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Monday, 15 June 2009

Story #104

So I suppose I best add my 2 liner ;)

I use to work in London at this telecom company about 10-11 years ago, there was this very nice ;-) lass called Charlotte who use to deliver the sandwiches there, absolutely stunning! and we got on well, really lovely :)

Well one day I'm working in this room with all the equipment and she comes in, puts the basket on the floor and bends down (unusual as there was a table there!) so I swear that top button wasn't usually undone, but anyway I wont distract you all hehe ;-)

I bent down also, she said words to the effect of "do you see anything you fancy?" I was going to come out with the perfect line as it occurred to me for about 2-3 secs that she could actually like me ;-) anyway, she also told me she was leaving (job or this area she covered), and silly me just rushing around with my job... doh!! and I still had the time to pop down and see her before she went....

Ah well, morale of the story is don't waste opportunities when they arise, you never know where you could end up :) still regret that to this day, but my fault entirely for not taking the chance, so be warned ;-)

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