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Monday, 15 June 2009

Story #100

I had met this girl through msn chat among many other friends, we talked for a bit and we really enjoyed each others company, until eventually she asked if we could have a more intimate relationship (after sharing pictures) than just 'friends' I told her I had not been ready and she had waited until I was.

Everything had been going soo well until a time came where she just cut me off, this had been unusual as she had used to talk to me quite often on msn and now we had barely chat on e-mail. we were drifting apart and I knew it. she had started spending more time with her friends (who were guys and girls) and much less time talking to me.

I figured communication would be important for this kind of relationship and I told her that, she had told me that she would talk more, she did for a while then we continued on growing distance after countless e-mails about if she still liked me and such (I know I know, my first ever love though :p).

Now she had started growing further distant only replying every few days with very little details most of which I had believed to be excuses. this had continued for a while until I told her perhaps this had been too difficult which she agreed to and asked if we would rather be friends.

I had gotten upset and hurt her feelings and apologized right after. then in another e-mail I asked her what was up she had been acting like she liked another guy....and she did she had liked a guy friend who had been there for our troubles. I wanted to be there for her...but instead she chose someone else, what really hurt me was that I had to e-mail her for the answer.

If I had not done so I suspect I could have lived a lie. In any case I told her to forget about me and be with him, she wanted us to be friends but I refused, (on the basis that I thought she would be better off not knowing an ex while dating someone else). she had only once e-mailed me, otherwise I had tried so very hard to keep communication up but alas to no avail.

It had really hurt at first but I'm slowly recovering,I cant help shake the feeling it had been my fault for everything that happened between us, First love is always the hardest =[

oh well Live and learn :]

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