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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Story #107


I met this girl some months ago, and we started out as just friends. She was someone I could talk to and she could talk to me. At the time I was pretty down and she was really caring and managed to cheer me up quite a bit. After a while she started telling me more personal stuff about her as well. How she was most likely unable to get children, how bad her boyfriend treated her, etc.. I just tried to give her the best advice I could and we just grew closer and closer.

Then a bit later again she told me she loved me and would break up with they boyfriend that treated her so bad to be with me. So that happened and we became a couple.

And things pretty much instantly went bad. I couldn't even talk to a girl without her going mental on me. I couldn't do anything without her or the same thing would happen. Everything I did would basically lead to an enormous fight and I'd just spent hours and hours apologizing for... I don't even know what for, I didn't do anything wrong.

So we kept going on and on till one day she dumped me simply telling me: I love you but I'm not ready for a relationship. I'm a bit stunned but nothing I could do. Though, two days later it turns out she's going with one of my friends. Needless to say I felt pretty used and more then stabbed in the back by my friend. She was now even more involved in the life of my friends, and felt the need to spread pretty horrible lies about me to them. So I kinda ended up alone. People that I knew for ages now suddenly thought bad of me and there was absolutely nothing I could do to defend myself.

In time I found out more things though. the 'not being able to have children thing' was a lie. her ex-boyfriend didn't threat her bad, she cheated on him with some random guy who loved her and then left him heartbroken like a piece of garbage. Now today she is no longer with my friend cause she cheated on him with a friend of him.

It's a bit of a messed up situation and I can't stop thinking I should have judged her better and stayed away. Seems now she's finally out my circle of friends and I can move on. People came to their senses and i got all these apologies but I guess it somehow still stings. But at least things are getting better and going back to how it was before.

So, that was about it,

turns out I dated Satan.

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