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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Story #111

Now before we start, you've got to understand this girl was my first *everything*. Girlfriend, Kiss, ... You get the picture. It should also be noted that at the time it started.. we were 13. So yeah, its ever so surprising no?

To the actual story, of sorts;

We'd liked each other since the start of year 9.. apparently. I can't recall that year at all. But we didn't do anything. Then year 10 rolled around, and we got together. Everything goes really well at first, really enjoy her company, looking at her, kissing her, I thought she was #*!#ing fantastic. And people were jealous of me for having her. She lived 2 minutes away, on the same road [She now lives on a parallel road -.-'], I spent as much time with her as possible. Stuff stayed fine.

Then she cheated on me. Pretty much opened a new relationship without finishing ours, we'd gone through a rough patch for whatever reason, I thought we were coming out okay. Then she did that.

I became pretty well uh, emo [I know it was stupid, but hell]. I became permanently ill, wasn't hungry, would barely eat, my grades slipped horrible [From an A* in most everything to maybe a B tops in most]. That lasted about 2 months.

Then, through persistence, I managed to make her cheat on him. We got back together, stay together for a while. Then summer rolls by, I don't leave the house much, finally get a char to 70, etc) but we still talk quite a bit, but by this time she'd ended up becoming really quite obsessive [There's still a possibility she's Bipolar].

The rest of it is less hard to do, because pretty much its the same. We'd break up, or she'd want a gap, I'd keep pushing, we'd get together, then she'd go to a party, kiss another guy, say oh I'm sorry. I'd forgive her. Rinse and repeat 4 more times. I ended up being a 'booty call' to her. Not a friend.

I finally called it a few months ago, when she was insisting she didn't want to be together. And then guess what, "Oh wait Sue [I am Male.. its a weird nickname I have at High School] I love you, I want to be with you, me saying I didn't want a relationship was all a LIE". But needless to say, I didn't go back to her at last.

I should probably explain, she wasn't a 'normal' girl. She'd been abused/witnessed abuse to her mother by her father. My mother runs a Women's Refuge, so I thought meh, I can deal with it. Then came the other stuff, being clingy, she'd go from Emo-Hyper like *that*. I got really emotionally involved. Wanted to help her, and I was reliant on her. My confidence wasn't at a great high. Ever. And the way she so freely flitted from one guy to another just made it worse.

But yeah, that's it. In a really jumbled manner. She was a bitch. I was stupid. We were both 13-16 [Well.. I'm nearly there!].

However, in other news, I've managed to like a genuinely nice, actually pretty [I feel that old one is frikkin' atrocious to look at now] girl, who actually likes me back. I have the feeling its good, I've already gained a job because of it :D.

There you go, laugh at me.

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