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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Story #35

I'm late, but nevertheless

So I've been the usual 'shy, bullied wuss' for the first years of my puberty, however, this year that took an overhaul as i got into a new class. Nobody bullied anyone else, there were some real 'geeks' (ye, worse than me) that people would look down more on, I got a bunch of friends, got out more etc.

Now, there's been this girl I had my eye on, she was a sorta Gnome irl (I got something with smaller women...), about more than a head smaller then me. She was the extremely shy, she would talk to nobody but the few friends she had and usually shut down when people asked her things. In the mornings you could always find her alone at the stairs with nobody with her

After I managed to get a talk with her during class I just thought, heck, I'll go for it. And started having small talks with her about every morning. She was showing interest in me, starting to tell me more personal things and such, I was planning to ask her out soon after that...

...However, then one of the 'geek' types starts hanging around her, he's mentally a bit behind, and has this annoying girlie voice, he cant walk properly and is standard annoying to everyone overall. At first I just thought I would leave them, she'd just get another of the few friends she had.

However, she started showing more interested in him, I got sort of insecure what to do now, but I asked her out nevertheless a week after. She agreed, but as we set a date for it I noted the other guys name in her diary, i just decided to ignore it, as she already decided to go out with me

Days passed, i could rarely see her because this guy was always following her, I was afraid she wouldn't show up on the day...

...she did show up, i was relieved by that time. We'd hang around a bit, go to her place, she lives at a farm so I helped around a bit, we watched a movie together after. And near the end...she confessed to me, I couldn't have been happier at that time.

Shame it went downhill after

We settled to meet again next week, I was preparing for her to be stalked again by this other guy, and yes she was. He probably knew, i was hoping he'd leave her alone a bit more or she would tell him that at least. I was wrong, however, she'd seek me out sometime, and we could spend a bit of time together.

The week passed, since we had some exams coming up we decided to go out some time later, which happened to be my birthday. During this times the same usually happened, I barely got to speak or meet her beside MSN, i couldn't get along with this guy, I rarely walked up to her when he was around, and since he was always around. well...even if I did one of us ended up being totally ignored by her anyhow. And every time i told her it was bothering me I just got the triple dot from her, every time.

Then it was the last week before we met again, and when she was out of class once and her diary was on the table, i let my curiosity let the better of me and looked up in it. I stopped in the week we were in. On my birthday my name was written with a big hearth beside it but.....

His name was there too, with the time '19:30' written next to it, you don't know how you should feel, it's just horrible. The worst part is, when we met on MSN again she had to explain to me why she had to leave early, according to her she went to a 'girl party' all night for 'girl thingies'. I knew that Saturday was the last time we'd be together.

I treated her as I would normally, but she was back holding a lot on things we did before (no pr0n), at the end I brought her to a place where she would find her way to the 'party' herself, and we said goodbye, for the last time.

I felt bad, of course as the next weeks started, I didn't pay attention to her, she probably knew I knew, she didn't walk up to me anymore nor even spoke a word to me, and I ignored her as well.
I talked a lot to a few of my friends who gave me support, and eventually I got over her

They're still together now, that year he gave up everything to be with her, and she did the same, everyone thought bad of them and sympathized with me instead.

I'm Imhunterbot, and i got dumped for a geek.

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