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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #88


It all began when I met this lovely girl in school, we studied the same Japanese course and we both hanged out much in the school cafeteria so we talked a lot and we became friends with a bunch... (actually her bunch of friends + my bunch of friends became one). We started to talk more and more and eventually we swapped numbers and she started to text me and we did so frequently basically everyday even though we saw each other ever way.

So one day I asked her to the movies.. nothing special, quite cliché really. Paid for it of course, and we talked all the time no awkward silence occurred at any point. so at the end of the movie we just sat there and she was leaning towards my shoulder and closed her eyes and I knew what to do.

So I leaned in and kissed her.

We kissed for a long time, went up out of the salon and started to kiss more, and most of the times it's a bit awkward first time as well, what's going to happen? how is things gonna be? but there was nothing of that. it was the best evening ever.

Life went on and we were together for almost a year, spend everything together, new years eve, valentines days and it felt great being with her.

Then after I quit the school I couldn't find a job cause recession hit and I didn't get into UNI cause I lacked a subject... So money was a problem. I couldn't go see her as much as we did and we started to get communication problems. So we had the regular relationship talk about where things are going and what we want (this was before I knew about the UNI thing) and we talked about me moving away.
Here I was really really stupid and said I think a long distance relationship would be hard to maintain, cause I had it before, but it was something I wanted to fight for, to still be together.

I could tell right away she didn't like that response and we continue to talk. Went home, continue to talk then met up once again and talked.

We decided to break up... I still don't know why.

At this point majority of my friends have moved out of city cause of their uni so those I had were her + the other half of our bunch and it worked great at beginning, we had a lot of fun me her and one of my best friends.

Then after new years eve things started to change... drastically. still don't know all the details myself yet. So I started to see them less, I tried to make it work but they didn't talk to me as much as before.
My best friend started to threaten me and one other friend that studies here in Stockholm when we tried to get in contact with my ex to do things as we had before, we even asked him to come.
My ex did stuff such as going out with my friend but not with me, so I started to suspect she still had feelings or something in our past that troubles our relation now, which I would understand.

I wrote I letter to her, explaining my situation and how I felt about the changes and such.
I actually did send this... today to her.
So I got a reply and as I said jokingly in my letter than they probably were together, guess what... they are together, without talking to me about it and freeze me out. And this group of friends is with them obviously so I have lost them too, way back.

I will probably update this cause there are a lot of things I want to clear out and talk to her about... cause as she said "it's to hard too see you" I suspect she still has feelings and he is just a rebound, he knows that and threatens me away, same with my friend.

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