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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #07

I met a British 20 year old girl in WoW. She said she was married and had a little baby boy and just got pregnant again. Great! I feel happy for the lass!
We started talking more and more and we got closer together. And I developed feelings for this young woman. I thought, its a shame she is married but then again she probably would never be interested in me that way.

About 3/4 months after we first met she said "I love you" after we had a deep conversation about all kinds of stuff, and she didn't mean it in a 'just a friend' kind of way. Well....aside from making me lose my concentration and jumping my Rogue off a cliff she confused the heck out of me. She loves me? She wishes we were together? But....SHE'S MARRIED!!?!?...or isn't she?..This is the internet after all, maybe she just came up with that story to keep the creeps away. Wouldn't blame her.

So...the following week or so I started to tell her that I loved her as well. I wrote some poems for her (owh gosh, I never did that stuff before but she thought it was touching) And I kept trying to goad her into 'admitting' she wasn't married at all.

But she was married, happily so. And today she and I are still very very close friends and yes we still love each other and if she wasn't married...she and I would be in a relationship at this moment.

That was the painful thing, to find a wonderful girl to share everything with...and to not be able to be with her. The heartache was really bad. Id probably never meet a special girl like that again I thought.


5 weeks ago I met another girl through WoW. The first week we just started chatting a bit and decided to play WoW together on the same server. We started trusting each other more and more and I tried to help her as much as I could with the problems she faced. I never thought it would happen to me this fast again but I fell for this girl. She was so caring about her friends, funny and crazy in a good way.

By talking to her about her problems and about each other i fell in love with her. How could i not? She is very sweet and sensitive but seems to hide it under a layer of toughness. I told her how I felt about her, that i was in love with her. She told me she considered me a bit more then as a friend but that she needed time, and that it was already pretty special that she considered me such a close friend after such a short period of time.

So now I'm patiently waiting, I keep talking to her whenever i can, try to help her with anything that's bothering her. And I keep telling her how wonderful she is and that i care a lot for her.

So, that's where the story is at currently. I'm a geek in love with a wonderful girl he never met in real life. Every day i think about her, and by the non-existing gods i hope she will one day tell me she loves me.

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