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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Story #108

Anyway... guess it's time to add one... Long story, btw.

A few years back (just after I turned 19), I was visiting a mate up north. We were gonna watch a few movies and invited a friend of ours,
and she brought along another friend who she said we'd like. She was very right! Absolutely my type of girl.
Funny, sweet, jet black hair down to her waist and basically damn sexy.
We chatted for a while, before flipping on the film and started with our usual routine with our friend (giving each other
back rubs and cuddling and whatnot. Just friendly). The other girl (referred to as T from now on) offered to scratch my back.
Being a guy who loves that, I very much welcomed it. It ended up with her not only scratching my back and neck, but my chest,
stomach and waist too, for over 3 hours, which turned me on like crazy!
It was quickly determined that we were really attracted to each other, but she was engaged.

Luckily for me, the relationship was already going downhill. So we started seeing each other when we could and messed around a bit, until she finally broke up with her fiancée. Unfortunately, he'd just left the army and needed to live with her until he found a new place.

Was fine by me, I'm not a heartless bastard. But he got hold of her phone, and found some text messages from and to me and all hell broke loose. Suddenly I enjoyed a crapload of texts from him about how he was f**king her every chance he got,
how she gave him a #%**!!* in the bathroom at work and so on...
I chose not to believe it, but it started really putting a strain on our relationship. Especially since I had to go back south
(other side of the bloody country even).

Then one night he calls me at about 2am. I figure "What the hell. I'll see what he has to say." and answer.
He says nothing. So I wait a bit. Still nothing.
I decide "F*** it. I'll let him waste money on the call."
Then I do hear something. So listen more closely.
I hear it again. Then again, a bit more clearly.
Then I recognize it. It's a girl moaning.
And I recognize the moans. It's is indeed T.
So now I'm sitting in my tiny 2x3m room, listening to my gf having sex some !*!*#%! who's been trying to terrorize me
for months.
I was literally shaking with rage and about to loose it completely.

So I waited a few minutes and smoked about 12 cigs, before sending her a text. She called me and made a tearful apology,
while the bastard claimed he'd bumped into his phone and called me by mistake (riiiiiight..). Of course, this made me sure pretty much everything he claimed in his charming texts was true.

Cba to write any more atm (already a wall of text), so to be continued, I guess.... (yes, more crap happened).

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