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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #96

Well I do have a few stories of me being an idiot in the presence of girls. The most recent one is this girl who I don't know that well but I have been nice to her on the occasions that we have talked for example when I were at a party and I was one of the few sober people there (couldn't get a drink :<), and she was sitting next to the sink on a stool so I went over to go and talk to her, then she started to throw up so I held her back for her while she threw up in the sink, once she was finished throwing up I asked her I she was ok and got her a glass of water. After drinking the water she said thanks and told me she felt better.

This was my first real conversation with her, but I didn't really have any feeling for her I was just trying to be nice. I was at another party a couple of months later, and I get there have a few beers and some cider, needless to say I was bit merry and feeling the effects of the alcohol. And the girl arrives to the party a bit late and I say hi, and compliment her efforts on getting dressed up for the party( I didn't bother I was too lazy :P).

Anyway, I share some of my cider with her and we get chatting and such an it is all good. We were sitting down on a staircase next to each other, and in a gap in the conversation she leans forward with her lips lightly parted, I responded and we were French kissing for a while. Once we stop she gets up walks off to talk to some other people who were at the party. I was really confused at this point, because I wasn't sure if this kiss meant that she liked me, or if it was just a kiss and nothing more.

Later on in the party I'm wandering around thinking about whether this girl likes me or not, and I go into the living room where music is playing and everyone is dancing and she is there. So I did something I never thought I would ever do and dance with her (I normally hate dancing, but found out its more fun when you have something to drink :P).

Well when we are dancing the song 'dance wiv' me' comes on and she get pretty close to me, and I put my arms round her shoulders and were are like this for the duration of the song. When it ends she takes my hand and we go to another room where no-one else is and she leans in again and we start kissing again.

However, this time when we stop, she does not walk away but we are standing there, and then she says "This is weird" and not understanding what she means, I tell her that I don't want to be mean to her, and tell her that we don't have to kiss again if she doesn't want too.

When I say this she smiles but doesn't say anything and just hugs me, and before she can say anything else, the girl's mum who's house we are at walks in and then we move away from each other and she walks out the room. I didn't get a chance to walk her home after the party as I was intending to do.So I just walked back on my own feeling especially lucky.

The day after I feel really guilty and I'm not sure what to do about our kiss so I decide to wait until I see her a school and what her reaction is. When I get too school I'm surprised that she asks me to sit next to her in the lesson we have together, and I talk to her about school and other things but neither of us mention out kisses.

However she becomes ill and is not in school for a really long time shortly after this and I don't see her for a few weeks, but the next time I do see her she is walking into school holding hands with another boy and when I asked one of my friends who he was he said that it was her boyfriend.

I felt a little crushed really as i thought a girl might actually have interest in me and I her, rather than me just liking a girl and she does not like me back like all my other attempts with girls.

I'm 16 and this happened earlier this year during Halloween

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