, and regret it every day. She met my mother through a school trip and my mum thinks she’s a wonderful, polite, funny, clever... perfect girl.

Disaster time!

My mum’s met a new person (My father died when I was 5 of leukaemia. This also distresses me, as I don’t want my kids to only grow up with a maximum of one grandfather. Sounds silly but it does concern me, deeply.) and he’s disabled. He’s a drunk, ex-teacher, disabled, diabetic who is an utter £$%^ing $%^&. He asks us if we mind him being with my mother and I say no, for the sake of my mother’s happiness.

He comes down a few times, does things that make me hate him more. (My brother and I argue, I slam a door, the $%^&er comes up, drunk, yelling abuse at me is the one that I remember most vividly.)

Eventually, he asks us to move 120miles from Hertfordshire to the Isle of Wight. I’ve moved before, nothing new here. I’ll still see her when I visit relatives.

After the move:

I go up to my old town to see relatives, and I see her once, out of 2.5 years of going up every 6 weeks or so. (Around 8 times a year, so around 20 visits.)

We get along perfectly there. We laugh, play games (We’re 13 at the time. Nothing sexual happened.) and just have a hell of a good time. When I had to leave, I (This sounds stupid looking at it in hindsight.) shake hands with everyone, and then shake hers last. She doesn’t let go, I panic and yank my hand out. She blushes, and hastily makes an excuse to leave. After she’s gone, her friend who was also there says she want to hug me. I died inside. I’d never hugged a girl before and I also wanted to hug her before I hugged any other girl (I also made a vow for her to be my first... ‘HUMPH, HUMPH, HUMPH, Ahh’).


I’ve not seen her since then, which was a little under two years ago. The little email contact I had with her finished after she switched from AOL to something else and her email vanished. I also lost my old phone charger and SIM-Card (Although I did copy them onto my new one, but after a couple of texts with no replies, I’ve given up, for reasons I’ll explain in a minute.)

I’m also, hardly ever, going up to where I used to live now, since my grandmother, who was the main reason I visited there, died just before Christmas and my Grandfather moved down to where I live.

Do I still want her?

Yes. I. $%^&ing. Do. However, I’m scared she’s changed. She was always into more Rap/R’n’B/Drum and Bass bands, whereas I’m a metal/rock fan. If she’s now a chav, I’ll probably go emo. I just wish I could go back in time and change what I said, to “Yes!!” to her and “No, **#%#.” To the twat my mother met.

Options I've thought of
1) Go up to that place, by myself, stay in a cheap B&B/Holiday Inn, and find her, since I roughly know her address, and can ask neighbours if I need to.
2) Ring an old friend and ask for her number. Sounds bitter to me to use her like that, but I'd think she'd understand.
3) Ring an old friend and ask for her Postal Address - her 15th Birthday's soon and she gave me some quality chocolates for as a moving present. I could go One Up, and buy her a lot of chocolate, or an alternative if she doesn't/can't eat it.
4) Do nothing, forget it an move on. Which I can't do. I've known this girl, this part of me, almost a third of my life. She's in there for good now, and if I do have kids and one's a girl, and never meet her again, I'll name the child after her, so I can be reminded, eternally, of he perfection.

(Just posting this has brought tears to my eyes. I really, REALLY, loved this girl and just thinking about her makes me long for her. This will probably make relationships hard in the future, but so freakin' be it.)

Story #27

I'm not really used to the forums, I just hope I pressed the right button to submit my love problems..

Anyway, about three years ago I met a girl. We became friends, and I made a lot of other new friends as well. I fell in love with her, but was then turned down. I got over it, and we began to rebuild our friendship. Now, about three years later, I fell in love with her again. And I fell hard.

At the same time, she started to show some interest, or that's what I think, being a guy I cannot see these things clearly enough. Earlier, we've been doing things with our other friends, but recently, we've started doing things on our own, only the two of us. Things have been advancing, slowly, but steadily.

But then the problems started. The Friday two weeks ago we were together with all our friends, and she was hardly saying anything. She avoided the seat next to me, a seat she's always been taking, and she was sending messages with her phone the whole night. It didn't bother me until we got alone, and I asked who it was. "Oh, it's only a guy named Björn". It turns out that the previous weekend she had been to a meeting for Djurens Rätt, an organization that she's very involved in, and met this guy then. This rocked the ground I was standing on pretty hard.

This did however cease during the week, or so I thought, as she returned to her old self, being happy when she saw me, and smiling with her eyes when looking into mine. I felt happy again, and things started to advance again, still slowly, still steadily.

But this Friday again we got together with all our friends, and guess what. Messages all night again, to the same guy, but not as much as the last time, as she actually still kept close to me, and did that smile-thing with her eyes. Things suddenly went were unsure. I did not know what to think, I was confused beyond sanity.

Yesterday, Saturday, I talked to her again, and as if confusion beyond sanity was not enough, she started acting very strange, confusing me even more. I could not get the reason of this out of her until just a few minutes ago. She told me that she was very unsure about this guy, sometimes she felt good, and sometimes she felt very bad about him, him living so far away. I tried to explain things to her, in a very discrete manner, but it don't seem as if she got it.

I really need your help guys, I really do. I love her to death. She's the reason I stopped eating meat, she's the reason I got out of a depression a while ago, she's the reason to everything! Again, I need your help. Please, what should I do?

Story #26

Hi there!

Figured that I might as well have some outside opinions on this.

I like a girl who I haven't met IRL yet, but she lives very close to me. She's 16, I just turned 15 yesterday. We talk a lot via MSN (mainly 'cause I hate phone conversations :/) and I've mentioned the prospect of meeting (cinema, shopping trip) but she claims to be busy. Obviously, I can't prove or disprove this, but it had me thinking.

