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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #74

So yeah, got my first gf when I was 17, we kissed for the first time in may, just before summer holiday. I was in my final year of high school and passed my final exams so I had a huge holiday, she had a pretty long one as well so we spent a lot of time together. I can only think of one week where we were not together cos we were going away with our folks. apart from that everything was perfect, best vacation I ever had. we fit together perfectly, didn't need words to understand each other, loved the same music and we always knew what the other one was thinking about. bought presents for each other every time we were together for x weeks and stuff like that. Kinda makes you think it might be the one hehe

Anyway there was a side of her that I only discovered when the holiday ended. She was really impulsive, and runs away from her problems by getting really really wasted. think its called ADD, same as ADHD but without the hyperactivity thing. she started to skip a lot of school and got into arguments with her mom because of that. I understood why she skipped her school, because the school she went to was absolute crap and her mom didn't let her do anything else because she didn't have the money for it, and if I'm honest I think I'd do the same, apart from the drinking part. Though I still tried to convince her to go to school and not drink that much, trying to support her and make her feel less miserable and whatnot.

She also had this 'friend'. he's 26 (she was 16 at the time, 17 now) and got kicked out by his parents because he didn't do anything useful, and now lives of the government and some cheap job. also smokes a helluva lot of weed and drinks too much as well. She went seeing him and having a laugh with him every time she skipped school so her mom would think she was at school. she was pretty honest about this so I didn't see a problem with it.

Then that guy started making moves on her. basically he was hitting on another guy's girl. pissed me off to no end tbh. still my gf didn't hide anything from me, and since I don't believe that telling her that I don't want her to see him any more works, I asked her to choose between me and him, and if she choose for me that she told him to stop hitting on her. well that's what she did basically, she choose me and told him to gtfo.

few weeks after she phoned me and told me that she had gotten drunk with him and that he had kissed her, and that she had kissed him back >_< I also suspect that they had sex (or should I say he %!!**%!%!#*@@@*@ her), but she never said that to me. either way after that we were in a state of uncertainty, and after some time she decided to dump me.

I feel like I failed to protect her from herself if you understand what I mean, and that that guy is only going to drag her down into alcoholism and a life of misery >__< cant help to feel that I would treat her better than that guy. He's 9 years older and fails at so many things, really cant see him being any good for her =/ sucks ballz really, it happened almost a year ago, and still not really over her, which is weird considering how she treated me in the end.

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