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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #93

This isn't a ruined love story yet, but it could become one so I decided to post it here.

This summer I began high school and there was this girl I fancied but I didn't really do anything about it in the beginning. 2 months ago we were both at a party, when one of my female friends came to me and said that this girl I fancied really liked me. So, things weren't difficult from that point, and it was the beginning of our relationship.

One of the first things she said when we were writing to each other the day after the party was that she really had been let down a lot of times and wanted to take it easy with the relationship. I was okay with that, I was happy as long as I knew she was interested.

Time passed and we got closer and closer, getting each other to know etc. She is a really nice girl, and I cannot understand how someone ever could make themselves treat such a wonder bad. So I've done everything I could to treat her nicely, accepted that she slept when were together if we were tired, talked to her when something was wrong etc. In the Easter holiday I was in China for 10 days, and this was really the first place where I got to know how much I love her. China is a great cultural experience, but I missed her so much. I wrote a long letter + some stuff since it had been her 18 years old birthday while I was gone. She appreciated it, and that made me happy :)

Yesterday, she said something which really made me cry.. Now you may think that this must be something bad, but it actually isn't. Nevertheless it made me sad. It was in the evening, I was lying in the bed and we were texting, then she suddenly asked "Babe, if you had the chance, would you leave me because of another girl? Since I'm your first girlfriend, and I've heard that boys who have their first girlfriend tend to drop her because they have never tried to be with anyone else."

I said ofc: "No no babe, why would I do that? I love you!" and then I texted her and said that it made me kinda sad to hear that and that she could think such thing about me. I had done everything possible to make sure she knew I loved her. It is always me who go to her table at school, me who helps her with her homework and the stuff she gotta do at home with her parents.

I write that I love her ever so often and says it too. She has done some too, but I just think she was acting kinda ungrateful to write such thing. Maybe it is just me who's wrong. Even though I maybe shouldn't react as I did, I was crying before she sent the next messages where she said that it made her sorry to hear too and that she knew that I wasn't like that, but she just "had to be sure" because of all the boys which had treated her badly in the past.

It ended with her becoming sad of hurting me. So I called her up, comforted her and said that she shouldn't worry really. She only said it because she was afraid of loosing me, so no hard feelings there. Another positive thing is that me crying just again, like with the trip to China made me realise how much I really love her..

So what's the problem?

We are together today, at her house. It was planned beforehand. But instead of going home and maybe talking things through, as I think I need to, we went to McD because she had an arrangement with some of her friends. It was all fine, we could be together afterwards. But when we got home we had to make the dinner, since she had promised her mum that.

We did that and had dinner. Then she found out that she had to go to some kind of theory lesson for her driving license for one hour, so that's where she's at atm. She'll come back in 20-30 min. Now, is it wrong that I get upset with all these things to do when I all I really want is to be together with her without any duties whatsoever.

I know that isn't possible, but I just think it was too much today. We will talk when she gets home, because after McD and when we were home cooking I was just so sad. And the problem is, I don't know why :S It can't only be the fact that I think we spent too much time doing what so ever today, since I was close to crying today while making food too : \

Don't really know which kind of answer to expect, I just needed to get it off my heart.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the wall of text.

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