I really enjoy spending time with her, and we always have a great time when we have our MSN conversations. We've become very close friends, and I'm considering trying to take it to the next level, ie ask her out. However, I don't know how to 'break' this kind of question to her; being turned down sucks, ruins your chances with her and knocks apart your friendship.

Oh, yeah, in terms of looks...well, not 'Blow me freaking away' mega-uber-hot, but she's very good-looking, intelligent, and we do have a fair few things in common.

Halp plz. =(

Story #25

Hmm.. ok. I dunno if the story is sad or just pathetic from my side but O.o

Well the whole thing started in 7th grade 3 years ago when I first started falling in love with her. At first everything went quite good. I was kinda shy so all I did was hang around her and her friend. I was with the two without talking very much to them just following them around. ( Ye, I know..) From time to time I was lucky enough to get a hug and I was so happy :p When we got to the end of the year we were having a maths exam thingy.. nothing important, but.. Well she asked me if she could come to my house and study with her friend.. And of course I was to stupid to think about this as a sign or anything. Not sure still but I think she liked me a tiny bit then. Well the day went by and I didn't make a move I just tried to help her.

After this I didn't hang around her very much anymore. Don't know what happened but I didn't follow them around as much either. I was really embarrassed being around her. Even more then before.
Then we got into middle/high school (dunno what it's called after elementary) and we started hanging out a little again. I'd heard she was going to take French class so I had applied for it to be with her more.
About halfway through the year she started looking back at me a little. (I was always looking at her, she didn't always notice) When I think of it later I think she kinda liked me back, but haven't asked her about it.. Well in French class she gave me her number one day.. Didn't happen very much then either.. I was either to shy or to stupid to get the sign and just smsed her a couple of times. Didn't really chat very much with her on the phone.

Gonna jump to next year now.. This year she was maturing (or whatever you call it) a lot and she started getting the most beautiful body I'd ever seen, BUT she also started hanging out with the popular kids which kinda put a stop to us being together as I was definitely not one of them. On valentines day and her birthday that year I gave her two cute teddy bears for valentines day and a really big bucket of roses for her birthday. Didn't get more then a hug though, but I was very happy with that. Next valentines day I gave her a couple of roses and a poem and I got another hug. A few days later I told her I was really in love with her, but I could sense she wasn't that interested anymore. During those two years every time I even got close to her I got all warm and fuzzy inside and if she touched me I just smiled broadly like a complete idiot and I was in another world for the rest of the day. Last summer she got a boyfriend though. damn pretty boy I hate him so much!! May he die and rot in hell and.. sorry.. >.>

I know I really really suck at telling stories.. and I'm a pathetic loser >.<
After that summer I completely shut myself away from the social world and started with MMORPGs and a lot more computer games then I used to do.

Story #24

OK, here I go then.

About two weeks ago I went on a trip to Barcelona with my school, on that trip I got into contact with a girl that is in another class. She has the most beautiful smile and hair and stuff, and we both like the same music, people etc.

After going out in Barcelona a few times, she took me with her friends to go shopping. During that i got to know her best friend a bit. I felt incredibly comfortable with her, and now I'm in love with both of these girls.

One that likes everything I like and the other with who I can have really deep conversations with and just have a comfortable feeing around.

I don't know which one I should go for, and to add to that I'm rather lacking in confidence around people that I don't know that well yet ( specially around girls).

Being a bit of a writer I tried to write some arguments into a storyline and see if that could get me to choose one ( helped me in the past). Still no real choice I can make.

Now I really need to hurry, the school year is almost over which means I wont be able to see them as much as I would want. Maybe if one is my gf at the time, we can hang out more often, and I wont have to spend my summer with my friends again, ( they are cool, but it gets a bit lonely for some reason).

Please help a gamer in need...

Story #23

Ok so here it goes, I'll try to keep it short:

A little background first: I'm a 26 year old female from Holland. My school years sucked and scarred me deep. I was the weird one at high school, terribly and painfully shy. People either ignored me or were nasty to me. I was insecure about everything, specially my looks. didn't think I'd ever get a boyfriend, so I gave up on that.

Then around 5 years ago I met my first real love. Through the internet, as you may expect, as i didn't go out much, afraid and distrustful of people. He lived three hours away from me, but that never formed a problem. The only real problem were his parents. I just couldn't get along with them. Which annoyed them and my boyfriend was right in the middle of it, which annoyed him. They practically ignored me when I was there. My bf took that harder then me, I was just happy to be around him, who cares about other people? But he desperately wanted me an his parents to get along. So I tried, but failed. And it ended up in him making a big mistake. He listened to his parents instead of his heart..

so 2 days before my 26th birthday I received a letter in the mail. The coward broke up with me in a letter.. it infuriated me. Never did i feel so much at once, anger, sadness, hurt. He ended our 5 years together with a friggin letter.
It was around that time that I joined a guild in WOW and met this boy. We talked a lot, in-game, msn and through texts. He understood what I felt, since he recently got dumped himself. And he listened to everything I said. Which is so important to a girl. You all know what's coming next, right? We developed a crush on each other. Only problem being that he lives in England, but that of course can be overcome. I'm planning a trip there soon, to see if we hit it of in real life too, which I'm sure we will. He's seen my picture and didn't run in fear, so that's a big plus :P

Then a few weeks ago my ex send me an e-mail. He told me he missed me, that he made a big mistake in breaking up with me, that he wanted me back. It confused me a little. Suddenly I had two boys to choose from, and that isn't as fun as it sounds...
I thought about it, long and carefully, and I came to the conclusion that I couldn't get that feeling back I once had for him. All I could think about was my new love. And it never could have gone back to the way it used to be, too much had happened. So even if there wasn't someone else I never would have said yes to him.

So this time it was my turn to break a heart, and I hope I'll never have to do it again..

