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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #80

I'll be brave and post on an alt.
I'm 15, 2 girlfriends [one of them twice;o]
We'll call them: x + y.
Well, the first time was with "y". It was ok to begin with. Then she was busy for 4 weeks, or sick. A combination. So that died. Then I was with "x" for 5 months, before she decided she liked someone else whilst I was on holiday, which obviously didn't end well for me. Then a couple of weeks later we kissed again, but nothing happened. She just avoids the subject, and seems to refuse to acknowledge it even happened.

Then, recently, me and "y" decided to give it another go. It was fine to start with, but then after a couple of weeks in which we didn't see each other (she was ill/busy, and crap like that) she decided it wasn't working...again.
Ironically, "x" told me that "y" has commitment problems, and hates all corny girlfriend and boyfriend stuff. Which really defies the whole point.

I'm still really good friends with them both. And I think I'm in love with my best friend's long-term girlfriend (who's also one of my best friends)


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