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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #79

Well I am only on page 5 reading so far but I might as well share my failures.

Just to say I've finished secondary (high) school at the point of writing, starting Uni next year where I am really gonna go for it!

Well I ain't had that many girlfriends but I really haven't been able to pick them at all. First was a girl who was slightly attractive but had somehow been around half the school (mostly the non-elite (losers)) but also around some more "established" people who are quick to dismiss it lol. Anyway my turn came, she acted all different about me, cocking her head and talking differently, being the young senseless pug that I was I thought it was cute and agreed to go out with her (she asked me). It was good for about 3 days, and we were split within the week. Needless to say my rep amongst my peers was not good enough to avoid the explosion of gossip and mic takes once word of the relationship came out which was a bit of a @#%@#.

Second is a bit faint to me, was a long time ago (both girls were in my year 8, which would be the equivalent of second year of high school); best guess is I was about 13-14. I cannot remember at all why I went out of her, I at the time had attached myself to a completely different social group (well the under-dregs if you can call it that). Tried it on openly with one of the girls there (well relatively, I was slightly shy), basically got nowhere; I think she fancied me but was far far too shy to act on it. Distraught, when the girl who had tried to help me get with the other one actually asked me out. Thinking it was the obvious thing to do I accepted, quickly developed feelings and we went out for a bit. Not quite sure why we broke up, but I discovered afterwards that she was quite a notorious "bad" girl, and I do not mean bad as in attractive, rebellious and slightly cool. As additional material- after kissing her, hugging and kissing her neck, she announced to me she had head lice... just an "oh". Anyway, I broke up with her or she broke up with me and I distanced myself from her and the social group as fast as was humanly possible (I wasn't harsh about it or anything though).

[Period of about 2 years without a girlfriend]

Third and final "official" girl friend I met on a Church weekend away. Was a beautiful big house we all stayed in in our own rooms (I had my own, and she shared with her older sister (who was same age as me) and the girl from no 1 (who I was friends with). Things went really well on the weekend, I met 2 fantastic girls who were sisters (asking for trouble I know, but it wasn't like that). We messed about, truth or dare and general stuff (innocently). Anyway after that I subtly joined the Church choir which they both (and a good friend who was also on that weekend) were part of. I fancied them both sort of, but only announced my feelings about the younger one (2 years (well 1.5) my minor) to the older. Anyway this could be a very long ramble so I will summarize it in a sentence or two. One my age (slightly attractive) helped me pluck the courage to ask the younger one to go out who was not ready for dating, even at 14 or 15 (all girls school). Anyway relationship failed horribly, we didn't see each other- one of those situations where one avoids the other and pretends it never happened.

Anyway, couple of years after that I discover that the girl my age has feelings for me (I suspected it), even had it told directly to me by a peer. I did not act on it or anything because I thought our personalities would have clashed and it would be another failure. Biggest mistake I made was not trying, would have been perfect in some respects since she would be one of the partners who does a lot of the effort. We remained as friends, and one year on while she is at Uni, while I've deferred a year. I am totally gutted.

Story of my life, of course there are some bits and bobs in-between but nothing worth including.

Really hoping for things to pick up at Uni :-)

+5 brownie points if you managed to make it to the end of this post lol

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