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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #85

Posting this on an alt.

Meeting someone, talking with that person, realising you're having a good time together. The other person saying he likes you, you not being sure and not really sure if you want a relation. After a while you realise the person is great in many ways, and you like that person too.

Person then thinks it's best not to meet up or w/e due to distance. Which is fine. Then the person falling in love with girls that are using him for personal purposes, and you standing there not able to do anything, cause he's blinded by the butterflies.

Being there when it goes wrong, knowing you still like the guy you take care of him and cheer him. Get to hear a story of an old crush off his that sort of came back after backing of a million of times. You not understanding why he's settling for someone like that.

His newest crush breaking it off after 2 months already after she told you to leave him alone in any way possible. Hearing things about what she had done, what kind of person she is and not having contact with someone you thought was your best friend.

Him coming back when it wasn't going well, and now it's "over" for the time being, until she lacks her attention dose, as this had been going on for a loooong time.

And you know you will lose him again, as a friend, when she's ready to break his heart again and all you can do is watch.

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