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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #94

All right, here goes.

I met this one girl at school, back a long time ago (Year 10 I think). Anyway, we hit it off well and would always talk on MSN and stuff. The problem was, I liked this other girl at the time, so every time the new girl would tell me she liked me I would shrug it off. A couple of months after (she still liked me, wow), me and the other girl stopped talking. Now was time to finally let the new girl into my life.

So she really liked me, and I guess I was sort of into her. We would always talk at school and chat on MSN too. I guess it was time to make a move. But did I really want to?

I was drunk at a party one night and I asked her out. Not knowing I did, I did it. She said yes (she was apparently sober). Anyway the next morning I had a ton of texts and stuff, and my friends told me congratulations. To be serious, I didn't want to date her at the time. So I broke it off after two days.

She still liked me though, and about 2 months went on. Seriously, she was still interested. Eventually I became interested too, and was going to ask her out but this time be serious. She wasn't at school the day I wanted to do it, so I said I'd wait until I next saw her in real life (I wanted to make it special, not over MSN). So on the Monday I want to do it, her friends tell me not to bother.

That night I see in her MSN name "[her name] (L) [boyfriend name] (L)".

We haven't spoke ever since, and she still dates that guy.


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