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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #87

I was 18, there was a girl I'd met a year and a half before on a night out (yes yes under-age drinking so sue me) who was up studying at uni. Now she was absolutely drop dead gorgeous, I mean seriously I had to watch where my feet were going because I was arse over tit about this girl already.

Somehow finding the nerve to strike up a conversation we chatted all night, the drinks kept flowing, in hindsight too easily. We swapped numbers and promised to meet up another time and I told her that I really liked her. And just as it was about to be sealed with a kiss..

She threw up on me.

Reassuring her that I wasn't angry at all I told her I was going to the bathroom to clean up fast after checking she was ok. By the time I got out she was gone in sheer embarrassment over what she'd done.

I didn't see her for weeks, she didn't return my calls or texts. We saw each other a few times after that but she was too shy to say anything till I finally cornered her. We stayed friends after that for quite a long while, she was clearly nervous and I wasn't going to scare her off, and she wasn't seeing anyone else in that entire time.

Just before I left home to go to Uni we went out one night and started talking, and one of those moments just hit where you say nothing because everything else is doing the talking and we kissed. A whole sodding year and a half later and we finally got that kiss, and it was worth it.

We left the club early and went back to hers, cuddling chatting and stopping for more smooching along the way. But when we got to hers the nerves hit again, and as much as every male hormone raging was telling me that I'd be called an idiot by every man for never taking this chance with her I knew it wasn't right and we just slept together and nothing happened.

Shortly after I left for University, which was too far away to go home constantly, in that time she met someone else and started a long serious relationship. As I was returning home the split ended badly, so badly that she left to go back to the South where she lived and I never got to see her more than one time before she went. We've kept somewhat in contact in the 2 years since but it's drifted apart and become just a few memories and "what if's"

Being the nice guy never pays off actually sadly, I've found that one out.

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