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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #37


I thought I'd post my story here. It's not really ruined, it's only (hopefully) the beginning. Posting on a posting alt, so she can't recognize me on the forums, if she reads them.

I started on a server a while after tbc came out, I've quitted wow before but tbc made it exciting again. So, I join a RL friends guild, and I get really good friends with this girl very fast. She normally doesn't get this close to new people in her life that fast. Can imagine that's a good thing.. I hope. We talk, and talk all the time while we were levelling up, and she's such a sweet girl, the words coming from her melts my heart completely, and I often look at her picture and cry(fact!).

So after a while we exchange MSN addresses, and we begin to talk there. Though she isn't logged on msn much, because she can talk to the people she has there over wow. Every time I log online, she is the first one to greet me good day in guild chat, and lots of <3<3<3. And every time her or I log, it's a lot of *hugs/kisses* and so on. takes around 10 minutes for us to say goodnight. She gave me her phone number too!

I called her one time, and I was so nervous I thought I'm gonna *@@# myself. Suddenly my voice was all like a 14 year olds. I calmed down a little, and she just laughed in a very cute way.. She was nervous too, she said. This conversation went nice, though i ran out of stuff to talk about ( I'm not a good talker - she knows). She went on a sort of vacation recently, and a few days after she sent me a sms (I couldn't call her, she was in another country) saying she's having a really good time, and that she misses me, and that she loves me. The "love you" part I think it's just friendly..

There hasn't been a long timespan since I first met her, around 5 months. We're gonna meet up this summer (I'm driving from north of Norway to Stockholm to meet her). I hope this goes well.. I'm gonna stay at her place for a week. But honestly, I think she means this in a friendly tone! I've never fallen in love over the internet before, but I've fallen completely for this girl. I don't have words to explain how it is, because I've never felt this way before.

And I can imagine, she doesn't want a boyfriend at this time in her life, she broke up with her ex a few months ago, and it's been years since she was single. I'm 20(soon 21) and she' s 28. Her ex is 19 :o
She is all I want in this world, and I know that for certain. Whenever she says hi, or anything, I immediately get a huge smile on my face with ear wax from cheek to cheek..( metaphor)
I'm quite mature for my age, and she probably knows that after all we've talked. I've had my share of fun in my teenager years, and I'm actually ready to settle down. Get a job, house, family car and all that.

I'm so nervous for when I'm going to meet her. All I can think about is how am I gonna react when we meet, how is she gonna react, and everything. So nervous I get all sweaty only by thinking of it. I'm probably overdoing this, but it's how I feel and I can't change it.. I just hope she feels it the same way. Probably not, after my experience(yes I got low confidence).

Tips/advice would be much appreciated.

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