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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #04

I really like/liked a girl in my class. Since about November last year I've been in love with her. at the beginning of the last month I told her that I liked her. After that we moved on. we didn't do anything sexual (I think :O). two weeks ago, I see her MSN signature saying "show your interest, or loose mine".

I didn't know she had interest in me. I asked if that was me, and she said yes. I really tried over these weeks to show my interest in her and stuff. Then I found out that she made out with another guy on a party or something (didn't get that completely explained to me).

I got pretty crushed. Now, a couple of days later, ( about 5-6 hours ago) I talked to her again (MSN) and asked her if she still was interested in me. The answer was No. After that I accidentally started a fight with her ( I think) and now she's not that happy with me.

She told me she was going to turn into her old self. I do not know what that self was, but it didn't sound very good. So now I'm sitting here, with that feeling in my stomach. Any advice on what to do?

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