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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #95

I've known her for quite sometime, through an internet cafe that I went to for quite awhile till I could afford a pc and the internet at home. she was very pretty ,cute and sexy as hell. red hair and small just how I like them. so I didn't make a move because she had a Bf.

So I joined facebook because my ex wanted to me, and I added all my friends and her since we new each other in passing.

So months come and go and I post things on her status every once in awhile. and she would leave things on my status to. And suddenly she was leaving xxx and saying stuff like love you in joking ways. so we were just friends till the other day when she said she was bored so I said I would talk to her. so she gives me her msn address and we chat to each other late into the night.

I talked about how I had a cleansing ritual and deleted my ex from msn,facebook and phone. and it turns out she went to school with my ex and were friends at 1 point but fell out. she comforts me and I comfort her having recently got dumped.

2 days talking to her now and I haven't stopped smiling :D all is well

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