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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #16


Background: Me and my girlfriend are both playing wow, I'm a troll mage and she's a MALE TAUREN WARRIOR!! (GF: But he looks so cute

So the story was ½ year ago, 3 weeks before x-mas. My girlfriend was in Sweden visiting her family. (we live in Denmark).
She was gone for 1 week (lots of wow for me!), and we talked via msn every day, and when I didn't said something back, it was normally because I was playing a game (mostly wow).

Then the same day as she would take the plain back to Denmark and me, she logged on wow from her laptop. We chatted a bit, when she turned up in TB (wtf am I doing there?).

She gave me all those <3 /hug/kiss/flirt/kill stuff, and I gave em back.
A few hours before her plane left, she started talking dirty to me. But I was so into the game at the time, that I didnt see the big tauren as my rl FEMALE gf. So I gave a big LOL when she said "I cant wait till I get home tonight ;)", (I mean, a big tauren in plate saying that in front of you!).

So I said Lol, and she said "Lol <.<" and logged out (LOL).

I fell asleep, and woke up when the dog had to go out. I looked at the clock and it said 05:00, I said to myself (Hmm..she should be home now).
So I tried to call her on her cellphone, but she didn't take it.
Now I started getting a little worried, I turned on the tv, and called her parents in Sweden.
They said she had left to the airport and took the plane as she should.
When I told them she wasn't home yet, they also go worried, her father drove to the airport to check if all was ok.

I kept trying to call her, but she didn't take it.
A little later when I was sure that the plain didn't crash or something like that, I got worried if something happened to her in Copenhagen.

So I called the police in Copenhagen, and asked if something had happened on the train she would take home, "No", they said.

So I called the police in our town (Kolding), and asked the same, no they said.
I kept thinking something bad had happened to her, so after 2 hours, I took my bicycle and rushed to the train station. I took the train to Copenhagen and then took a taxi to the airport.
Out there, I lost any idea of what to to do, I started crying.
I knew something wrong had happened, she never and I say NEVER, let you without knowing where she is.

I called hotels, hospitals, police agian and many more. I called her parents, her friends and her cellphone again and again.

When it was 10:00, I got me something to eat, and sat there drinking coffee, when my phone rang.
It was one of her friends who didn't answer my calls, she said my gf was sleeping at her house.
I rushed over there (used many money on taxis that night/morning), and there she was.
I hugged her and kissed her for like 10min, and told what I had be through.

On our way home, she said she was to tired to take the train home, (I takes like 2 hours from Copenhagen to Kolding) She wanted to call me when she got over to her friend, but she fell asleep. She first woke up when her friend said that I had been running around ½ of the nation after her.

I didn't play computer the next 8 weeks. I realized how much I loved her and I wanted to be with her, wanted to make up all the bad things I've done. Best winter ever :)

I'm still with her, and I want to be with her forever!.

I love her, but she started playing that MALE TAUREN WARRIOR AGAIN.

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