That's the story of my love life. Hope y'all are still awake? ^^

Story #22

Ow well, I'll tell it like, really short since I'm way to lazy to write a book about it xD

About 2 years ago, I was out in a club and met a pretty nice person as I thought back then at least, then the night went and we spoke a bit, we left, but forgot to exchange phone numbers so we both kinda spent some time looking for each other and the different clubs aand after a month or so we met each other again at the same club (how ironic) then we spoke a bit more, exchanged phone number etc. and we started to talk a lot, and it slowly got into some love etc. (indeed I'm explaining it fast rofl) then he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend and of course I couldn't make myself say no since he was such a nice and understanding guy then we were together for about 2 months then suddenly I started to notice some stuff that he slowly stopped talking to me, he didn't even look at me anymore then one day I asked what's wrong then he said "oh its nothing I just haven't been able to look at anyone these past days but its all right now I guess" and hell, there was a pretty good reason for why he didn't want to look at me at that time, the bastard had been sleeping with 2 girls behind my back and he didn't show any trace of it at all he didn't even tell me or anything, not before a friend of his came and told me he admitted it.

And now he asks if he could get an extra chance at me and I have no idea what to say since I still kinda like him. He said he changed but I have a hard time trusting guys sometimes.
Would be awesome if somebody could tell me if its possible that he changed from such and ass hole.. :<

Story #21

Ok guys, story time! Or an almost ruined love story!

It all started at a party about 2 weeks ago, where I was drunk and she was as well, and she cheated on her boyfriend with me. However two days later she dumped him because she didn't feel for him like she thought she did. So I thought, time for me to make my move, and I did, we spent a lot of time together, however it was mainly physical and we didn't really get to know each other very well.

Unfortunately this girl has a history of being with guys for a short amount of time and then chucking them. So, I thought to myself, best not get to attached, and I didn't. A few more days past, I got to know her and her family a little better and we still remained quite physical.

Therefore I thought it was time to take it further and ask her to be my girlfriend, and I did, and she said yes, unsurprising this was for me. So we spent the day together, it was ok, nothing much changed. That evening however, when I got home and was on the phone to her, she realised that there wasn't really anything between us, we still didn't really know each other and it was going way to fast.

So we had the relationship talk, which, like every other man I fucked up. And thus we decided we weren't going out anymore, it is something that she made up, we were a kinda lesser version of boyfriend and girlfriend, I am very confused about all of this, thinking wtf is going on? And now I am going to see her on Friday and take it slower!

To be continued....

Maybe keep it going for a month or so and then ask her out. =O

Advice welcome! =)

Story #20

[Author of Story #14]


Ahem, so tomorrow is the big day.

Anyhow, what happened today. Since some five people from our class went to some trip, we (me and her) ended up sitting together for some of the subjects. It was pretty ok, we had lots of laughs, but at one moment a guy from the class who knows I'm in love with her tried to taunt us (but not so openly, so only those who know about it would know what's he aiming at), and I tried to ignore it but at one moment she turned to him, and told him to bugger off and that's she's really not in a mood for it. Being the insecure freak I am, I'm now buggered if she thought about it as to him to quit the jokes or that she finds it insulting I'd be with her. (Even though she's not some snob or anything.) Other than that, the day was ok.




So anyhow, I went to the party. In it we had a great time, laughed, danced, whatever - you know the deal. But when I finally got the courage to ask her (I didn't drink too much, I was only, well as they say in WoW, tipsy. ) a friend of mine got in fight with some guys so I had to go and separate him from them to keep him from getting his ass beaten (though I pretty much wanted to beat him myself because of that), so anyhow, the moment was gone, and I lost my courage. When I went to walk her home (party wasn't at hers house), I had a perfect chance to ask her, we were alone, there was no one who could bother us, yet once I again I didn't have the guts.

Basically, I fail.


Update: Haven't seen her for more than two days now. -.-

(Last I saw her in ~3:00 Monday morning, when we the party was over. I didn't go that day to school, and yesterday, when I did go, she was ill and didn't come. Today I'll maybe see her if she comes, but we go in second shift because the first graders are having their national exams. Of course, I forgot all about it, so I woke up at 6:00 this morning to walk to school only to be told there once I got that I should come back for the second shift by out janitor* I've meet outside.)

*The guy's pretty cool. Reminds me of Groundskeeper Willy, only there's a rumor going around the school he's banging the hottest teacher in the school.


Q u o t e:
Keep in mind that this is purely a chemical reaction getting triggered in your brain in order to the ensure survival of our specie.

That doesn't help at all. -.-

[LATER again.]

Ok, so yesterday at school, I convinced the teacher to let me leave the last school hour, because I had to go to the driving school (I've completed it a month or so ago, but I still use it from time to time as an excuse).

She also found an excuse to leave (a classmate was "ill" so the teacher let two of them leave - she went just in case the "ill" one fainted. Poor, gullible teacher...), so we ended up going to the coffee together.

Nothing happened there, we just talked and all, but now at least, during the last few weeks we spent more and more time together talking IRL instead of through e-mails. I guess that's a progress.

[Even More Later]

Ok, so guess what happened to me. I got an anonymous e-mail, with a link to a blog. And what do I do? I open it, of course.

So I start to read the first post, and it's about some girl saying she still loves the guy who dumped her and that she hopes they'll be back together.

I scroll down a little, and see her picture there. Someone sent me a link of her blog. Maybe it was her, maybe it was some of her friends, I don't care. But this has ruined all my hope. So much about it... -.-

Story #19

[Author of Story #17]

He was reported to the police, but not by me ~ he went to court but missed a jail sentence, instead having to attend anger management courses... which he never actually did. but it was an important moment nonetheless.

It took me a long time after that to actually get out - over a year. I finally decided to actually let my friends and my family understand my situation, and they got some sense into me... because before then, I was ashamed and thought it was all my fault. especially because his family knew, and did nothing.

Then, gradually, I became to really feel my own worth, and see that it wasn't at all my fault. i took the plunge and told him exactly how it was going to pan out from now on, and that is what happened.

