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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #76

Also, I haven't had many girlfriends in my life, but I do remember something that still makes me twinge with regret. It was a couple of days before the summer holidays. I was 13, when a girl I was good friends with asked me out, after school, in the street.. This was the first time a girl took interest in me since... I was 6 or something, and I don't know what chemistry operated in my brain at that moment:

I ran for it.

I just ran away, down the street, the thumping of my heart audible over the sound of my footfall. I regret that. She's still in my class today (I'm now 17). She wasn't stunningly beautiful, just pretty in a bookish way, and very intelligent to boot. We get along fine now, just chums, but I'll never forget that moment. We sometimes talk about it, for old time's sake.
Dickens once wrote a very apt description for this; something about the golden links of the chain that is one's life, and how you remember them most. It wasn't pleasant, it wasn't nice, but it is something that'll stay in my memory for a long time.

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