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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Story #110

So I guess it's my turn. :)

My story began when I met a young fellow whose name I won't mention. We were friends for some time but I began to notice some things about him that worried me. He was aggressive and confrontational and seemed to enjoy being hated. Being someone of a kind nature I took it upon myself to help him through these things which I believed was the result of the death of his father. Things went well for a while, he was still angry and cruel, but he would stop if I requested it and when no one else was around he opened up to me.

In return I told him some things about me that I had told no one previously. My desire to help him increased as I believed he wasn't so bad after all, then things went downhill. He was moody and said that we should break up 'cause we were getting nothing out of it. I was crushed of course as I was certain he would become exactly what he was before.

He did, and we would argue constantly with both of us ending up in tears because of the harsh things the other had said. Then one day he says he has to cut all ties with me to try and get over me. Some of the hardest days I have experienced since I was constantly worrying about him and wanting to know if he was ok. We both were asking mutual friends about each other and how we were doing, and then he decides to talk to me again.

We reverted to arguing constantly but we cared about each other and that was really the only reason we were arguing. He began to open up to me again, and I tried to help out the best I could despite our bond being ruined over the arguments. Then I made the mistake of letting slip a lie he had told to a friend, he text me saying "YOU *!#@ING !%@#@ IF I FIND YOU I'LL *!#@ING KILL YOU". I was afraid over what he would do, and our arguments turned to me begging him to stop and asking for forgiveness when he was in a bad mood.

But I still would not shy away from helping him. Things steadily got worse until one time we argued he used all of those things I had told him about my life against me and I was heartbroken and hurt since I would never betray the things he had told me.

This was the final straw for me and we cut contact for a while, I wouldn't block him or anything and he didn't block me, I asked him to respect that he wasn't to talk to me without that being forced and he did.

Until he reopened contact again, I missed him a lot so I allowed it. We slowly became friends again and now we are shaky but it's better than nothing. He is a better person now but he still gets a bit iffy if I mention my current bf, and he doesn't know that I still miss him nor does he know that my bf dislikes that I still talk to him and still do what I can to help him. :(

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