To anyone else in a similar situation, resolve to tell a friend what is going on. you don't have to commit to anything, just let it all out. you may feel like your situation is normal, but it is not, and your friends will help you see that. after you've told someone, just go slowly from there and it should all come together. make sure you change your wow account details before you do a thing though ;)

If you aren't sure whether you should go for it or not, know this. every aspect of my life has improved immeasurably, and i can no longer imagine living as I did. I enjoy my time to the full and it was the best thing i did. do it.

Story #18

My short story

when I was a little younger (about 2 years ago now)
I met my first GF I was liek <3 obviously and we got along great, the love was flowing, she was really romantic and I was learning and it was awesome

Valentines day approaches and i give her a present(early cause I couldn't see her on the day cause she was on a family trip) she seemed pretty happy. she gives me a book I wanted and its a lovely day

I go home and start reading book

valentines day hits and I sign into MSN to say hi and thanks for the book.

she dumps me after informing me she had been seeing my best-friend for a week

to make matters worse I get half way through the book and a love note falls out from her D: D: D:

skip forward 2 years and I've been with my current GF for over a year now!! wooo!

<3 to azraethea the holy disc priest (lvl 62 and counting dear ;) )

Story #17

all righty then, here goes. I'll try and make it anonymous but just in case someone I knows recognises me... don't tell on me :s details have been slightly altered from the truth.

I ended an abusive relationship with my boyfriend. I am delighted to be free. I have started to feel things for one of my closest friends, and I want to pursue the relationship. I'm pretty sure he does too.

However, there are problems. I know him through wow and he lives in an entirely different country to me. He is also rather much older than I (I am early 20s, he is late 20s). and I think that if I misjudge the situation I may lose faith in men entirely.

How can I tell if he feels the same way, without giving the game up? should I be bothering at all?

[Editor note: Yes, that's correct, even girls can be geeks and post here.]

Story #16


Background: Me and my girlfriend are both playing wow, I'm a troll mage and she's a MALE TAUREN WARRIOR!! (GF: But he looks so cute

So the story was ½ year ago, 3 weeks before x-mas. My girlfriend was in Sweden visiting her family. (we live in Denmark).
She was gone for 1 week (lots of wow for me!), and we talked via msn every day, and when I didn't said something back, it was normally because I was playing a game (mostly wow).

Then the same day as she would take the plain back to Denmark and me, she logged on wow from her laptop. We chatted a bit, when she turned up in TB (wtf am I doing there?).

She gave me all those <3 /hug/kiss/flirt/kill stuff, and I gave em back.
A few hours before her plane left, she started talking dirty to me. But I was so into the game at the time, that I didnt see the big tauren as my rl FEMALE gf. So I gave a big LOL when she said "I cant wait till I get home tonight ;)", (I mean, a big tauren in plate saying that in front of you!).

So I said Lol, and she said "Lol <.<" and logged out (LOL).

I fell asleep, and woke up when the dog had to go out. I looked at the clock and it said 05:00, I said to myself (Hmm..she should be home now).
So I tried to call her on her cellphone, but she didn't take it.
Now I started getting a little worried, I turned on the tv, and called her parents in Sweden.
They said she had left to the airport and took the plane as she should.
When I told them she wasn't home yet, they also go worried, her father drove to the airport to check if all was ok.

I kept trying to call her, but she didn't take it.
A little later when I was sure that the plain didn't crash or something like that, I got worried if something happened to her in Copenhagen.

So I called the police in Copenhagen, and asked if something had happened on the train she would take home, "No", they said.

So I called the police in our town (Kolding), and asked the same, no they said.
I kept thinking something bad had happened to her, so after 2 hours, I took my bicycle and rushed to the train station. I took the train to Copenhagen and then took a taxi to the airport.
Out there, I lost any idea of what to to do, I started crying.
I knew something wrong had happened, she never and I say NEVER, let you without knowing where she is.

I called hotels, hospitals, police agian and many more. I called her parents, her friends and her cellphone again and again.

When it was 10:00, I got me something to eat, and sat there drinking coffee, when my phone rang.
It was one of her friends who didn't answer my calls, she said my gf was sleeping at her house.
I rushed over there (used many money on taxis that night/morning), and there she was.
I hugged her and kissed her for like 10min, and told what I had be through.

On our way home, she said she was to tired to take the train home, (I takes like 2 hours from Copenhagen to Kolding) She wanted to call me when she got over to her friend, but she fell asleep. She first woke up when her friend said that I had been running around ½ of the nation after her.

I didn't play computer the next 8 weeks. I realized how much I loved her and I wanted to be with her, wanted to make up all the bad things I've done. Best winter ever :)

I'm still with her, and I want to be with her forever!.

I love her, but she started playing that MALE TAUREN WARRIOR AGAIN.

Advice from a GALRITPOG member #2

You theoretically have a chance with any girl. The ones you are referring to as 'out of your league' are mostly social hoes. By beefenig up their perceived self worth they are able to pick the, materialistic, best men easily.

When you believe something, others around you feel it. They manipulate that to their advantage to put off people like you who they would actually probably like otherwise and attract men that, at that age, don't know any better.

The best way to solve this is by either inflating your own self worth (warning: may cause you to become an *%#!@*@) or deflating hers (my personal choice). She thinks she's perfect, you can see she's not. When she walks into the room 99% of the men are going to say she looks perfect, and it'll confuse the hell out of her when you say different.

The trick here is to balance out the negatives with actual positives. It's fine to compliment girls on the way they look, they love it, but don't say something not true and don't slobber over them. Genuine things like this are noticed more and at worst will get you a good chunk of attention to get to know the real her underneath the balloons of silicone wrapped around her face.

Whether you like them or not after that is debateable. I spent a month with "the sexiest girl in the school" doing this and found out that usually people that feel they have to be somebody they're not have something wrong with the real person they are.

