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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #36

I figure I might as well add one of my own stories into this cheerful compilation, so here goes..

(Wall of text incoming!!)

This was when I turned 18 and had just started school again. Due to me drinking and partying away the school days when I lived away from home, I had to to move back to the home town.
Now this is a real little !!#%hole of a town. Actually it's more of a village.. about 200 people living in a fairly large area. Most connected to the military in some way.

Anyway, it was my second year living home again, and the two 2nd year classes merged in a few different subjects. I'd noticed one of the girls in the other class during the previous year, but never really talked to her. Now that we were in the same class, we started talking quite a bit.

I was known as the local satanic loon (small town, small minds) and most knew my preferred music taste. Jean (which I'll call her from now on) shared my taste in music and many other things.
The more we got to talking, the more I realized that I really liked her. She was fun, had a real edge to her, and spoke her mind regardless of what others might think about it.

After some flirting and talking for a few weeks, another friend of mine noticed that I was quite interested in Jean. She encouraged me to make my move, and I did. I Invited her to join me and some friends and watch a few movies and hang out. She wanted to, but unfortunately her mother was strict as hell about those things (Jehovah witness... nuff said) Luckily, my friend (Lill from now on) was a girl and said she could sleep over at her place, so no problem there. Her mother agreed to this and Jean and Lill came to join me, a mate and his GF. Lill had to leave after a short while, so that just left me, Jean and the couple. Me and Jean decided to go for a walk, since it was a nice night and pretty warm.

After walking for about 30 mins, with me babbling on and on like a nervous git trying to get enough guts to make a move, she suddenly stopped me, pulled me close and started kissing me. (Still remember the time and date. 21st sept. at 21:30. ) Of course, I was more then happy to return the favour, so we stood there making out for a while.. After a while she grinned and said "Couldn't be bothered waiting any longer." Fair enough, I wasn't gonna argue about that. ^^

When we got back to my mate's, he and his gf went upstairs after a while, leaving us in the basement were things very quickly got passionate. Rather then being caught with our pants down, we decided to go to my place. My mate was busy with his gf so he didn't mind.
To cut it short, that was the start of a really passionate relationship. She came over whenever she could and we spent almost any free time we had together. Passion quickly turned into love, and things looked really good. There were a few bumps of course, but that happens in all relationships.

Then in January, I got the worst news I've ever got... My dad had died.
Needless to say, I was absolutely crushed. I fell into a depression, but luckily Jean was there to support and comfort me when she could. The only problem was that she rarely had time.. She had other duties, like school and several horses she had to take care of. On top of that, I'd always been the supporting one.

She had troubles at home or was stressed, and I was there to comfort her. At first it was enough for me just to be close to her, so my mind could focus on other things.. But eventually I needed to talk things out with someone and discuss how I felt.

Unfortunately this coincided with her having some doubts about us and being extremely stressed.
So less then 2 weeks after I got the news, I got an sms from her asking if I was gonna be at school on Monday. She wanted to talk to me... being the negative bastard that I am, I assumed that it was about her having doubts and wanting to break up... And I was right. She broke up, leaving me even more crushed and with no one to support me when I needed it most. The same week I had to go to not only one, but two funerals (one for each side of the family).

How did I end up?
Drunk for 9 months straight. (longest sober streak was 2-3 days)
Can't really blame Jean for breaking up. She felt it was more honest then staying with me when she didn't want to. But her timing was crap! :P
But we're still friends and she is now living with one of my best friends. :)

Anyway, that one of my stories.

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