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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #06

First of all, it will be good to know what kinda of person i am, to look at the story from my point of view, so I'll do like zelmurad.

I am normal dude (i think), 17 years old. I have a sarcastic humour, and people tend to find me funny, which i like =D. I've been told I'm a real gentleman, and i actually consider myself quite polite. I'm "good" looking (not brad pitt or something, but above average, or so I've been told). So that's my personality! Casual funny guy who's taking it cool.

Anyways, the story goes!

So, my dad has this friend, who's been a friend of the family for a loooooong time (It is a long time! Just look at all the o's in loooooong!), actually, he was a friend even before i got born. The other day he had a birthday party, funny enough due to his birthday. A lot of people where there, also the main "problem" in the story. My fathers friend, lets call him OMGLOL... No.. Call him Friend1. Anyway, Friend1 have a grandchild, 16 years old and turning 17 this year (Why the hell does the age matter? When its so "low" an age, I just think it does). I've known her since i was a little dude, and we've been hanging out a lot when I was like 10. But you know, people get older and aren't finding their grandparents so funny any more.

She wasn't around much. But hey, i was a kid, i had other friends and suddenly she was out of my mind. She have been showing up the past 2 years, just casual visiting the grandparents and such, which is fine. You need to see your family from time to time.

That was a little background info, which is kinda needed.

So at the birthday we talked together, talking about old days and stuff. And she a really sweet girl, i must say. The personality is just great, and don't even get me started on the looks! I must say, she's hawt.
She gave me "looks" under the conversation. You know, "I'd hit it!" looks and such, at least i think it was that! As i'am a moron in taking hints, i had no idea i she was thinking "i'd hit it" or just "You look funny as hell! Omg!" But we talked and talked and suddenly... What are you thinking right now? No, that didnt happen, we just talked some more. I realized that she was just my type of girl, and i think i'am on love =/

The retard part is, that I didn't get her number, as she suddenly had to leave with her cousin.

So what the hell do I do now? I know she will be at the Friend1's house at a point of this week, so should i try and get her number? It just feels little weird to have those kinda feelings for someone that close to the family. Should i just say to myself "If you like her, go for it. If she doesn't like you, its only the closest friends that will look with some strange eyes on you" or so i just drop it on the floor and look into the ground when she passes by me, and then when i know she gone say "omfg she's hot!" like i do now?


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