The one in my case was a real *!!%% and I didn't really feel comfortable being with her at all. There are the other types that are 10/10 material and aren't hoes at all, and in those cases you just need to buck up and put yourself forward. The only time you're not in the same league as a girl is when you remove yourself from it purposefully.

Advice from a GALRITPOG member #1

The SMS meant nothing. I send them at least 10 times a week to random people when I'm drunk and/or bored. I've already done it twice to the girl I mention above and managed to turn it into a positive! If you take it so seriously she's going to be creeped out. I'd make it into a joke. Mention it to her, then propose. I mean proper marriage propose, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you. If she laughs, she has a good sense of humour, act hurt until she stops. After she stops, or if she didn't laugh at all, chide her for being weird and say you don't put out that easily or words to that effect.

Remember MSN/email is not an alternative to physical contact, but an added bonus. Don't say anything on it you wouldn't in real life either, or she may decide she prefers internet you which is a big decider to stay "just friends" for the rest of your life. Calm down and limit contact, but the contact you do have must be of A+ material. You have to make her want you too or it won't work out. If she's not laughing her head off or having a philosophical epiphany every moment you're there, you have failed. It's not about being somebody you're not, it's about being brave and level-headed enough to be the real person you are underneath, behind all the social stigma crap.

Don't get too drunk at the party. You want a buzz and enough to lower your inebriations, no more. Throwing up and bouncing off walls is not attractive. Drink slooooowly, and only a few cans. It's better if you drink spirits instead of beer too as they don't smell/taste as bad to girls, if you know what I mean. You want to be roughly one unit of alcohol above her at all times, no more no less. Be active all night, don't wait in the corner for her to be alone so you can pounce. Talk to her friends, laugh, joke, play games, whatever you crazy kids are doing these days.

You are the life of the party, believe it. If you do this right you two will be alone by default, parties can sense this kind of thing and adapt pretty well. Don't go all emo on her though, continue to be playful and do what's comfortable to you in flirting. Think of something funny then go in as if to kiss her, but instead put your head to the side of her and whisper it. The action will put the notion of you and her in the top of her head if it wasn't already and will make her feel a right goof if she thought you were actually going to do it, feel free to make fun of this if you do.

Then in a bit when your feel the time is right (before you pass out) you can go all romantic and look into her eyes, hold them, and go in for the real thing. Talking about relationships before they even exist is boring, but now you have a reason to, and hopefully a good one ;)

Story #15

[author of Story #10]

So, its Tuesday now, and I'm feeling... Sad, tired and... Weird =/
But I feel a bit happy as well, though it may seem like there's nothing to happy about.

It was Monday yesterday (surprise!) and I got the girls number as I wrote on page 11, where I also said I promised to call her. And I didn't forget that! I stood in 10 min trying to pick up my balls and call her. And I did call her! How I cool am I?

It all seems happy and good now as we talked in around 45 min. So I asked her, and I quote "Be the way, I was wondering if you want to go catch a movie or something, at some point? That would be great, right?" Then she said, and I quote once again! "It would be great! But (at this time i thought oh crap) I have this thing going with another guy i met a couple of days ago. Its not that you aren't sweet or good looking, because you are! I just got this thing going with someone else..."

Now you know why I'm a bit down. She insisted that we kept on talking in the future, as she didn't wanna "throw me away" as a very good friend. Feeling like a backup plan atm tbh.

So I couldn't sleep and i was kinda... Mad? But right now, I'm happy. I realized that its possible for me to get a girls number and talk to her so she aren't losing interest. That gave me a lot of confidence (sc?) which is great. I said to myself "Pick yourself up dude. Cant run around and be sad all the time! Pull yourself together. There's a lot of fish in the sea. And its nearly summer!"

So now I'm still kinda down, of course I didn't tell her that, but I will get over it. Happiness > sadness. It's stupid to look so bad at all things. Remember that! If you take a chance you might as well get hurt! "Always look on the bright side of life" =)

Story #14

Ok, I decided to post here. *drums*
I vaguely mentioned my situation once in another thread, but since I'm just waiting for the BBD to complete the patch download (99%! Damn you!), I think I'll open my heart out here.

How do I begin? Oh yes - there's this girl.

We've been going in the same grade for three years now. For the first year and a half, I don't think I noticed her much, but then again, back then I was pretty depressive, nihilistic and I kept to myself - you know that period in your life, right?

But then I started to socialize with people (I remembered the names of everyone in my class! Of all them 22! And I could recognize the names and faces!). So anyhow, my best friend (male) was her good friend. They eventually dated, but they broke up - long story short, she dumped her and broke her heart.

Even though she broke all contacts with him, she still remained a friend of mine. We weren't exactly best friends, but we did talk from time to time. But then, maybe some six months ago, I suddenly fell in love with her. And once I got drunk (it was maybe a week before Christmas), and sent her an SMS, telling I love her.

She ignored the SMS as it never happened. It was during winter break, so we didn't have much contact. But I had a New Year's party at my place, and she came there. I was still too embarrassed to talk about it, but we did talk a little that night, although neither she or me mentioned that SMS.

I know however that she got it, since one her best friend (female) made a few an allusions to it, so it's pretty sure she told her that, or that she read the SMS from her phone. Anyhow, time slowly passed. Winter break was over, and we went back to school.

Somewhere at this point, I once got drunk and told some of my friends I was in love with her. They mocked me, but we mock each other a lot about pretty much everything (from the place of birth to the haircut to music taste), so that's not important in this post.

So back to the issue. Back in school, we (me and her) became better friends than before, we exchanged e-mail addresses and started to talk through them when we're not in school. IRL, my verbal skills are not as good as over teh intraweb, so I talked through the mail more than ever before. About pretty much everything - what sucks at guys and girls, random jokes from the internet, etc. pretty much every subject except, of course, relationships (mine, hers, or possible ours).

