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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #92

*&$^^(£)*&$%(^£&*^"*%^$(&, just as I had finished it and pressed preview, the entire thing deleted. So I now need to type the entire thing again. -_-

Oh well...

Background info: I'm 15, currently at high school in Scotland.

So, at the start of the school year, my friend comes in with a girlfriend who's two years younger than us, and starts spending all his time with her. Me and another friend aren't too happy with this (he even missed my birthday to spend time with her >_>), and blame it on the girl. She wasn't too fond of us either quite frankly.

Anyway, after the Christmas holidays I decided I may as well get to know her as I'm going to lose contact with my friend if I don't. So one lunch time I started talking to her, and it turns out she was a really nice girl. So we started talking more and eventually swap MSN addresses. We started talking that night and started to get to know each other properly, which is when I realised I had feelings for this girl.

I decided to keep these feelings bottled up, since they wouldn't go down well with anyone. So, about a week later, I was going up to Edinburgh with my friends. Turns out funnily enough she was as well, on the same day to the same area (Princes Street), and asked if we could meet up at some point. I readily said yes, and gave her my phone number so she could contact me via text messages.

Eventually we met in HMV, much to the friend who dislikes her dismay, and started talking. She spent a lot of the time hugging me, but I was too scared to hug back just in case it revealed my feelings. One of her friends commented that she fancied me, but I guess I just ignored it, although it should have tipped me off when she wouldn't let go of me to go talk to my friends.

When I got home that night and started talking to her, she asked to play a game of truth or dare (minus the dare), so I said "Yeah, why not." After a few random questions, she asked me if I fancied anyone in particular, so I replied "Yes." I asked her the same and got the same reply. She then asked who, so I just told her the truth. Turns out the feeling was mutual, to which I thought both "Oh sh*t," and "Sweet!" at the same time.

About a week later my friend lost his temper at her for reasons unknown (he does this quite frequently, but only at her) and she dumped him. A few days after this happened I asked her out, and she said yes. However, the next couple of days she completely and utterly ignored me, and dumped me after the second day because she "Still had strong feelings for my friend." I tried to get over her but couldn't, so when eventually he dumped her this time, I thought "maybe I can get a chance this time.

Turns out this was the best chance I was likely to get, as she turned round and went on and on about her having feelings for me, which made me happy. HOWEVER, I, for reasons I don't even know, didn't take the chance, and she went with someone else because I left it for too long. Distraught, I told her I'd do anything for another chance, and that I didn't take the last chance because of pressure from others (namely, my friends).

She said she'd think about it, and the next week dumped the guy she was with. I thought I finally had the chance I'd hoped for, and was going to ask her that evening, which I did. And I got shouted at. By my friend, who was apparently going out with her and had asked her at lunch that very same day.

And this is where I am now.

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