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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Story #106

Here's my story :<

I started at a new school (gymnasium) and there was this party for all of the new students(few hundred ppl)
so at this party I hooked up with a pretty hot chick, had a drink and spoke with her, exchanged numbers, it was all cool.

she was totally my type, scene kinda style, listens to metal, plays WoW etc, everything was perfect. she even texted me later that night, on my way home from the party.

Few days later I went to her place to watch some movie, have some beers and just chill, was pretty awesome, really thought we could have something going.

then next day when I was at work I texted her asking what her plans for the weekend were and i got this reply: gonna go to my boyfriends place Friday and to a birthday Saturday
>go to my boyfriends place
>my boyfriends place
>my boyfriend

at that point I simply lost it, I took the nearest crate of beer, 24 glass bottles and just threw it as far as I could, (was working at a grocery store) and was unable to thing one positive thought rest of that week :|

%!%* it writing this gets me all sad :(

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