Anyhow, she invited me to a party this Saturday, and I accepted. My current plan is to get drunk and then approach the subject once I get somewhere alone with her, so if it fails, I can blame it on the alcohol. Cowardly, may be - but I'm one cowardly person. -.-

Now, the biggest issue is my best friend (He (my best friend) knows I'm in love with her, and told me he has absolutely nothing against us being together - not that he would have a saying in it anyways.) - she and him were friends once, and then they got together and he broke her heart. I'm afraid she might still be feeling something for him, even though he's a total %@*%#!@ to women (but one of the best possible friends to men, so I can forgive him from being a misogynist).

Or if not, that she might think the same thing that happened them could happen again so she wouldn't want to be with me for that reason? Or that she simply doesn't likes me and would even break the friendship because of it? I way too much in love with her, that at this moment I'd even agree to simply remain her friend, even if that would us never being together - I just like to be with her so much. -.-


P.S. Yes, this still isn't a ruined love story, but with your help (or lack thereof) it might be!

Wait, that doesn't sound right... -.-

Oh well, /emout

Story #13

Okay this isn't really a tragic love story, so to speak. But it didn't exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Well anyway I was chatting away on MSN messenger when this strange person I've never met - or heard of in my life - demands I add 'KELLIE' to my contact list, because she has no friends.

So I think 'why not', it's time I did something NICE for a change. So I add this person (albeit reluctantly at the time) and start talking.
Anyway it turns out she's really antisocial and she had a name like a chav, so I just said 'Hi' now and again. Just to be nice.
However every time I initiated a conversation with this person she would always ask something along the lines of 'were r u from!?!//1', so I just say 'I'm from England.'

Except earlier today she asked me AGAIN where I was from, so rather annoyed I responded 'I'm from England, as I have told you again and again as you have asked me this question many times'... only for her to reply 'rite u dont get cheeky with me u scum'

And I was like 'WTF?!'... that's what I get for trying to be nice to someone?
It was at that point I decided never to try and be nice out of the kindness of my heart again, it's just not worth it

Story #12

Right so erm

I'm 15 years old and live in the Netherlands, went to a gymnasium before I got kicked off that school because A: I was a lazy idiot, emo and B: I had private problems involving a hard violent divorce which made me emo.

Now after I got kicked off the gymnasium I agreed with my mother on sending me to the private school I'm at now to be able to finish school earlier and have a better chance of getting to university, this was also the same school which my sister went to before I got kicked out of school. ( when I entered the school, she just started University.)

Now she already told me about this friend of hers at the school once and what sport she did, at the time I didn't know who she meant. Now I got to school for the first day there, and I saw this girl.. now I was going really like OMGOMGOMG, I usually never do that by the first look and just going on physical looks, but just in a blink of an eye I saw she was absolutely the perfect thing to match me.

Well I was so nervous that I really didn't dare to talk to her the first week, at the moment that she walked by or caught my eyes my brain gone to 0 and I would drop my jaw on the inside trying to get a hold on myself.

Now after a week my sister talked to me again 'bout her and asked if I already talked to her, I said just said nope as normal as can be, but asked her how she'd look like. My sister just started to exactly describe the dream-girl I just saw in the previous week ( I was going all like : OMG IS THAT MY SISTERS' FRIEND!?!?!? ) and added at the end

I think she's your type.

Now this is so totally NOT my sister on how she would say something to me, I would have no idea she'd say anything like that before and always when it was about girls she would like try and make me look ridiculous in a way, so I got totally astonished but tried to act all normal ( I'm a pretty good actor so no problem :P)

In the week after I was still on 'dropping-the-jaw-from-the-inside-mode' and eventually caught her in the hallway saying something stupid like "Hey, you're right? and said I should greet her on my sis' behalf. ( not at all, but an excuse to say hi. )

She was like oh okay etc, and I guess she already knew who I was and knew my name, on the way she reacted but she was aalllll big eyed shy I talked to her.

In the next few weeks we'd have some stupid chit chats and some interesting discussions whenever we were like alone somewhere at school and I got to know her a bit, also I just couldn't stop staring (stupid me) at her, but noticed she'd stare at me from the corner of her eyes all the time as well (as did I, no I don't fully turn my head to someone to stare.)

Then after like 2 months I started to feel a little bit comfortable with her around me and acted a BIT more like myself, but still nothing close to who I really was - she made me go all difficult and stuff. But there was this one incident when we didn't just say anything to each other she sat on the other side of the table, and we suddenly at the same damn moment started to smile and laugh stupidly at each other for like, no reason.

Didn't say a word but felt too many things go on inside my mind. Also did I notice that she was an extremely helpful, kind and nice person - not just the girl I saw which looked magnificent physically in my opinion, but was extremely perfect from the inside as well.

I got to know who she was a bit and noticed little things about her etc, and that's she's almost the same as I am in some ways, really amazing ( will not go into details )

Then after that I met her mother when she got picked up from school and told me some details about her, and I was truly smashed. The things she told was like she has a tough time learning things etc due to certain disorders - but she just keeps following her dream, she wants to become something already for 10 years and nothing can stop her from reaching that, even if it takes her to study 20 hours a day.

And although my mind is going absolutely crazy about this girl ( I've never met anyone in my whole life which made me go like this, ever. ) I can't seem to get myself to step forward to her and ask her out to the cinema or anything in that direction.

Why not? I've had a very disappointing moment with asking someone out in my life before and saw a friend of mine getting all notched down by others because it went wrong once, the feeling I had at that time was just indescribable, I was enormously depressed and never wanted to feel like that ever again.

I fear the disappointment of the word 'no' from her side so much, that I like can't bring it up to tell her I love her in any way. Truly believe me, the disappointment I had in the past was so tough for me that I just can't bring it up. Also, it's damn hard to get to speak to her alone, I've only had that like - once before.

And now we're nearing the end of the exams, the only possible times I can see her are on this Friday, next Monday and Tuesday and after that I'll probably never see her ever again, whilst I really wish to tell her I like her ( seriously guys, this girl is just perfect, I've never ever met someone like this or anything, you know what I mean :) )

I found someone who's totally my type. But thanks to my fear and idiocy I just can't bring it up to tell her the things I wish to.

Story #11

The Start...
So, I'm a 17 years old psychology student, I can call myself very social, I play guitar and I'm better then average looking I've heard. At the start of this year we heard about some exchange project we were going to have. We were going to have a Czech exchange partner here for a week and visa versa.

We received the exchange files and I started chatting with my Czech dude. After some chatting, he seemed a very nice guy and stuff so we got good friends... But well, this isn't a gay story about him. He sent me his class photo so I could see who was going to come here and from the moment I saw that picture... I saw this one girl and really, I knew it...

The day after I showed the picture to my class and they didn't have much to say. They didn't notice 'her' or anyone else. But for me she was so special?! Couldn't they see it?! CMON!!

Vrooom, the Czech-bus has arrived.
We started planning trips for the exchange week, we were all pretty nervous and stuff, and well... On Saturday afternoon they were there :) a bus full of Czech hippies we had never seen before :D
Of course social me went to give them all a good greeting and the week started of.

That night we all went to the pub but no sign of the girl yet... :)

The second night; "Czech-girl".
Same pub, sitting with the group in the pub. Of course me and my exchange guy were first in the pub, like 3 hours before the rest because... we're both in love with beer. We did some water pipe (hookah) and talked a bit; about the girl. Seemed she's a bit crazy. Nice!
So, people started arriving and before I knew, she was sitting right across of me :-O Social me... died! I couldn't speak, I couldn't do my perfect sentences anymore... she skinned me. She started looking, I looked back, you know the drill :) after a while I took my balls from the floor and walked to her and started failing.

I failed. Hard. I was so stupid. She liked it. She's crazy. I'm crazy. We're 1.

The week
Building up the love. I just was myself all the time and she liked it a lot. I liked her too, really, she had this magical thing going on, I can't describe :) it was a great week, I kissed her on Wednesday and Friday when they left, we were both pretty broken. :) But no phear, in 28 I would see her in Czech

Czecko republico
After lots of chatting and building things up, we both figured out that we were kinda made for each other. I was the first person who liked her for who she is. Same deal :) Lots of kissing, lots of loving, lots of other things hands and mouths can do. (For those who wonder, no sex ;))

The going back to Belgium was even worse. Terrible. Kaput. Doodgaan.

... story goes on
So, now I'm sitting here :) planning my summer holiday trip to Czech, to the Czech girl. I don't really know what future holds... I wonder if I should go on with this or drop it?
I don't know... I would regret dropping her when I get old...

I love her.
I love Czech.


Story #10

[author of Story #06]
Current state of, me:
So, my dad's best friends granddaughter. I met her today. I was out skating with one of my good friends, and of course, I hadn't seen her. What happened? I slammed my 360flip (nerd doing extreme sports ftw!)! Right in front of her. I was laying on my back, and she came over and looked down at me saying "Awww... How sad"

I laughed a bit, and asked her how she was doing. She was doing good, just so you know! We talked a bit, me still on the ground, and i asked "By the way, is it possible for a guy like me to get your number?" She handed me my phone, and I was like wtf? I always skate without my phone, and apparently, she had taken it and typed in her number. Best day ever! =D

Story #09

At first I didn't want to post the breakup I experienced 6 years ago because only a few people know about it and its rather painful even now O_o but, what the heck, its just the internet :P

6 years ago, i was just a 17 year old noob back then. Inexperienced in love, never had a relationship, still trying to find myself, shy like hell, hated my body (yes guys can have that as well) ,never went out to party's or whatever, and not knowing how in the nine hells to act around girls. Sounds familiar? ...I hope so else I'll go bang my head against a wall.

I was in school and at the start of a new year a girl entered my class. And she was the only girl in class! A real girl! With breasts and a v-a-gina and everything. (I double-checked)

She was very shy like me and not very outgoing, again like me. She had long black hair ending halfway her down her back, beautiful blue eyes and a good figure, not super tight but a tiny bit of 'junk-in-the-trunk'. She looked amazingly similar to Amy Lee, the singer of Evanescence.
She seemed very romantic, she liked rock and metal music, wrote some poems every once in a while and was a very sweet and friendly girl.
Her parents however were a different matter. They were often away from home the entire day or sometimes days in a row, leaving her alone in the house since she was the only child they had.

As luck would have it she and i were partners for the first subject we had that school year and we became a 'team' on all other subjects that involved 2 people working together, which was quite a lot. I started to like her a lot and the subjects where we worked together were the subjects i looked forward to! She sometimes seemed a bit sad and nervous and i would make some dry or sarcastic jokes to try and make her smile.

One day i made a little joke and when she didn't immediately laugh I used my index fingers to drag the corners of her mouth up to make her smile while looking at her with the biggest puppy dog eyes and biggest pouting lips I could put up and ask her to please laugh. And she laughed, a wonderful smile and I felt my heart jump....I made her happy even if it was just for a few minutes. That's when I fell in love.

The following 2 months we both started enjoying each others company more and more and one day she invited me over to her house to finish a report we had to make because she forgot to bring it to college.
At her place i could no longer take it and I told her I was in love with her, I didn't plan to say it but I just blurted it out. (how romantic..NOT!!!) Her response was a deep kiss and her telling me she was also in love with me but was too scared to tell me before.

For 4 months she and I were a couple and it almost seemed too good to be true...and it was -_-

In those 4 months she asked me not to tell anyone about our relationship, the only times we saw each other was at school and after school at her place, but only if her parents were not home.
(funny little note: we once had sex in her bed when her mom got home, I ducked behind her bed a few seconds before her mom got in the bedroom, she didn't notice my clothes on the floor.... O_o girlfriend pretended to be sick)
People at school slowly started to figure it out though. The last month of our relationship she slowly started to talk to some of the other boys and in the last week we barely spoke other then about our assignments for school. She also became more @*!!%y and cold.

And then one morning in class i asked her if there was something wrong because she seemed so cold and distant. Then she said out loud so everyone could hear it: I don't want you anymore you romantic nerd!. < Insert a whole bunch of laughing from the class >

Two days later she was French-kissing the 'hunky tough guy' in our class, right in front of me. Going to school became a nightmare, guys making stupid jokes at my expense, even a %@*-dude asking me if I could write a poem for him.

I spend 2 weeks being 'sick' at home. Couldn't eat, didn't sleep, grades went down over the next couple of months and because of that and a bunch of other problems I faced, I dropped out of school to work and get myself and my family out of financial trouble so we would still have a roof over our heads.

I never was 'romantic' or interested in finding a relationship for 6 years, until I met a girl on the internet that forced her way into my heart. (see a couple pages back[Story #07], that's her)

Looking back I think I should have 'gotten back on the horse' much sooner but some people bounce right back up while others like me are pretty much devastated after being dumped like that.

Now I'm 23, a bit tougher and more relaxed then when I was 17 and not as nerdy. But still a big ol' softie on the inside. And that's when I met the two girls i mentioned a few pages back. The first made me realise what i was missing. And the second one...well...only time will tell....


PS: Venting feels good O_o

Story #08

Ok here's mine,

At the age of 22 I met possibly the most amazing girl you can imagine, beautiful, funny intelligent and well interested in me :D

I met her in an outward bound centre where we both worked teaching kids of differing ages canoeing, archery etc. We got together briefly (as in drunken smooches) but then a close friend of mine started going out with her. Nonetheless we still got on great and of course I never tried anything.

Following summer we met up again for the same job, she had since broken up with my friend and the flirting commenced. Cut along story short we got together for about 5 weeks of total bliss ending in an amicable break up as she headed back to Uni in Ireland and me in Scotland. But I think as we broke up I realised i was kinda falling for her.

We kept up contact through the year with long weekly phone calls, Just before we went back to the summer job a mutual friend of ours told me she definitely didn't want a repeat of last year :(

The summer was pretty miserable for me at the start, I got together with a girl I really shouldn't have, she got together with a guy I despised and we kinda stopped talking. 3 weeks before she was due to leave a few of my friends cornered me and essentially told me to stop mucking around and admit I loved her.

Her new boyfriend was away on a trip and so finally I plucked up the courage and told her.....I kid you not my hands were shaking and I even stuttered a bit. Thankfully she felt the same way and things started again.

Over the next free weeks i had pretty much the most happy time of my life culminating in her telling me she loved me :D

After she left i was on the phone every night to her planning things. we talked about me moving over near her after I finished my course, we planned an awesome trip away together at the end of august.

Perhaps my happiness got the better of me and I got careless but 2 days before we were due to meet up I was in the back of a mates car being driven to town for supplies for my trip....not wearing a seatbelt as I was leaning forward to listen to a story being told. We hit the other car at about 45mph, not enough to hurt anyone but me. I bounced up whacked my head on the roof crushing my spine in 2 places.

Over the next 6 months she was of course amazing, flying over to see me at every possible time. As the injuries set and braces came off it was apparent I had lost most of the movement in my hands and all sensation and movement from the arms down.

Eventually I ended it, part of me could not bare the idea of such a wonderful girl being stuck looking after what I was. We still talk occasionally and even though its 4 years since then, I still love her.

Not exactly the most funny of situations but apparently its better to have loved and lost....

Anyway if if you read all thanks(!). Great idea for a thread I feel much better after venting:D

Story #07

I met a British 20 year old girl in WoW. She said she was married and had a little baby boy and just got pregnant again. Great! I feel happy for the lass!
We started talking more and more and we got closer together. And I developed feelings for this young woman. I thought, its a shame she is married but then again she probably would never be interested in me that way.

About 3/4 months after we first met she said "I love you" after we had a deep conversation about all kinds of stuff, and she didn't mean it in a 'just a friend' kind of way. Well....aside from making me lose my concentration and jumping my Rogue off a cliff she confused the heck out of me. She loves me? She wishes we were together? But....SHE'S MARRIED!!?!?...or isn't she?..This is the internet after all, maybe she just came up with that story to keep the creeps away. Wouldn't blame her.

So...the following week or so I started to tell her that I loved her as well. I wrote some poems for her (owh gosh, I never did that stuff before but she thought it was touching) And I kept trying to goad her into 'admitting' she wasn't married at all.

But she was married, happily so. And today she and I are still very very close friends and yes we still love each other and if she wasn't married...she and I would be in a relationship at this moment.

That was the painful thing, to find a wonderful girl to share everything with...and to not be able to be with her. The heartache was really bad. Id probably never meet a special girl like that again I thought.


5 weeks ago I met another girl through WoW. The first week we just started chatting a bit and decided to play WoW together on the same server. We started trusting each other more and more and I tried to help her as much as I could with the problems she faced. I never thought it would happen to me this fast again but I fell for this girl. She was so caring about her friends, funny and crazy in a good way.

By talking to her about her problems and about each other i fell in love with her. How could i not? She is very sweet and sensitive but seems to hide it under a layer of toughness. I told her how I felt about her, that i was in love with her. She told me she considered me a bit more then as a friend but that she needed time, and that it was already pretty special that she considered me such a close friend after such a short period of time.

So now I'm patiently waiting, I keep talking to her whenever i can, try to help her with anything that's bothering her. And I keep telling her how wonderful she is and that i care a lot for her.

So, that's where the story is at currently. I'm a geek in love with a wonderful girl he never met in real life. Every day i think about her, and by the non-existing gods i hope she will one day tell me she loves me.

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